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Cody and Zack got off the bus at the stop and headed for the Tipton.

"School's over!" cheered Zack.

"Yeah, but we go back Monday," Cody reminded him.

Zack sighed in disgust. "School's a drag."

Cody looked at him in an offended matter, but Zack ignored him, pushing the doors to the Tipton open and crossing the lobby, followed by Cody.

Suddenly Zack grabbed Cody and pulled him behind a chair. "Look!" he said urgently.

"What?" Cody's disinterested eyes scanned the lobby. "I don't see anything."

"Look at Maddie," Zack muttered through clenched teeth.

"What about her?" Cody looked over at where Maddie was near her desk and realized what Zack was talking about. "Oh…"

Maddie was talking to a very attractive older boy. Cody heard Zack grimace behind him.

"Zack," he protested, "it's not that big of a deal. Ok, I know. You've liked Maddie for almost a year, but you're too young for her. It's not that hard to figure out. Think about it logically, Zack."

Zack stared at his brother. "You never fail to disgust me. Now give me your lunch."

"Why?" Cody wanted to know, but Zack grabbed his egg-salad sandwich that seemed to be growing mold out of his lunchbox, (Carey had made it), and launched it at the boy's head.

Cody watched in horror, (Zack in delight), as the sandwich spilled across the teen's tousled hair and spilled into his face.

Only, both twins weren't prepared for what happened next.

With a roar of horror, the teen turned around, egg salad flying everywhere. "WHO DID THAT?" he yelled.

Mr. Moseby was looking over in concern. "Sir, I must apologize," he said, running over and starting to clean the egg-salad off his hair with a few paper towels he had tucked in his pocket (that Esteban had persuaded him he would need one day). "This usually doesn't happen," he continued, throwing furious looks over his shoulder at Zack and Cody.

Cody looked at Zack. "I have a suggestion. Let's run."

The twins bolted, followed by a raving Mr. Moseby, and into their suite. Zack crashed into his mom.

"Hello Mother," he said quickly, and then disappeared into his room, followed by a panicking Cody.

Mr. Mosebey crashed into Carey.

"What is it?" she wanted to know.

"Your sons are disturbing my guests," he said, with as much grandeur as possible. "Once again."

"Cody! Zack!" Carey yelled at her boys to come out.

The twins came out, guilty looks on their faces.

"Explain," ordered Carey.

"It…" Zack started. "It wasn't my fault!"

Carey looked at him. "I've heard this way too many times."

"Ok, fine," Zack gave in, "I took Cody's sandwich and threw it at the guy in the lobby."

"Why?" Carey wanted to know.

"He was talking to MADDIE!" Zack yelped.

"Yeah, ok," Carey said. "You're both grounded."

"Me?" Cody nearly shouted. "WHY?"

"Because you were an accomplice," Carey said. "I know. Don't try to lie to me."

Cody tried to protest, but Carey wouldn't listen to it. "Go to your room." She turned to Mr. Mosebey. "I promise you, this won't happen again."

Mr. Mosebey looked at her. He started to laugh. "I'm sure it won't," he said, leaving the room chuckling.

When he left, Carey turned around and walked into Cody and Zack's room.

"How dare you get me in trouble again? I have better things to do with my time, you know."

"It wasn't my fault!" Cody yelped.

"I already told you why you're both being punished." Carey walked out of the room.

Cody glared furiously at Zack. "See what you do?"

"I do?" Zack said. "You tried to bail out on me, again!"

"But you never stay with me when you're in trouble too!" Cody protested.

Zack shrugged. "So?"

Cody felt anger. How was it that Zack got away with everything? "You're worthless," he sneered. "You're nothing. You always get your way out."

Zack turned. "You're not my brother. I hate you."

Cody's face paled and Zack smiled. He was glad Cody was hurt. He was glad.

Cody's eyes filled with tears and he ran from the room. Zack felt a quick feeling of guilt, but he brushed it away. Cody would come back. He always did.


Cody was rocking back and forth in a small corner out on the street. He wasn't coming out. Never. Ever.

Someone pushed roughly against him. Cody pushed the person away. Then he realized it was the guy from the lobby that Maddie had been talking to.

"You're that twin," he said, spitting on Cody's face. "That twin who through the sandwich in my hair."

Cody tried to protest. "You have the wrong one."

The teen grabbed Cody's hair. "No, you're the twin. And nobody gets in my way to Maddie, understand?"

Cody was about to scream for help, but the guy grabbed hard onto his neck, choking him.

Cody began to gag, but he kept on squeezing harder. And harder…

The teen used his knee to hit Cody deep in his stomach, so that he doubled over in pain. He kicked him—punched him, slapped him hard across the face. Cody knew nothing but pain. It hurt. Sorry Zack, he managed to think before he passed out. I love you.