Sorry, this is kind of short.

Chapter 2:

"Where's Cody?" Carey asked.

Zack was sitting on the bed, with an extremely stubborn looking face on. "Why would I care?"

"Zackary Martin," Carey looked Zack right in the eyes. "You know you care about your brother. Where is he?"

"I DON'T CARE!" Zack yelled at his mother. "He's not my brother. He's not!"

"Zackary Martin!" Carey shouted at her son. "Did you tell Cody that?"

Zack sulked. "Yeah," he offered lamely.

"Zack," Carey said, sitting down next to him. "You know how much that hurts your brother."

"I don't care," Zack said stubbornly. "I don't care about him. I hate him."

Carey's face suddenly became hard. "You know you don't really Zack. Think about it."

She turned and left the room, leaving Zack to dwell on his actions.


Cody was hurting. All over. He let out a small whimper of pain, as the teen finished with a blow to his head. He walked away, leaving Cody laying there in the dark corner of Boston where nobody would find him.

Cody tried to get up. He had to get to the Tipton. Back to mom… back to Zack… With a small groan, he collapsed. His sides were hurting. He felt broken.

Ok. He had to move. He decided that much. Using his hands, he reached forward and pulled himself along the ground. It hurt, but at least it was better than standing up. He reached up a hand to push his hair out of his face, and when he pulled it down, it was covered in blood. Great.

He spent about a minute vomiting to the side, and was horrified to find that blood came out as he coughed.

I'm really bad off, he decided, and continued pulling himself along the ground, with only one goal in mind: to get to the Tipton.

Luckily, he hadn't been that far away to start with. (Cody had always been sort of afraid of being alone; he couldn't go too far without getting scared).

He managed to pull himself to the sidewalk, and out of the alley, where he realized that nobody would notice him. (It was nighttime, and everybody was sleeping).

"Help," he cried, almost embarrassed about how pitiful he sounded. "Help."

Nobody was there. Nobody would help him. He had to do this on his own.


Zack had hardly ever spent a night without Cody before. It made him nervous.

Where is he? he thought. Cody always comes back. Where is he?

Maybe something bad happened to him. Zack pushed that thought out of his mind. No, nothing bad had happened. Cody was just mad. He'd be back, soon.

Carey wasn't there. She had a late shift downstairs, and Zack felt empty. He'd always just reach over and know that Cody was there. Only now, he wasn't.

And only now did Zack realize how much he needed his brother.


Cody had no idea how he had managed to pull himself over to in front of the Tipton, but he had managed to. His head was throbbing now, and he had to stop every once in a while. It hurt to move. It hurt to lift up his head. It hurt everywhere.

He went up to the revolving doors and found that there was no way he could get inside, so he just leaned against the building and sat there. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. That was all he could concentrate on right now.

Black spots began to cloud his vision, and for a second, he thought he was going to pass out. Only he didn't.

He almost wished for the sweet oblivion to sweep over him, but it wasn't happening.

He leaned over and threw up everywhere again. Blood. More blood.

Everything was red, and he was hurting. Everywhere.

Shaking convulsively, he leaned over. He had to get inside. They'd take care of him. He had to.

Standing up on shaking legs, he managed to get inside the revolving door, and moved into the Tipton. Then he collapsed, hearing the gasps that collected.

"Cody," Mr. Mosebey was crying for help. "Esteban, go get someone to help! Cody! Cody! Are you okay? Cody?"

Cody looked at him with glazy eyes. "I want Zack," he said, and then passed out cold.


Zack was almost asleep, but then he heard slams on the door. Opening it, he saw Esteban standing there, breathing hard.

"Go downstairs to the lobby," he managed to gasp. "Cody's down there. He is hurt very, very badly."

Zack's heart started pounding in his chest as he ran to the elevator and waited to get to the lobby. He kicked the elevator, cursing it for being so slow.

Cody couldn't be hurt. Cody couldn't be. The last thing Zack had said to him was that he hated him. And it couldn't end like this.

But a foreboding thought kept on creeping up his spine. The fact was… it could.