BH:You know, someday I might actually write a real fanfic instead of the drabbles that keep popping up, than you plot bunnies...

Rhanke:pokes fic Um... this isn't a drabble... this is complete boredom...

BH:Shut up, Rhane, please... Anyway, I'm serious considering doing what Rose Kitsune-san and Arcaenym-san started and sticking all of my drabbles into one fanfic, saves me the trouble of having to write descriptions for all of them...

Christ: Aren't you supposed to be editing Project Dream and your paragraph for your Lit teacher?

BH:What are you, my conscience? I'm getting this up, then I'll start on that, okay?


BH:Anyway, I'm eventually planning on putting an actual full STORY up eventually, but I'm arguing with myself over whether or not to let myself slip into my old habit of writing OC stories... It's really a pain, but it seems like that's the only time I can write anything good is when I use OCs, they're the perfect plot devices for me, but I know it agitates a lot of people when OCs are brought in to stories. I pride myself in not Mary-sueing, look at my Into The Night fic, but I'm running into a wall on this one. Any opinions on the subject, and this story, are appreciated. Thanks.


Part 1

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"You are so immature!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"You're both being immature right now!"


Laika stopped outside the meeting room door and gave an exasperated sighed. In the two years since he'd begun working with Enzan and Netto, he had become more than used to hearing the younger boy being verbally attacked by Enzan, and of course Rockman trying, and failing, to break them up. But this was a new one. Netto and Enzan seemed to be tag-teaming someone, which was strange enough, but that voice...

"Just tell him!"

"Are you crazy? He'll probably shoot me! He's trigger-happy! He's gone insane since you built that modified Smith and Wesson for him, Netto-kun..."

"How do you shoot a net navi if you're not one yourself?"

"I will shoot you if you keep acting like a love-struck schoolgirl!"

One of Laika's eyebrows vanished into his hairline. Love-struck schoolgirl? What in the name of overly fluffy fanfics were they talking about? Against his better judgment, Laika chose to not open the door for a few minutes. They couldn't possibly be talking about...?

"I never should have told you!"

"You didn't! We figured it out on our own!"

"More like I figured out and spelled it out for you..."

"Shut up."


"He'll notice eventually, you know."

"Will not."

"It couldn't be more obvious if you ran around with it plastered on your face with neon lights."

"So you say!"

"So everybody in Net Savior HQ says!"

"What do you want me to do about it!"

"Just admit it!"

"Before we're forced to blackmail you into it!"

"Fine! Fine! I'm in love with Laika-san! Happy?"

Laika's heart stopped.

"Laika-san, what are you doing out here?"

Laika jumped several feet in the air and spun around to find himself face to face with Manabe. Beyond the door, there was a very audible thump and a string of curses that told Laika he'd been discovered.

Not waiting for an answer, Manabe opened the door to the meeting room where Netto, Rockman, Enzan, and Blues were all scattered in various seats around the room, trying to look inconspicuous. There was still a residual data trail where another navi had logged out of the Dimensional Area that Manabe had set up for them.

"Did we interrupt something?" Manabe asked, genuinely concerned.

All eyes were on Laika.

"How much of that did you hear?" Enzan asked slowly.

"Enough," Laika replied, then turned on his heels and stormed out in the direction he had come.

"We're dead," Netto moaned, slumping down in his chair.

Enzan nodded weakly, "If Searchman doesn't kill us Laika will..."

"You two need a long, long vacation," Blues advised knowingly.

Enzan's eyes lit up and he jumped from his seat and pulled Netto from his own, "Yes, we do." He turned to face Manabe, "Manabe-san, Netto and I will be taking a long, well-needed vacation. We are not to be contacted, and you are to tell no one, especially not Laika or Searchman, where we are." He gave Netto's arm a hard yank and dragged him out the door, intent on catching the first jet he could find to the first semi-uninhabited island he could find, as far away from Laika as possible.

"Who knows," Blues mused, watching the boys go, "we may end up getting more than one couple together before this is over."

Rockman shook his head, "Forte'll kiss me of his own free will before those two bite their tongues and admit they like each other, Blues."

Blues developed a slight, wicked smile, "That can be arranged..."

Rockman stared, slightly worried, at his partner, "You've been around Netto-kun too long..."

Blues simply smiled and logged out.