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Part 2

"Um... Enzan, where are we going?"

Enzan looked up from the small mountain of paperwork that he'd rushed to his office to retrieve before they left. He blinked at Netto for a moment then shrugged, "I have absolutely no clue."

"Oh, okay."

\\\\\\\\Be Afraid/

"Idiot," Searchman cursed himself for what had to be the hundredth time that day, "Moron..."

"As entertaining as it is to watch you talking to yourself, Searchman, maybe you should go back now."

Searchman jumped and wheeled around, "Blues! Where the hell did you come from?"

"I followed you," Blues deadpanned, "It wasn't exactly that hard, with you muttering to yourself and scaring innocent Navis."

Searchman growled and stalked off, "I'm not going back."

Blues glared at his back for a moment, waiting till he was just about to turn around a corner, and shouted, "Coward!" loud enough for the whole street to hear. Searchman froze on the spot and slowly, decisively, turned back to face the red Navi. Blues crossed his arms and smiled wickedly, "You're too scared to go back and face Laika because he might have overheard us."

"Don't bullshit me," Searchman growled, "You know he heard us."

Blues shrugged, "You're still too scared to face him, either way."

Searchman turned scarlet, "Do you have any idea how MAD Laika-san is going to be? You know what he's like. He may try to reprogram me again!"

Blues sweatdropped, remembering all too well. Who knew Net Navis could get drunk...?

"Or he may accept it," Blues retorted plainly.

"Yeah, that'll be the day," Searchman grumbled, "What'll you tell me next, that Forte's got a crush on Rockman?"

Blues gave a small snort, "That's my next project," he grabbed Searchman's wrist and began dragging the larger Navi in another direction, "right now, you're going back to talk to Laika."

Searchman gave a small moan of protest, but suddenly fell silent when Blues stopped and held up a very familiar sniper gun.

"You want this back, Romeo?" Blues asked, "Then you're going to talk to Laika."

Searchman was silent for the rest of the trip, but that didn't stop him from mentally panicking.

\\\\\\\In Other News/

Meanwhile, Laika was pacing a hole in the floor Haruka Hikari's living room, while the aforementioned mother was watching him, slightly worried about the strip of carpet that was slowly wearing away under the soldier's feet.

She had never once regretted giving the guest room to Laika whenever he came down from Sharro, which was becoming increasingly frequent, but seeing him in this state was troubling. He actually seemed nervous. Her musing were confirmed when a hysterical Rockman appeared in the middle of the living room and Laika leapt several feet in the air and gave a very undignified squeak.

Rockman ignored the soldier and went strait for Haruka, "Momma!"

"What is it, honey?" Haruka asked, casting a side-long look at Laika.

"Netto-kun and Enzan!" Rockman moaned, "Netto-kun and Enzan are eloping! We can't find them anywhere!" He threw his hands in the air for effect.

Haruka went silent for a moment and, a few feet away, Laika had fallen onto the couch in pure surprise, momentarily forgetting his own worries. Suddenly Haruka's eyes lit up and she went racing to the phone in the kitchen.

"Uh oh," Rockman muttered.

"Yes, Yuuichiro-san, it's wonderful! Our son's in love!"

Rockman slapped his forehead and slowly turned and fell onto the couch next to Laika, "That's not the reaction I had in mind..."

"What do you mean, with who? Isn't it obvious?... No, not Meiru-chan, silly! It's Enzan! ...Yuuichiro-san? Yuuichiro-san...? Are you okay?"

"I think he fainted..." Laika muttered weakly.

"I think you're right." Rockman groaned and slumped down in his seat, "Man, I was hoping she'd try to drag him back and save me from Blues... Jeeze, she's gonna be planning his wedding for him next..."

A sudden image of Netto is a flowery white wedding dressed being carried by Enzan in a tux popped into Laika's head and he very nearly went into giggles. (I've gotta draw that!) He was saved from giving Rockman the mental trauma when Haruka came running back in, "I've gotta go check on Yuuichiro-san, I think he's sick!" She quickly kissed Rockman and Laika on the cheek and ran out the door, "Be good boys! Call the lab if Netto-kun calls!"

"Where are Netto and Enzan, really?" Laika asked.

"Running away from you and Searchman."

And Laika's jittery bad mood returned full force, and he was forced to return to pacing a hole in the floor.

"So that's what happened to the floor..." Rockman almost felt sorry for Laika.

\\\\\\\What Spooked The Pilot/

"Where are we?" Netto asked as he and Enzan stepped off the plane into the bright sunlight. God, it was humid...

Enzan looked around, "Some kind of tropical island, judging by the humidity and the sunlight."

Suddenly the engine on their plane started and the boys were forced to duck to avoid getting beheaded by the wing as it took off.

"HEY!" Netto shouted, running after the plane, "GET BACK HERE, YOU ASSHOLE! ENZAN! CALL HIM BACK!"

Enzan reached into his pocket to retrieve his PET, groped around a bit, and discovered, much to his dismay that both his PET and his emergency cell phone had been left on the plane. With a sigh he caught Netto's arm and began dragging him off in the direction of the small town they had landed near, "Come on, we better find a hotel. We may be here a while."