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By: Free-Desert-Wind

Ch I – A Brief Introduction

A young ghost named Haunt was strolling through the ghost zone, practicing his powers and thinking of all the fun he could be having if he weren't stuck where he was. He wore a tight fitting black shirt, equally tight black jeans, and an angry scowl. Billowing out behind him was a silken red cape that matched his cardinal colored hair. Haunt blasted his crimson powers off into space angrily, wishing for something better to do.

Abruptly, an answer to the specter's silent pleas came in the form of a rip in the ghost zone, with a passageway into the unknown world beyond. Haunt's yellow eyes quickly surveyed his surroundings, and when he found that nobody was watching, he flew through the strange portal with a crooked smile, gladly accepting this unexpected change of pace.

When he reached the other side of the ghostly doorway, which closed immediately, Haunt found himself in the world of the living. He quickly became invisible to avoid detection, and glanced around the area. By the looks of it, he was in some sort of lab. Everything was covered in metal and beeping electronics. Haunt took off into the air for a bird's eye view. He shared this room with two other beings ─ living humans. One was a large man in a tight orange jumpsuit, and the other was a much thinner woman in blue. They were both bending over and studying some of the devices around them, checking for functionality. Haunt supposed that they had just checked to see if the portal was in working condition, giving him the opportunity to escape.

Just as the spirit was debating whether he should stay and observe these people, or go off to enjoy himself, the larger man spoke to his companion.

"Maddie, do you think I should grease this lever up some more, or is it going to be fine?"

"I don't know, it's really up to you dear," she replied.

"Well, I forget how loose this is supposed to be. You know we've hardly gotten any work done this summer. I'm out of practice."

"Jack, it was your idea to take a break from ghost hunting while the kids were off school. I still think it was a great thing to do."

"But Maddie, I still don't know how loose or tight this thing should be."

Apparently, Maddie was unconcerned with whatever Jack was indicating to as she continued, "It was so nice to be able to spend more time with Jazz and Danny before she went off to college and he went back to school."

"Maddie, I need your help."

Maddie laughed, "I don't think Danny liked it that much though. How do you think he's doing right now?"

The larger man turned away from the switch. "What's wrong with Danny?"

"Nothing, I don't think," Maddie responded, "It's his first day back at school, that's all."

Haunt was really starting to get bored with this conversation. He didn't really care about anything other than having a good time while he could be in the realm of the living, so he left.

Once Haunt was in the air, he did several victorious loops in the sky, glad to be free. Abruptly, he stopped in mid-loop. He sensed something ─ there were traces of another ghost nearby. Haunt grinned mischievously; perhaps this fellow ghost would know how to have fun around here.

He flew around in slow circles, trying to catch a stronger hold on the other ghost's traces, but to no avail. Haunt settled for following the minor imprints of this other ghost, hoping that they weren't too old, and that he'd be able to find him.

As Haunt got nearer, he sensed the traces becoming slightly more powerful, but they were still very weak. Haunt decided that the other ghost he was tracking had to be a halfa. He knew next to nothing about halfa ghosts, except that they were rare, and he assumed that this half-ghost would be little fun.

When Haunt found the other ghost outside of a building labeled Casper High, he flew behind him to get a better look with less of a chance of being detected. Haunt watched as the other ghost turned out to be a young boy like himself, only scrawnier, and obviously less fun. This boy was flanked by two others ─ not ghosts ─ a boy with a red beret, and a girl with dark black hair that matched her generously applied eyeliner. The three of them talked casually amongst themselves, but Haunt was not interested; instead, he studied the girl in silence, floating around to the front of the trio for a better look. 'There,' he thought, still staring at her, 'I think I've found my fun.'

Author Time:

Yes, I am aware of how incredibly short this chapter is. I assure you this is not the standard amount you should expect in upcoming chapters. This isn't really a chapter, but more of an introduction to the character Haunt, and the rest of my story.

Thank you for reading my first ever Danny Phantom Fan Fiction!

I have a confession to make now: I do not know much about Danny Phantom. I have seen a few episodes, and read many fan fictions, but not enough to call myself qualified to write about it. I am apologizing ahead of time for any mistakes I hope I won't make, and giving avid fans of the show permission to correct me when I'm wrong.