Title: Gone Astray

Author: annadiel

Disclaimer: Saiyuki and all of its characters are not my property. The only thing I can call my own is the story of this fic. And if this fic resembles anything you've read before, then it's purely coincidental.

Synopsis: Goku gets separated from Sanzo and the others in a big bazaar. Homura seizes this opportunity to persuade Goku once more to come with him. And this time, Goku seems to agree with him. Will Goku leave his mission and come with the god?

Hello to everyone! Whew, at last I'm able to post a new fic. I know Saiyuki's first part is a bit old, but after watching Reload and Gunlock, I can say the first is the best. And with my love for Saiyuki rekindled (with the extra help of staring at Goku's pic for several hours), I was able to get enough inspiration to write again. So I'm offering this new surge of inspiration to Saiyuki, thus this fic is born!

Constructive criticisms and suggestions are very much welcome. And as always, no flames please. Thanks for dropping by!


I. Meeting

It was a quiet afternoon.

The Sanzo-ikkou was driving by a forest path. Normally during these times Goku and Gojyo fought over something, with Hakkai smiling and Sanzo shooting his gun. But today was one of the rare moments when no one, not even talkative Goku, spoke a word. Everyone was silent.

These past days were uncomfortable for them, what with the demons constantly after the Maten Kyoumon and their heads, and adding to that three gods pestering them every moment they get a chance. Those gods, Zenon, Shien, and Homura, called them different names. They told the ikkou that they would change the world. And that they were going to do it with Goku's help.

The ikkou noticed Homura's fondness over Goku. He showed interest in Goku's powers, that which he called the power capable of creating a new world, or destroying an old one. His eyes showed that he did not want Goku, he needed him. He needed his strength.

The god had tried to get Goku before, on one rainy day, seeing through the kid's hurt emotions because of Sanzo turning him away. He did not succeed, however, because Sanzo, Hakkai and Gojyo were able to take Goku back. But Homura's hope was not lost, and he told the ikkou that next time, he would take Goku forcibly.

Goku himself had been thinking of these past events. Why would someone like Homura take an interest in him? Was it because they both have the same eye color? That golden yellow color, the eyes of a heretic, an unwanted being both in heaven and earth? And did he know the god from somewhere? It seemed that Homura knew more about his past than he himself knew. And the god told him something that he still could not forget.

"I can give you back your memories."

His memories. The memories which he tried hard to recover, but seemed impossible of even occurring. Homura told him he could give them back. It sounded so much promising, but he decided not to believe him. He only believed in his friends, in this case, Sanzo and the others.

Goku's stomach growled. Ah, he thought, all these thinking make me hungry. "Haraheta…"

With the silence broken, Gojyo blurted out, "Mata haraheta ka, baka-saru? Why are you always like that? You only care about one thing, and that is filling your stomach."

"But I can't help it," Goku replied, "And how about you? You're just the same as I am."

"Am not," Gojyo retorted.

"You are! You also care about one thing: ladies!"

"I care about ladies, cigarette, and booze. And that's three things. Get that, stupid monkey?"

"Don't call me stupid, you horny cockroach! Water monster!"

"Don't call me cockroach! I'm the most gorgeous man in this group!"

"And so! Like the hell I care about that!"

Their babblings continued, until finally Sanzo fired his gun in the air. "Urusai! If you don't shut up, I'll kill you!"

The two quieted down. Hakkai just laughed. "Looks like everything's the same again, ne?"

After a few moments, Goku asked, "Ne, Hakkai, when are we going to arrive at a new town? I'm already starving." And his stomach agreed, growling even louder. "See?"

Hakkai replied, "Well, Goku, it seems you don't have to wait for long."

"Why is that?"

"Look before you, Goku."

Goku did as he was told. And to his delight, a huge town was in sight. "Uwah! Sono mura wa deke! Maybe there are a lot of restaurants there! Ne, Sanzo, let's try them all!"

The monk hit him with his trademark paper fan. "And what, make me pay for all you eat? In your dreams, baka-saru!"

"Kechi!" was all that Goku could say.

"Ma, ma, Goku," said Hakkai, "Don't worry, I'll treat you today. What do you want?"

"Hakkai, you're so kind to this baka-kozo. Don't spoil him," told Gojyo.

Goku made a funny face at the redhead and teased, "You're just jealous because Hakkai will treat me and not you!" then he turned to Hakkai, "Ne, ne, I want lots of meat buns, spring rolls, and potstickers! And also soup, grilled fish, roasted duck, and..."

Hakkai sweatdropped. "Can you reduce that, Goku? I think I don't have enough money for all of that."

"Well then, I think lots of meat buns will be okay!"


Not long after, they arrived at the town. At the moment they arrived, they noticed that there were a lot of people in there. There were also a lot of different booths, some selling clothes, food, and other merchandise. There were also lots of lights around, and some performers in the streets.

"Wow! It's a bazaar!" exclaimed Goku, his happiness easily seen.

"Nice timing," said Gojyo, "I can go to a bar and relax there."

"Food, food, and more food! It makes me so excited! Ne, Hakkai, ikou yo!" Goku then tugged Hakkai's right sleeve.

Hakkai asked Sanzo, "How about you, Sanzo? What's your plan?"

"Let's find a place to rest before each of you go out," Sanzo mentioned. "I'll just stay in there. I'm not in the mood for this."

The four then went to find an inn or a hotel to stay in. But wherever they go to, it was already full. After half an hour or so, they finally found one, although it wasn't that nice, and only one room was vacant. Since they had no more to go to, and not one of them would like to sleep outdoors, they got themselves that room.

After entering their room, Goku blurted out, "All that walking made me even hungrier. Let's eat!"

"Go ahead. I'll stay here," said Sanzo.

"Are you sure about that, Sanzo?" asked Goku. Sanzo was silent, which meant he was serious. "Well then, Hakkai and I will just buy you some food, okay? Hakkai, ikou!"

"I'll go, too," told Gojyo, "see y'all later, then."


The night was alive. Lots of people were having fun in the bazaar. Hakkai and Goku went from one booth to another, mostly to those which sell food.

Goku was the most eager to buy this and that. Hakkai couldn't help it but laugh, seeing Goku this way. But even though that was the case, he couldn't help but feel a little nervous. It was like this would be Goku's final moments of happiness with them. It was like seeing the teen for the last time.

"Hakkai, let's buy this! And that one! And the one over there! Hakkai datteba!" Goku turned to Hakkai, and noticed the serious look in his face. "Daijobu ka, Hakkai?"

Hakkai got over his thinking and replied, "Hai, hai. Now, what were you saying?"

Gojyo was also having fun in his own ways. And Sanzo, he was in the inn, reading a book and smoking his cigarette. All seemed well, until someone knocked at the door. Interrupted with his relaxation, and thinking it was Goku and Hakkai already back, Sanzo asked angrily while opening the door, "Now what! I thought you were so excited about—"

He stopped suddenly when he saw who was at the door. "Good evening, Konzen Douji. Or rather, Genjou Sanzo."



That's it for chapter 1. It's not that suspenseful, is it? Hope you liked it! Please continue reading!