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Chapter One

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Singles' Night

"How many?"

Green eyes did not bother to lift its gaze from the attention it gave to several digital video disks that were scattered all over the small glass table situated a little off center of the Watchtower lounge to face the masked countenance of a young man.

The large room was almost empty except for three dateless souls on a usually busy Friday night. The young man was sitting on a separate plush chair while two contrasting females were both seated on the very cozy couch. The red head was busy shuffling one digital video disk case after another while the raven haired beauty was mainly a spectator with bright blue eyes looking on but with a mind totally detached and far away, lost in quiet contemplation.

"I haven't really…" A hand reached out to inspect another videodisk case. "…Given it much thought."

"Oh come on!"

"Okay. Two."

"Two?" Wally exclaimed in disbelief. "That's just…two!"

"You asked." Shayera sounded very disinterested. "I answered."

"Me…I want a bunch."

"No one's asking." The Thanagarian was torn between Braveheart and Gladiator.

"Minimum of five…it will be fun." Wally leaned back on the chair with a satisfied expression.

"Fun? More like a riot."

"Gee Shay…you're awfully sarcastic today. Is it the time of the month again?"

It was the only time Shayera looked at him to send a very threatening glare that was short of spelling the words zip it his way.

Flash immediately recognized the signs that his friend was totally pissed that night. At the rate Shayera's temper was escalating, due to unknown reasons, and the way Diana seemed to be far away daydreaming and was very likely to be oblivious to his call for help in the event of Shayera chasing him around the room, he decided to back off and arrange the chip and dips, nachos, canned soft drink that he brought along.

"What about you Princess? How many kids do you plan on having?"

Diana's eyes were fixed on the image of the Roman general who became a slave as displayed on the DVD case. It might have been Russell Crowe's body but the face in her imagination belonged to someone else. Then she thought of a certain teammate wearing the armor, toting a sword and a shield in his very able hands…hands that would feel so wonderful on her skin, lips that would burn right through to her…


Shayera turned her gaze to the unresponsive Amazon and noticed a certain expression. "Earth to Diana…"

"Oh…" She was short of blinking her eyes a few times as if waking from a dream, a very interesting dream "What is it?"

"He's asking how many children you want to have though heaven knows why he is suddenly interested."

She smiled guiltily at Wally. "Just one."

"One! That's even fewer!" Wally leaned back on the table, assessing that the area was safe again as Shayera's expression sobered to a tolerable level. "Don't you have plans of preserving your legacy?"

"Flash…she's immortal." Shayera was busy reading the synopsis of Basic Instinct at the back of the casing, much to Wally's approval. "Having a lot of immortals like her walk this world would upset the balance."

"They can upset my balance anytime."

She picked up While You Were Sleeping. "Besides…I haven't found the right male to…procreate with." But there is a very interesting prospect. And the idea of…procreating with him made the room a little warmer.

"My…that's putting it too clinical," Shayera joked.

"Like J'onn," Wally added then all three burst into laughter. But he sobered immediately. "Anyway…what type of guy are you interested in?"

"Don't bother, you need not apply." The green eyes were back to the DVDs, so was the cynical tone.

"Hey…is there a workshop in the Watchtower that specializes in the art of enhancing sarcasm? Because I definitely need to enroll."

Finally Shayera felt that she was being too much. "Sorry, Flash. I'm just the tiniest bit off today."

"Tiniest bit?" Wally's eyebrow rose in doubt. "More like way off."

"Okay, guilty as charged." The Thanagarian smiled. "Can you fix me an espresso?"

Wally sighed, thankful that the horizon was finally clearing. "Sure. What about you princess?"

"Thanks but---"

"She'd love one too." Another convincing smile. "And try not making it too fast. It makes me dizzy."

"Sure thing." Wally winked before disappearing into a blur.

"Is it true? Espressos make you dizzy?"

"No…" Shayera craned her neck just to make sure Wally was nowhere near the lounge. "I just made that up so I can ask you why you have that look in your face."

"What look?"

There was a suspicious smile playing at the corners of Shayera's lips. "The look that says you are thinking of…him."

"Him?" She was trying her best to be evasive.

"Don't be obtuse, Diana." Shayera leaned her elbows on the table in a very sure sign of interest. "Tall and handsome playboy who moonlights as a crime defender in black tights after office hours, someone who is in desperate need of therapy…"

Of course, she was thinking about him. Innocent thoughts and…not so very innocent thoughts that were sparked earlier in the day by close encounters, unavoidable incidents at work, occupational hazards that she so very looked forward to. "So what if I think about him?" One sure way of escaping the interrogation was to bluntly divert the topic. "Don't you still think of a certain male who wears a rather colorful jewelry?"

"Diana…" Shayera was beginning to be frustrated. "Wally will be back in a very short while…so spill!"

She could feel the color creeping up her smooth cheeks and the gleam in her friend's eyes did nothing to help appease the certain nervousness she was feeling. "Well…earlier…there was this incident…"

"What did I miss?"

Wally returned just in time to spoil her confession, much to Shayera's chagrin. "Nothing much. Your timing is impeccable."

The clueless young man sat between the two women. "So what are we watching?"

Shayera sighed in disappointment. "It's a toss up between Mel and Russell."

The look on Wally's face was more discouraged. "Not between Sharon and…Sharon?" Both looked at him suspiciously. "Okay…you both choose, either way it's the same to me, testosterone driven men with the urges to dismember or pummel the enemy to death. How very wholesome."

"I prefer Gladiator…best picture, best actor," Diana suggested.

"Then Gladiator it is," Shayera handed Wally the disk.

Inside, Diana was smiling. She had two hours to imagine Bruce in another costume, or, two hours to imagine him without one.