Maureen had woken up early this morning. Joanne and her had a fight last night, so when she heard the shower turn on this morning she actually got up. She went into the kitchen, fixed Joanne some poptarts, she was never much of a cook, and sat at the table waiting on Joanne. She wanted to fix this; they had actually been getting along so well lately, she didn't want another stupid fight, which she knew was totally her fault…which she'd never admit to Joanne however, to cause problems.

Joanne had finished her shower and was walking down the hall, actually contemplating waking Maureen up to apologize. She'd be so pissed if I woke her but I really…

"Holy shit" she gasped as she walked into the kitchen. Obviously Maureen being awake before 11 am was a total shock. "What are you doing up?" looking confused yet pleased.

Maureen got up from her chair and walked over to Joanne, poptarts in hand. "I'm sorry Pookie" she replied as she reached out the poptarts to Joanne. Joanne couldn't do anything but laugh, trying to contain some of it knowing Maureen was trying to have a serious moment, at the sight of Maureen with her poptarts. "I love you Pookie" Maureen continued, "and I hate it when we fight". Maureen flashed her famous puppy dog eyes and pouted her lips, knowing very well this would help her cause.

Joanne couldn't help but think how damn cute Maureen actually looked right now, so vulnerable and damn cute. She smiled as she wrapped her arms around Maureen, lightly kissing her. Maureen took this as that Joanne forgave her and quickly turned the light kiss into a passionate I love you, I'm sorry kiss.

"I love you too" Joanne finally replied as Maureen eventually released her from her grips. Joanne knowing if she didn't leave soon she'd be late for work, grabbed a poptart and headed for the door, "thanks for breakfast honeybear, see you this evening."

Maureen was curled up on the couch almost asleep, I mean she had gotten up earlier than usual this morning, when she heard the front door knob being turned. Her eyes shot open as her body froze it was almost shaking she was so scared. It was noon on Thursday, who the hell could it be. It couldn't be Joanne, she never comes home early or for lunch, if it were someone else they would have called, a burglar maybe?

The door swung open to reveal Joanne, she was smiling ear to ear causing Maureen to do the same. She completely forgot how scared she was just a few seconds ago bouncing over to the door in excitement, "what are you doing home!"

"I love you" she replied as she walked into the apartment shutting the door behind her and quickly pulling Maureen's body close to hers. She gave her a gentle comforting kiss on the lips. She sat down her briefcase on the table and turned back around to Maureen who was trying to contain her excitement. "I finished up some meetings early, so I thought I'd come home and surprise you, surprised?"

"Ecstatic" Maureen quickly responded as she wrapped her arms around Joanne's waist, pulling her into a deep passionate kiss.

"Exactly what I had in mind" Joanne replied with a smirk.

Maureen smiled as she grabbed hold of Joanne's belt loops and led her to the couch; the bedroom was too far away. Knowing Joanne wouldn't have long, Maureen wasted no time. She quickly had her into another deep sensual kiss, laying her onto the couch.

Maureen and Joanne lay on the couch, their bodies intertwined with one another. Joanne had fallen asleep and Maureen was laying there just staring at her. Maureen had finally realized that Joanne was the one she wanted to always be with, moments like this just reminded her of that. She reached over and lightly kissed Joanne's forehead.

"What time is it?" Joanne mumbled.

"It's about 1 o'clock"

"Oh shit, I gotta go. I have a meeting at 1:30" Joanne jumped off the couch and raced around gathering her belongings and redressing. Maureen lay on the couch giggling at how frantic Joanne had become. Joanne swung up the front door ready to race back to work…

"Pookie?" she heard from the couch, in a rather sad tone.

Oh yeah. Joanne ran back over to the couch kissing Maureen goodbye, "I love you. I'll be back home around 5:30." Joanne rushed out the door praying she would make it back in time for her meeting.

As Maureen lay on the couch she began thinking of Joanne naturally. Wonder why she decided to come home for, that's so not like her. I wonder what's going on. Huh, oh well. I just had to best sex of my life…and I'm going to have more at 5:30. She drifted off to sleep anticipating the fun yet to come that evening.