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Terra Revisited

A Teen Titans Fanfiction


It was a normal day around Titans tower. At least what passed for a normal day. Robin was doing research, Starfire was baking some sort of alien recipe, and Cyborg was trying desperately to keep up with Beast boy on the Game Station. The changeling had apparently gotten the idea that playing while in monkey form was better than in his human form. Apparently, it was working. Cyborg was sweating and crying out in disbelief as the little monkey plastered his fighter on the game they were playing. Raven decided to leave the peace and tranquility of this setting to go into her room. She had work to do. Ever since declaring her feelings for Robin she had felt a pang of guilt. Not for Starfire, since the two friends had decided to wait and see what Robin decided and to not get jealous of each other showing the boy affection, but because of Beast boy. He was the only Titan that didn't have someone in his life and it made Raven feel guilty because she knew that he had been attracted to her. Cyborg wasn't exactly dating Bumblebee, but the way he e-mailed her every day, had her number on speed dial, took every excuse to go visit the Titans east, and knew her birthday, favorite color, etc. It wouldn't be long before the 'tin man' hooked up with Dorothy. Raven sighed and took out her books and started studying. There simply had to be a way to free Terra. Then she wouldn't feel bad for Beast boy anymore.

Chapter I.

Beast boy gloated. He had Cyborg right where he wanted him. He was about to end his reign as the undefeated champion of 'Super Cyber Alley Racing Fighter: Gold Edition'. It was just at that time the alarm sounded around the tower and Robin yelled 'Titan's GO!'.

Cyborg smiled and dropped the controller. "And with that I would like to announce my retirement as undefeated master of SCARF: Gold"

"No way! I was going to win! You gotta let me have a rematch!" Beast boy yelled changing back.

"Later guys! It looks like the Hive Five are trying to rob an armored car." Robin announced as he darted towards the door. Starfire was right on his heels as Cyborg headed for the garage.

Beast boy clung to Cyborg as a mouse to keep from having to run. They encountered Raven halfway to the garage and all five teens hit the garage at the same time. Cyborg was in the car in a flash with Robin grabbing the coveted passenger seat. Beast boy didn't have anywhere to sit except between the two female members of the team. He morphed back as the T car raced out of the garage towards land.

Beast boy really didn't mind riding next to Star and Raven, it was just that being around the two ever since he found out about their 'arrangement' concerning Robin had been a little difficult, especially Raven. Yeah, Beast boy still liked her, but he wasn't as 'open' about relationships as apparently his three teammates were.

Beast boy tried to get comfortable and for once keep his mouth shut. He really didn't want to disrupt the team and he figured the less said the better. Finally the T-Car zeroed in on the stretch of road that the armored car had been attacked on. There with the money still in their hands were the Hive Five doing their thing.

Beast boy tried to tune everything out and focus on the mission. Stop the Five. As the Titans got out of the car everything went berserk. Mammoth had squared off against Cyborg, Gizmo had jumped Robin, and Starfire and Raven were being quadruple teamed by Billy Numerous. Beast boy was the last out of the car and faced off against Jinx.

Beast boy changed into a Hawk and swooped after her, but she was running too fast. She made it to Gizmo's weird looking vehicle and took of. Beast boy was quickly on his own against Jinx as she raced toward the city. Beast boy finally managed to get close enough to grab onto the giant wheel and morphed into a gorilla. The momentum spun him over, but he slammed feet first into the pavement in front of the car stopping it instantly and sending Jinx flying. She landed hard on the pavement and rolled. She wasn't moving.

Beast boy changed back into his human form and ran to her. She looked like she might have been hurt. Tenderly, he rolled Jinx over onto her back and lifted her up into his arms. She was bruised but seemed to be OK. Beast boy carried her over to the side of the road in case some car should come by and laid her out gently. She coughed a couple of times and then rolled her head over to look at Beast boy. Being this close to a girl, Beast boy suddenly realized his heart was beating much faster.

Jinx actually smiled up at Beast boy for a moment. She gently placed her hand on Beast boy's cheek and looked deeply into his eyes. "You know what I've always said about you Beast boy?" Jinx asked meekly.

"What's that?" Beast boy asked with his heart still racing.

"You're the most gullible one of the bunch." She said as pink light flashed all through Beast boy's vision and the whole world went black.

The next thing Beast boy realized he was lying in the medical bay. That and his head felt like it was going to explode. He gingerly reached up but quickly grew dizzy. He felt like he was going to puke.

Beast boy finally managed to stand as the rest of the gang came into the bay. "FRIEND BEAST BOY! YOU ARE UNHARMED!" Starfire cried choking the life out of him.

"Not anymore!" Beast boy cried in dismay. "What happened where's Jinx and the rest of the Hive Five."

"We managed to capture the rest of the Hive Five, but Jinx got away." Robin said as he looked at the changeling. He didn't ask, but he didn't have to. Everybody probably wanted to know 'what happened'.

Beast boy fell silent; a girl had suckered him. He couldn't help it if he went easy on girls. He just couldn't bring himself to be as rough with Jinx or Kitten as he would with someone like Mammoth or Slade. He knew everybody wanted an explanation for why he'd let them down. He just didn't have one.

Finally, it was Cyborg who asked. "So what happened man?"

"I don't want to talk about it." Beast boy said sullenly.

"Look Beast boy, nobody's blaming you we just want to know if…" Robin started.

"I said I don't want to talk about it OK!" Beast boy yelled as he ran out of the room.

The rest of the Titans watched Beast boy go. No one said a word for a few minutes. Finally, Raven felt it was her responsibility to take care of it. "I'll go talk to him later once he's had a chance to cool down." Raven offered.

"What was up with him?" Robin asked confused.

"Beast boy's been a bit down lately." Raven admitted. "I've sensed it from him for the past few days. I think he may still have issues with a crush he's had on me."

The rest of the team nodded. Beast boy was always pretty easy to read. The feelings he'd had for Raven had been evident. Robin finally turned to Raven. "So what are you going to do?"

"I'm working on a spell to free Terra. I'm hoping once she's free he'll feel better. It was pretty evident that she cared for him as much as he cared for her. If she comes back to us, he should be happy again." Raven said.

"Do you think things can ever be the same between the two of them after her having been Slade's apprentice?" Robin asked seriously.

"It worked for us." Raven said smiling as Starfire grinned and nodded.

Robin couldn't help smiling either. "Whatever you need. The rest of us will do all we can to help."