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Jinx looked around before detaching herself from the wall and running over to the prison wall. With luck she'd have the rest of the Hive Five sprung in a matter of minutes. Slowly she crept until she could peek up into a small window where she could see the hallway inside.

Jinx raised her hands until she was ready to blast open the wall. Suddenly a strong pair of hands grabbed her. She struggled to break free. The only problem was that the hands were as big as her entire torso.

Jinx was slowly turned around as she heard rock grinding against rock. Finally she was facing away from the wall and she realized the hands holding her were made of stone and they were sticking up out of the ground.

Jinx looked around to see if there were any sign of her attacker. Finally she spotted two pinpricks of yellow light against one of the walls. "What's going on here? What's the big idea! Who are you?"

The figure detached itself from the wall and stepped into the security light. Jinx looked down in the blonde hair of a young woman. Her eyes were glowing yellow and she had a very pleased look on her face.

Jinx nearly jumped out of her skin as she looked down at what could only be a ghost. She looked at the girl as if she had come back from the grave, or more appropriately, from BEING the grave.

"Hello Jinx." Terra said smiling.

Jinx just looked at her trying to make her mouth work. She was scared, really scared.

"You remember last week when you really did a number on Beast boy when all he was trying to do was help?"

Jinx nodded dumbly remembering the encounter.

The smile faded from Terra's face as she started rolling up her sleeves. "That was my boyfriend, you WITCH!"