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Mental Stability

They said that there was something wrong with Marion Phauna, what with her silence and her constant references of herself and other people in the third person. And they were right, in a way, but not only for those reasons, but mainly because she had foolishly followed someone who would, in the end, probably kill her.

Yes. He would kill her. Eventually, once she was of no use to him.


But this was now and that was later. Later was the time wherein she would fall and watch someone else- someone stronger, better, smarter rise to take her place. Later was the inevitable bloodbath Mari had always hoped for; danger sent thrills to her spine and pleased her to no end. It was all beautiful.

So Mari cocked her head to the side, and Hao simply did not look at her. She realized, with mute regret, that it was probably the only time he would ever allow her to be this close. Right now, she wasn't really sure whether this was actually real or not. But even if it was a dream, even if it was just something that she had allowed herself to imagine (which was damned unlikely, because even though she spoke in the first person, she wasn't very creative to begin with), she would never forget this sudden understanding that seemed to reveal all things that were bright and beautiful in their own twisted way. Or the lack of mental strength, for the matter. She never used to feel so weak and light-headed.

"Hmm." He shrugged, and smiled charmingly at her. "Would you like to come with me?"

She wondered aloud in her soft monotone. "Where?"

"To wreak havoc on the foolish mortals, of course," He said with no preambles, and then thought for a second or two, "or should I just do it myself?"

He had to stop the self-satisfied smirk from widening when she nodded her head in acquiescence.




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