A light to show the way

By: astroalchemist

A/N: Wow, my first KH story! Sadly, I only have the prologue written because I am incredibly lazy. I also don't know where the relationship is going in this between Riku and Sora. I just kind of let it flow as well as I can. I guess we will see if they get together or not….

Other Pairings:

AerithXCloud- sorry, I'm a big shipper for them, ever since 1998! I love these two together.

So, here goes! OH yes, I don't own Kingdom Hearts, It's own by Square-Enix and Disney. I wouldn't be writing a KH story if I own it, I would be making it happen!

Love is an infinite emotion. I can say that I have been loved a lot in my life. Love of my family, the love of friends….My mother used to say that love can be felt for everyone, if you have the capacity to believe. She always wanted me to believe in myself and others so that I would be able to love. You're here, so you must believe in the same thing…or you just to hear my story. Whatever the reason, I'm glad you came to read this, because it might be the only thing that can save you from the darkness in people's hearts.

This isn't some 'once upon a time' or 'happily ever after' fairy tale. I could say that it's something like that because, well…I'm a prince…well…was a prince. I'm technically not anymore. My family was killed about five years ago. I was taken away from the palace by my young guards. They have taken care of me ever since. We currently live in "hiding" in a place called Traverse Town.

Not like I mind, I personally like this no prince deal. Being a prince is not my thing, I remember all the times I couldn't play with my friends because of classes, training, watching my father…but sometimes, my mother would let me sneak out and hang out with my best friend down in the kitchen. He was the son of our cook, so he helped out a lot around the castle. His name was Riku. Riku had the strangest silver hair.

My father was always so furious with me when I would go play with him. I remember him yelling once, saying that a prince shouldn't play with commoners, much less commoners like him. I never understood what he meant until now. Mother always said that some people may be filled with darkness, but there is always a way to guide them back to the light. If anything, I still believe that now.

I guess I would need to tell you the whole story. Riku was my best friend and a really nice person. I would never believe him to be who my father said he was. Father always went on about how people like him are filled with darkness and was the ones who would destroy our kingdom. Little did he know that one of those people he found that were trying to kill him was his advisor. I was nine years old when Ansem overthrew my father using the powers of darkness. I was scared and still am to this day. Those cold eyes staring down at me as a lay beside my dead mother, my heart beating was beating so fast.

That's when he came. Riku. I remember him screaming that they were to "leave him alone!" He was waving around a sword that was much too heavy for him, but he was trying to save me all the same. I got knocked out at sometime during the fray, and the next thing I knew I was in a ship with my guards. I asked where Riku was, did they save him...why were mom and dad gone, why Ansem would do this…the guards said nothing…I cried. I cried all the way to our new home. I cried for days. I would never see mother, father or even Riku again.

Now, almost five years later, all I really want to do is find Riku. I know in my heart he survived, because Riku was a strong person. My guards think that I am just holding on to a memory, but I know he's out there. They tell me I need to train, so I can regain what is rightfully mine (the palace…I told you, this prince thing isn't my idea of fun). I just want things the way they were. My mother used to say that going back to your past is always dangerous. I'll take on that danger, but I won't do it alone.

By the way, my name is Sora Tenko Misonai. I'm not supposed to tell people my last name but, I trust you. Mind you, this story might not have a happy ending, but hey, that's all in your interpretation, right?

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