Love of A Malfoy

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Summary:AU. Post-Hogwarts. The last time Hermione saw her lover, he was fleeing from Aurors; now she is nineteen, a mother and alone. Will she find him again? Will complications and her lover's allure make her leave her past behind? LM/HG.

Warnings:Spoilers for Half-Blood Prince. Probably OOC Lucius and Hermione, I will try and keep them in character but…bear with me. Slight AU in that Lucius is out of Azkaban, but that very well could happen in Book 7...

This is my first serious attempt at a het fic, so once again, bear with me.



Hermione Granger, at nearly nineteen years old was pregnant to her much older lover; a lover who, if found out by her friends and the Order, would probably be murdered on the spot for ever coming near her. But how could she not be with this man? Ever since she had first met him back before her Second Year at Hogwarts in Flourish and Blotts, she had been completely taken with the handsome wizard.

The young witch had met the handsome man of her dreams again at the Quidditch World Cup prior to her fourth year, where they had spent an unusually long amount of time staring straight into each other's eyes. She had blushed. Blushing was not something she did often, but staring into those bright silver eyes, knowing he was staring at nothing and no one else but her, made her blush.

The third time they had come face to face was at the Department of Mysteries; he was leading the group of Death Eaters assigned to getting Voldemort and Harry's prophecy off the Boy Wonder. During that night, before she had nearly been killed, she had had half a mind to get the prophecy from Harry and give it to the man she now knew she loved. But before she got that far, the silenced Death Eater had used a curse on her that, if spoken aloud, would most likely have killed her.

Her blond Prince had been arrested and hauled off to Azkaban that night, and she was fairly certain she would never see him again.

Everything changed the summer after her Sixth Year, the summer after the death of the strongest figure on the Light Side of this war. Though she had known she really shouldn't have done so, Hermione went out on her own one day for a walk down the street from her family home; it was then that she was dragged into the thick vegetation of the local park and held against a tree. Out of fright she had squeezed her eyes shut, but could feel a hand over her mouth, a hand covered in soft leather and there had been something cold beneath her chin. It was at that moment that she knew exactly who her captor was; opening her eyes had only confirmed it, as she looked straight into those silver eyes that had been burned onto her mind since she was twelve years old.

"Miss Granger…" he had breathed quietly; his hot breath had ghosted over her face. "I am going to remove my hand and you are going to stay silent, aren't you?"

All she had been able to do was nod, and forgetting the fact that he was a highly dangerous man and should currently be rotting in Azkaban, she had delighted in the fact that he was within such close, and wanted, proximity with her.

"Good girl," a smile had crept onto his face after he had removed his hand from her silent mouth. "I would like your company, Miss Granger, would you be so kind?"

Their passionate affair had started that summer; she at nearly eighteen while he was forty-three. They had stayed in touch during the school year; she had managed to convince Harry to go back so that he could be properly prepared to defeat Voldemort. She had met up with him during Hogsmeade weekends, always managing to give the Auror supervisors the slip; she had even snuck out of school to meet up with the delicious blond.

But it had been the day after she had graduated from Hogwarts that she had landed in this predicament, she was now pregnant with his child; a month and a half pregnant and she really needed to tell him.

Now, she was back in the same park that she had reunited with him; she was being no where near as alert as she really should be. What was she going to do? Where was he? Why was he no longer replying to her letters? Was he sick of her? Had she done something wrong? Had he finally come to his senses and remembered that she was nothing more than a 'lowly little mudblood'?

Barely five minutes later, Hermione was struck with a sense of deja vu, as a hand pressed over her mouth and she was dragged into the thick growth of vegetation again. But as soon as she was pressed up against the very same tree as last summer, the hand was removed and replaced with a rather fierce mouth.

Hermione clutched at the expensive robes with one hand and wound one arm around the neck of the man pressed up against her; she whimpered quietly when his mouth was gone and opened her eyes. "Where have you been?"

The blond glanced around them worriedly, like he was expecting to be attacked, "Look I can't be here long, I think I was followed," he looked back into her widened brown eyes. "You mentioned in one of your letters that you wished to tell me something… Something important?"

Hermione sniffed and nodded, "Yes… I-" she broke off when they both heard the sound of twigs snapping and the distinctive sound of the Apparition pop. She soon found herself being spun around and soon realised she was being used as a human shield, as she saw the robed figures of Aurors materialising around them.

"Let her go, Malfoy!"

Hermione could practically feel her lover sneer behind her, she forced herself to appear frightened, but she really wasn't. She knew he wouldn't hurt her, she trusted him, he had promised that he would never hurt her; though her feigned fear did become a little more real when she felt the tip of his wand press against her neck.

"Now why would I want to do that?" the blond leaned his head forward and closer to the girl's faces; his lips brushing against one flushed cheek. "Such a pretty little thing… Perhaps I will take her with me and have a little fun?" an Auror started to move forward so he increased the pressure of his wand against her neck the slightest bit. "Don't even think about it or I. Will. Kill. Her."

"We can strike a deal, Malfoy, let her go."

Malfoy chuckled quietly against Hermione's ear, "Oh no, no… You are not locking me away in that prison again-"

"Malfoy, you will not win! Leave the girl alone!"

Hermione squeaked, more out of surprise than fear, as she was pulled tightly against the man behind her; she could feel his smirk against her ear.

Malfoy's silver eyes stayed upon the Aurors as he started whispering very quietly into Hermione's ear, his wand still pressed against her neck, "I can't take you with me, Hermione, they will stop at nothing to get you back-"

Hermione barely moved her lips as she started a meek protest, "Lucius, no-"

"Sh," Lucius continued, he had his back pressed right up against the tree, so that no one could come at him from behind. He knew the Aurors would not try and curse him in case they hit Hermione. "Look after yourself, keep quiet about us, and wait for me. I will come for you when it is safe," he started to move his wand, his eyes still on the edgy Aurors. "I love you, Hermione."

Hermione's eyes widened; he had never said that to her before. But she had no time to return the sentiment at all, because next thing she knew, she was being practically thrown forward into the waiting Aurors. She collided hard with one of them, as curses and hexes started to fly, but in the midst of it all, she had heard the pop of Apparition, and she knew Lucius had gotten away safely. The cussing of the Aurors only confirmed that.

Hermione fell to her knees, her arms wrapped around herself, as she took in what had just happened. One thing was for sure, Lucius Malfoy returned her feelings; but would she ever see him again? The prospect of not seeing him again, in her current condition, caused her to start sniffling; she was fairly certain that the Aurors would take this as a sign that she was reeling from the 'shock' of what had just happened.

A female Auror, who she didn't know, pulled her carefully back to her feet, "Come on, sweetie, you need to come with us."

Hermione just sniffed and nodded, she allowed herself to be Side-Along Apparated to the Ministry of Magic where she was in for a long period of questioning about what happened prior to the Aurors showing up.

All she could think about though, was Lucius and the fact that she had not been able to tell him she was pregnant. Even if she had had time to tell him, she had been preparing herself for him not being pleased about it; after all, did the evil and pureblooded Lucius Malfoy want to sully his family name with a half-blooded child? A half-blooded bastard child, to be precise.

Would she ever find out what he would think about it? His last foray into fatherhood had been a bit of a disaster; he had told her during their times together how truly and greatly disappointed he had become in his son, Draco. About how he had hoped his son would be more like himself, and that he would be able to pull up his grades and beat her in school.

"Quite an enigma, aren't you, Miss Granger?"

"Do you have to keep calling me 'Miss Granger'?"

"Do you not want respect?"

"Of course I want respect, but we are in bed, you don't have to call me 'Miss Granger'."

"I will call you what I wish, Miss Granger, now you may call me 'God' as you did earlier."

"I am not going to refer to you as 'God'."

"I think you should, the world would be a much better place if people started to do that."

"I am sorry to say…but, you are extremely full of yourself."

"I am a Malfoy, my dear, most of us are."

"Well, your son certainly doesn't have that much to be full of himself for."

"My son does not deserve his family name. Now let us not discuss him any further in our current state."

Hermione sat there, arms folded over her abdomen protectively, in her interrogation chair; she wanted to go home and crawl into bed until this was all over. Better yet, she wanted to crawl into a bed with Lucius, and wait for this war to be over.

The Light Side was clearly losing, that much was obvious; perhaps they wouldn't be if they had Dumbledore but they didn't. Voldemort's forces were strong and he was gaining almost every day.

"Now, Miss Granger, just one more time for certainty and then we can let you go home. What happened with Lucius Malfoy prior to the group of Aurors showing up?"


Author's Note: Was that an all right prologue? Do you think I might be able to do justice with a het ship? Lucius/Hermione is my favourite one, after all.

Next Chapter: Chapter 1. Story picks up six months after the birth of Hermione and Lucius's child.