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Cliches and Casualties

chapter one: There Are No Perfect Guys!

"Girls are never ordinary. Girls are never simple. Girls are extraordinary and unique in their own fun-filled ways. They should be treated with respect and adored like princesses; every girl deserves to experience that treatment. There is always a perfect guy for every girl."

"Yeah right. Perfect guys… what the hell…"

A blond-haired girl scowled as she hastily slammed the magazine she was reading on the counter. Another girl looked at her and laughed.

"Cagalli, we're not being paid just to read a magazine when the café is quite empty!" the brunette, Miriallia Haww, said to her friend.

Cagalli rolled her eyes and went towards Miriallia who was standing in front of the cash register. "If only I didn't run away then I can buy this stupid café for myself!" she hissed under her breath.

Miriallia laughed. "And you can't do that cause you ran away!" she pressed in.

Cagalli was flaring up. "Nah, I have to prove to my father that being a princess isn't going to stop me from doing what I want." She replied and stuck her tongue out.

Miriallia was counting the money from the register while listening to Cagalli. "I can't believe how your mind is always upside-down… every girl dreams of becoming a princess and all you want is to throw it away!" she said, almost sardonically.

"Working and earning for my self is the fulfillment I'm looking for! I don't need to be pampered or what…" she said, trailing off, remembering that Miriallia just broke up with her boyfriend, Tolle.

The two of them had been steadies for almost two years and still, Miriallia can't bear the fact that Tolle's gone. Cagalli, the ever-careless girl that she is just can't shut her mouth sometimes.

"Milly… I'm sorry… I…" Cagalli said, coaxing Miriallia.

Miriallia smiled. "You're right. Women like us don't need guys!" she said, shrugging the thought and relieving Cagalli.

"I told you so… working girls absolutely have no time for love…" Cagalli said proudly.

Then suddenly, a guy who pretty much looked like Tolle entered the café and ordered a choco frapuccino for take out. Miriallia spaced out again for the nth time that day and Cagalli took over while she snaps back to reality. When the guy had left, the blond turned to the brunette.

"And I thought you realized we don't need guys…" she said, pretending to be disappointed but through it all, she understood how Miriallia feels.

Miriallia sighed. "I don't know… I just can't help it."

After a short while, a guy dressed in a crisp Americana suit complete with the tie and all entered the café. He looked as if he's the president or CEO of some rich company and it was really odd for those kinds of guys to go queuing for late-night coffee at a local café downtown.

"God he's gorgeous…" Miriallia muttered.

It was an undeniable fact that the guy was indeed very handsome. He had blue hair and striking emerald eyes. He looked pretty boyish for a businessman but it suited him perfectly. Cagalli was star-struck for a bit then shook the thought out of her mind.

"I bet he's just like any other guy… no need to feel giddy." She assured herself while she took the order of the handsome fellow.

"What will you have?" she asked him as Miriallia prepared to get the order.

"Double espresso." He replied in the most soothing of voices ever to be heard.

Miriallia moved to prepare the drink that was supposed to be taken out. Cagalli punched in the keys of the cash register. "That will be 15 bucks, sir…" she said and looked up only to realize that he was drop-dead gorgeous.

The guy handed her the money and she convinced herself that she should not be deceived by such to-die-for looks. After giving him his order, he was about to leave.

"Thank you for coming sir!" the two girls said everytime a customer leaves but this time, more filled with energy.

"Oh my god! Cagalli, he's so handsome!" Miriallia said excitedly.

"Yeah right… he's still a guy." Cagalli retorted.

Miriallia scowled. "Will you please stop being a man-hater for once?"

Cagalli ignored her. Suddenly, someone entered the café. It was Kira, Cagalli's brother. He looked exhausted and approached the two girls from behind the counter.

"Aren't you going to close this shop? It's already 10pm…" he asked since usually, the café closes at 10.

"Our boss said we'll close at 10:30." Cagalli replied angrily through gritted teeth.

Kira chuckled then Miriallia chimed in. "But since that cruel witch isn't here… I think we better close this shop…" she said to Cagalli who agreed wholeheartedly.

"Good… 'cause I've got paperwork to do and you girls can't keep me waiting." Kira said and stretched his arms, showing how tired he already was.

Then Cagalli remembered that her brother just broke up with his girlfriend, Fllay Allster, after discovering what a bitch she was. Kira have been a big workaholic ever since his break-up a month ago. Seeing two heartbroken persons in front of her makes her flinch sickeningly and feel proud at the same time.

"Good thing I'm not in love…" she thought and started cleaning the counters and turning off the lights.

After the café have been closed, the three of them climbed to Kira's convertible for their usual evening-ride home. As the car revved and stopped occasionally, Cagalli noticed how quiet it was. Before, Kira was usually cracking up jokes and Miriallia was always telling them about her dates with Tolle. It was really unusual that Cagalli found herself taking in the silence just because her usual companions are heartbroken.

"Look guys… you can't just sulk and stay that way just because you fell out from a relationship!" Cagalli said, not wanting to stay quiet.

Miriallia tried to stifle a laugh from the backseat. "Right…"

Kira was determined to avoid the topic as much as possible. When they reached Miriallia's apartment, they dropped her off after casual goodbyes and 'see you tomorrow' kind of stuff. It was silent between the twins on the way to Cagalli's apartment and she hated every second of it.

"Kira, there are plenty of fishes in the ocean! Lighten up!" she said desperately.

"Cliché" Kira replied.

Yes, he did love Fllay and he was angry at her for being such a bitch and eventually broke up with her but still, a guy has to have a girl and he can't bear the fact that Fllay already found a replacement for him.

"Fine… you win. I give up." Cagalli said and stayed quiet until they reached the apartment.

"See you tomorrow bro…" Cagalli said as she disembarks from the car.

"Don't forget to lock the door!" Kira reminded his sister since she always forgets to lock the door before going to bed.

"Yeah I know… thanks… take care! Drive safely." She said and Kira left with another word of advice.

Cagalli went straight to her room after locking the door behind her. She took a shower and turned on the TV after she was done. She turned on her laptop and started typing frantically in her online journal.

Monday, 10:45pm.

I know it's late and I'm tired because of work and I shouldn't be writing down this journal entry but I can't help it, I just have to get some things out of me.

First, I can't imagine how people can stay in love for such a long time… well, maybe it's because I've never been in love and I don't think an independent girl like me should go looking for it. Not that I'm too judgmental, it's just that… you see, Miriallia… oftentimes at work she'll space-out just because a couple walked in and she remembered Tolle… it happens everytime. Oh and yeah, I saw a guy a moment ago and though he looked like he was the perfect dreamboat of every girl, I'd bet on my life he's just like any other stupid guy on the planet. Therefore I think that guys are really much of a bother rather than someone to treat you like a princess. There is no perfect guy in existence!

Princess. I just don't get it why everyone wants to live like one. For me, it's a really boring life… having to stay grounded and everything; having your day planned out for you… it's not fair! I'm the boss of my own life! Yeah… sometimes I do wish someone would be glad to wash my dirty laundry for me but heck, it's so much fun being independent! And besides, I promised my father I'd go back to his palace when I can shove to his face I was able to take care of myself… with the help of Kira, naturally…

Damn, I'm so tired. Love is such a waste of time. Be treated like a princess by the perfect guy… CLICHÉ!

Cagalli finished writing her journal entry and concluded she'll stay a man-hater, independent, cliché-hater kind of girl. The type of girl who knows her priorities in life and settles it after logical planning.

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