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MomoKikaZen Shiruba-doku!

Chapter 1: the planning

It was a nice early morning, the bright sunshine beating down onto the tiny island, home of Echizen Ryoma, Freshman of Seishun Gakuen junior high, pro-level tennis player, and brat of the year. Yet, he wished he were anywhere else but here as he stood in front of his senpai's house.

It was definitely too early for him.

Ryoma felt his irritation grew as the birds chirped happily on the tree nearby. At the moment, everything seemed to irritate the little prince.

He pressed the doorbell, hearing the ring echoing on the other side. Before long, he heard something sounding close to a stampede, and the door flew open with such force it was a wonder he wasn't blown away from the wind.

He should have known. It was Momo-senpai running down the stairs.

"Echizen! You're late!"

Ryoma yawned, "I overslept."

He'd wanted to complain that 10 o'clock was still too early to meet up, but Momoshiro had already pushed him through the door and into his home.


Ryoma almost lost his balance as his other senpai, Kikamaru Eiji threw himself at the younger kid, suffocating the life out of him.

Ryoma twitched, unable to put up with the Eiji-ness so early in the morning.

"Now that everyone's here-" Momo said (over the "you're here! You're here!" from Eiji) "let's start the meeting!"

Ryoma glanced around. It was only him, Momo and Eiji in the room.

Eiji released boy wonder and jumped onto Momo's bed and waited eagerly for Momo to start.

"People," Momo began in a serious voice, "we have gathered here today to discuss a very serious matter."

Eiji nodded. Ryoma thought Momo sounded a bit like he was at a funeral. Or Oishi.

"And the serious matter?" Momo continued, his voice rising, "is no other than the one and only: INUI-SENPAI'S VEGETABLE JUICE!"

Eiji shrank back in fear just by hearing the name.

"We are all fed up with it. It's supposed to be good for us, but it's more like it's trying to kill us. The colour's weird, it smells like sick, and tastes like death; how many times have we ended up on the ground because of it?"

"I still have the bruises! Nya!" Eiji added.

Ryoma was just amazed. This was the first time he'd heard Momo-senpai said so much things in one breath. Broke all records.

"Then I rest my case," Momo said in satisfaction, "now, the only way to settle this is: Revenge."

Eiji cheered and did a few cartwheels around Momo's already messy room.

"Question, Momo-senpai," Ryoma said, half raising his hand, "I thought you said there'll be more people."

"Oh, that, eh, heh heh," he scratched the back of his head sheepishly, "I've tried, but no one else but Eiji-senpai wanted to help. I asked Fuji-senpai, but he just smiled and left, and I can't ask Oishi-senpai because… well, he'll stop us. Taka-san is too nice, and Tezuka-buchou is too scary, and there's no way in hell I'm asking mamushi. Nobody else wanted to get on Inui's bad side. You're the only one I've successfully blackmailed in," he finished, breaking the record yet again.

"So, now we're going to plan something against Inui-Senpai?"

"That's the idea!"

"… yadda. I refuse."

"Ochibi! You're not allowed to refuse!" once again, Eiji threw his arms around Ryoma's neck, "you hate the juice too! Remember what happened last time?"

He didn't need reminding. He remembered it like it was yesterday. Because it was only yesterday.

He's still has the aftertaste in his mouth, no matter how many times he'd scrubbed his tongue, or used mouthwash. They have permanently damaged his taste buds.

It seems to get worse every time…


The afternoon tennis was the same as usual; the freshmen in-charge of ball picking, the others practising whilst the regulars followed their own special training menu.

They all casually enjoyed hitting the ball to and fro until HE appeared.

Inui has appeared. With a great metal flask.

Everyone stopped immediately and stared at the flask with fear. They already know the evilness that lurks inside it.

They watched him walk towards the buchou, and before long, Tezuka gathered all the regulars around him and Inui to introduce their new exercise.

"I have invented a new exercise that will increase your timing, stamina…" he went on for a bit more, until the regular's began to shift impatiently.

"Anyway," Inui cleared his throat and pointed behind the regulars. They all turned and saw the freshmen (aka Horio, Katsuo and Kachiro) painfully put together a giant mechanism that looked something like a double swinging pendulum with two holes the size of a tea plate at each end. Both pendulums were swinging in an opposite direction, and each one was labelled with a different colour around the hole: blue and red.

The regulars sweatdropped. Where did Inui get something like that?

"You see the colour circle around the hole? You'll have to match the colour with the right target-" Inui held up two tennis balls; a red and a blue one where the white line used to be. "It'll be like the one we did with the cones but this time with moving targets, and with ten balls," he grinned widely.

"One chance only. Those who fails to complete the task, will have to drink my latest addition; Inui's revised twice over super penal-tea. Comes in pink."

Immediately, everyone's faces paled, and went straight to the exercise without complaint.

"Oishiiii, I'm scared," Eiji whimpered, clinging on to his partners arm, "this time it might actually kill me! Nya, I'm too young to die!"

"I don't think Inui will make anything that will kill us, Eiji," Oishi reasoned. "You'll never know; this time it might taste normal." He didn't sound very convinced.

There voices was blocked off by a "BURNING! Bring it on baby! GREAT!"

Fuji went first, and returned with ten successful shots.

"Phew! It's harder than it looks," he said cheerfully, even though he looked like he didn't break a sweat, "saa, I wonder who will end up drinking Inui's latest addition?"

No one replied.

Kaidoh went next, and each ball spun into its target with the snake shot. Inui nodded in approval and wrote down some notes.

After the second successful pass, everyone's confidence raised slightly.

More cheerful than before Eiji took up the challenge next.

He missed on the first ball.

"NYA! That's not fair!"

He quickly turned on his heels and began to make his escape, but was blocked by a rather tall, evil-grinning data freak.

"Well, Eiji. You fail," with a very, very wide grin; Inui tilted the flask and began pouring the unusually thick and bright pink liquid into a cup.

"No way! I'm not drinking that! It's scary!" and thus attempted his second escape. He was soon cornered by a hyper Taka-san with a racket, yelling, "BURNING! YOU.DRINK!"

Ryoma was preparing for his turn when a shrill horror cry of never-ending doom cut through the tennis court.

He turned and saw Eiji on the floor, one hand around his throat and the other reaching out for help, twitching. Strange pink smog came out of his mouth as he called out for Kami-sama, "Nya! Help meeeee! It burns! I'm dyyyiiiinnng!"

Ryoma twitched. He was actually scared. He could tell he wasn't the only one by the looks on the regular faces too. Momo was so pale he looked like he was about to faint, and Kaidoh looked like he was preparing to run away and never look back. Which was very tempting, by the way.

Ryoma ignored the not-so-tiny voice telling him to run and served. The blue tennis ball swirled through the blue pendulum. He served again. Red to red. Good so far. The edge of his mouth was twitching into a grin and he threw what looks like a blue ball in the air. Maybe he can do this after all. Not like he did doubt himself. He never doubts himself. He twisted his racket, reading to hit the ball-

"Ne, Echizen, are you sure that's a blue ball?" Inui commented.

Suddenly unsure, the racket made contact with the tennis ball, and sailed through the red pendulum.

It was a blue ball.

"Senpai! You cheated!" Ryoma protested.

"A loss is a loss. You shouldn't have let your guard down. Now, drink."

He drank.

And almost saw hell.

He let out a strangled cry and toppled onto the ground, clutching his throat. Not only does it taste like something that went off for three years, it also hurts like no tomorrow.

He coughed and choked, trying to get rid of the burning pain at the back of his throat. He knew it; Inui-senpai was trying to kill them!

Inui blinked and looked at the flask. Maybe I went a little over-board on this one. Note to self; leave out the weird looking ingredient I'd found in the school cafeteria last Tuesday.

Momo was scared. Oh, he was scared. In fact, he was so scared; he'd put too much power into his first shot. The ball collided hard into the side of the pendulum. The vibration of the collision caused the screw to come loose, and the whole equipment fell apart into a heap.

"Eh… oops?"

He was then faced with a very PEEVED Inui.

"For breaking and failing the exercise, you get to finish ALL of my Inui's revised twice over super penal-tea."


Tears filled the junior's eyes as he recalled the torture he'd been through.

"And that is why we have to do something before it really does kill us."

Ryoma sighed, "Fine. What are we going to do exactly?"

Momo lowers his head, so half his face was hidden in the shadows.

He grinned evilly, "we're gonna make our own juice."


Shiruba-doku - roughly translates to 'silver poison' -