A Wish To Live By Shari Celestine A.K.A Serenity


A Bulma/ Vegeta A/U. Dr. Briefs' newborn baby girl is born with a deadly disease. In order to save her life he makes a wish with the Dragon Balls. Sixteen years later the Saiya-jin's arrive, what will they do when they meet Bulma?


Chapter Eleven: The Regeneration Tank


Bulma ran all the way back into her quarters. She slammed and locked the door behind her before plopping herself onto her bed and crying into her pillow.

"What have I done?" She sobbed.

"What caused me to lose control like that just now? Why did it have to happen now of all times?"

She sat up on her elbows and reached over to her dresser top and pulled out a tissue to dry her eyes and blow her nose.

"Think Bulma, that's what your good at. What happened just before the match?" The memory of Kakarotto and Chi-Chi telling Bulma about Vegeta's mate came flooding back to her.

"That's right and I was very upset after that. Then that guard came in and told us about the match. What happened next?"

Bulma stood up and began to pace the room deep in thought.

"That voice. It was like this nagging part of me reminding me that I would never be loved. How weak I was and how I would never be accepted. Hump. Chi-Chi made that all too clear after the fight. Wait…could that be the cause of my sudden out burst? I remember reading about it in that book I was reading."

She walked over to her couch where she had left the book and skimmed over the first few chapters she had already read. She stopped at the third chapter entitled: 'Anger Is The Key'.

"Yes that's right. It says here that Vegeta was overtaken by his own rage and was able to reach the level of Super Saiya-jin. Rage and anger allows a Saiya-jin to tap into some kind of powerhouse and go ballistic. That's what happened to me. I was angry and upset over the news of Vegeta having another mate. That's what caused me to go over the deep end. Shit. Now Kakarotto might have to pay for my foolishness with his life…Or will he?"


"Tamanegi-sensei, will my son be alright?" Bardock asked hopefully when the doctor exited the operating room.

"Your son has lost a lot of blood in the attack he received. Even more serious then that is his Ki. It's off balance. I have put him under a lot of medication and stabilized his condition but I don't know how long that will last. If we had some kind of advanced technology maybe I would be able to help him but we don't and I can't."

"What are you saying?" Chi-Chi asked tears flowing openly.

"He might not make it through the night." Tamanegi-sensei said.

"No." Chi-Chi sobbed into Bardock's chest.

"My son. Vegeta-Ou would it be alright if my oldest son, Radditzu, was relived of his duties to see his brother one last time?"


"There is no need to call for me my King."

Everyone turned to the doorway to find an irritated Radditzu.

"I followed you here. So Kakarotto's dieing?"


Radditzu balled his had into a fist and punched the door leaving a dent in the metal door. "It's all that blue bitch's fault! I knew she was nothing but trouble from the first moment I laid eyes on her. With all due respect Vegeta-Ouji I think it would have been best if we'd killed her off from the beginning."

"Thank you Radditzu but I didn't ask for your foolish opinion." Vegeta said giving Radditzu a death glare.

Vegeta-Ou was confused by his son's actions but simply dismissed it.

"She seemed like a nice Onna to me. I met her on her way to school. She was lost so I offered to helped her find the school and we talked for a little bit." Bardock said shaking his head.

"She's strong too." Vegeta-Ou pointed out.

"Hump. She's a blue freak that's what she is." Yasai snapped crossing her arms under her chest.

"Don't be a fool, the Onna just proved she's worthy of her rank. She could mop the floor with you." Vegeta-Ouji smirked.

Yasai turned a deep red. "You can't possibly like that blue tramp Vegeta-Sama!" She yells appalled.

"I already told you girl. Only family and personnel are allowed back there!" A guard's voice was heard form outside the room

"Dam it let me in! I can help him live or do you want to be blamed for killing a solider when you could have saved his life!" Bulma's voice yelled back.

The doors were shoved open as Bulma and a skinny Saiya-jin guard came rushing through them.

"Guard explain yourself this instant! What is the meaning of this?" Vegeta-Ou asked.

The small guard coward under intense gazed of the King's dark eyes.

"S-she was tr-trespassing Sir. I-I tried to stop her b-but she, she forced me-"

"Quit shaking and go back to your post before I kill you, fool."

"Hai Sir." The guard said meekly before retreating back outside the door.

Chi-Chi looked at Bulma who was dusting herself off.

"What did you came back here for? You want to finish the job?"

"No Chi-Chi I-"

"Shut Up! I don't want to hear it. I'm sick and tired of seeing your damn face. Get out of here you, you murderer."

Bulma winced. That had hurt more than she though it would have. She took a deep breath and turned to the doctor.

"I want to see his chart."

Tamanegi-sensei raised an eyebrow at her. "I will do no such thing young lady. I am not permitted to give out that kind of information to just anyone."

"I'm not just anyone. I'm Bulma Briefs, daughter of Dr. Briefs. I can save this man's life I own him that much. Now. Give. Me. His. Chart." She demanded staring Tamanegi-sensei in the eyes. Tamanegi-sensei gulped and pulled out a black folder and handed it over to Bulma.

"Thank you." She smiled sweetly at the doctor.

"Okay let's see what we have here…" She opened the folder and skimmed trough Kakarotto's file.

"Do you really think doing this is going to make me forgive you? There's nothing you can do for him Bulma, Tamanegi-sensei is the best doctor on Vegeta-sei. What makes you think YOU can do anything for him?" Chi-Chi asked coldly.

Without glancing up at her Bulma replied. "You're talking as if he's already dead Chi-Chi. Have a little faith in your mate will you. I may not be the best doctor around but I'm the best damn mechanical genius this planet has ever seen and I think I can save him." Bulma closed the folder and shoved I back at the doctor.


"I want you to remove all these wires and tubs from MY patient Tamanegi-sensei. I can take him from here."

"I beg your pardon Miss?"

"Just do what she says doctor." Vegeta-Ouji snapped.


Bulma walked over to an empty corner of the room where an outlet sat unused. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a capsule. Pressing the button on the top she threw it away from her.


Once the smoke had cleared a weird looking machine stood in its place. There was a control panel on the side of the machine. Walking over to the outlet Bulma plugged it in and turned it on. She pressed a few button on the control panel and the green glass door opened with a low hissing sound.

"What is that?" Yasai asked making a funny face.

"This is my latest invention. I was working on this during my trip from Earth to Vegeta-Sei. It's a Regeneration Tank. Tamanegi-sensei I want you Vegeta, Bardock and Radditzu to pick up Kakarotto and put him inside the tank."

"Why the hell should I? You don't even know if that thing works do you?" Radditzu argued.

"Damn it! Can't you people shut up and do what I tell you. Time is running out and if you want Kakarotto to live you had better do as I say!" Bulma snapped. Grumbling all the way Radditzu, Vegeta and Bardock picked up the pale and limp body of Kakarotto and placed him inside the tank.

"Thank you." She said pushing a button on the control panel again and the door closed. Once the door closed an oxygen mask came down from inside the tank and covered Kakarotto's nose and mouth. Slowly the tank began to take on water.

"You're drowning him!" Chi-Chi screamed.

"No I'm not! This liquid is mixed with Saiya-jin DNA and should fused with his DNA to heal him 100." She turned to the tank and pointed to a scale on the side of the door.

"See these lights here, it's his status. Red is danger, Yellow is Okay, Blue is stable and White means he's ready to come out. By the time the white lights are lit he should be awake. He's in the danger zone right now but by the amount of damage he took he should be in the white zone in two weeks."