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One Piece: Rabbit and Cat Start

By Emma Iveli

"There once was man named Gold Roger who was king of the pirates, he had fame, wealth and power beyond you wildest dreams. Before they hung him from the gall… hey what are you doing? What's with those Naruto knife things."

"They're called Kunai!"


Please stand by sign is shown with a blue haired cat girl with a demented look killing the 4kids logo with a Kunai

A chibi version of the Cat girl from the please stand by logo appears, "Geez, I hate that song… wait why am I chibi?"

"Because the author wanted to experiment!" said a pink haired rabbit girl who showed up. She began moving fast, "Look at me! I'm chibi!"

"Oookay." Said the cat girl, "I'm Ko and this hyper girl who's not that bright is my older half sister Usa…"

"You didn't have to say that." said Usa with a sigh.

"Well anyways the author Emma, thought of an idea in which we join the Straw Hats much earlier then we did in the Rabbit and the Cat… say when did we join in continuity?" asked Ko.

Usa shrugged, "Well now we are joining before Zoro… hey wait a second isn't that just pushing us too far? I mean most people think we might be the dreaded Mary Sue!" said Ko.

"No, we have faults, I'm as smart as Luffy and you have the thing with yarn balls." said Usa.

"You have a point" said Ko.

"And that thing about trusting people." said Usa.

"Yeah…" said Ko.

"And the thing about wanting to emotionally crush San…" said Usa.

"That won't happen for a long time in this story!" yelled Ko.

"Oh yeah…" said Usa.

"Well anyways, normally Emma would have given stats on us but since everything is stating over so she doesn't need to" said Ko.

"Plus she'll be skipping over anything with out us or any new character because there are a lot of people who hate reading things that are the exact same thing in the Magna and anime" said Usa.

"Emma's one of them." mumbled Ko.

"Is this even part of the Story?" asked Usa.

"I think it is other wise A/N would have appeared," said Ko.

"Well…" said Usa.

"Fanfic Start!" said both.

Chapter 1: The Rabbit and The Cat Meet the Straw Hat

It was beautiful day in the East Blue, a blue haired girl who was 15 looked at the clouds, she was on a very small boat, all it had was a galley. It's sail had the symbol of a pink rabbit and a blue cat. Her hair was short and was covered in a baseball cap her green eyes looked towards the galley. She stretched and yawned.

"Hey sis!" said the girl.

A girl came from the galley, she was the same age. She had long waist long pink hair, tied into a braid covered by a white sun hat with a pink ribbon on it. She wore a pink sundress as she normally did which was covered with a pink apron with a carrot design on it.

"Yeah?" said the other girl.

"Can I sing?" asked the girl.

"Of course! You know I love your signing!" said the other girl who went back in the galley.

"And if this attracts some pirate it would be a helpful bonus" said the girl to herself while taking out a mike from nowhere. She began to sing a catchy pop song.

Meanwhile not too far away two boys were on a boat, a boat even smaller then the girls, it lacked any room what so ever. One of them had messy black covered with a straw hat he look about 17, the other was boy with pink and very thick glasses, he looked a couple years younger. The older boy heard something.

"What's that?" he asked.

"It sounds like signing!" said the younger boy.

"Let's see who's signing!" said… well actually yelled the older boy.

"But wait, we might go off course…" said the younger boy, but it was all for naught.

A few minutes later they came across the girl's boat, to find the girl signing they got very close in fact so close it was right next to the boat. When she finished the older boy clapped and cheered. The girl look at the two boys.

"So you liked my signing?" asked the girl.

"Yes it was fantastic!" said the older boy.

"Really!" said girl, "Wow, I can't believe you liked it! After all I plan to be a pop star one day!"

"It was really good!" said the older boy.

"Ko are you talking to someone?" asked the other girl coming from the galley.

"Yeah, just some guys who like my sighing!" said the girl, whose name is Ko.

"Oh really how would you two like to stay for lunch." said the other girl.

The younger boy was about to decline but then the older boy yelled out "FOOOOOOD!"

"We'll take that as a yes!" said Ko with a smile, "Oh I'm Kone Ko, and this is my half sister Gi Usa."

The older boy laughed at Ko's full name

"He he, koneko." said the older boy. (Koneko means kitten in Japanese)

"Oh yeah what's your name?" asked Ko.

"I'm Monkey D. Luffy!" yelled the older boy.

Ko began to laugh at his name "Monkey, and you thought my name was funny." laughed Ko.

"And I'm Koby." said the younger boy.

"I'll go prepare some more food." said Usa.

About 30 minutes later, after Luffy and Koby heard more of Ko's signing Usa came out with dishes of fish and vegetables.

"Do you have any meat?" asked Luffy.

"Sorry, but we don't I'm a vegetarian and Ko's fav food is fish." said Usa.

Luffy stared blankly at Usa and asked "What's a vegetarian?"

Koby, Usa and Ko anime fell, "How can someone not know what a vegetarian is?" thought Ko.

After everyone regained composure they began to eat… well Luffy and Usa pigged out.

"Wow I had no idea there was someone who ate as much as my sister!" said Ko jokingly.

"I don't think they heard you…" said Koby.

Ko sighed, after lunch they began to talk.

"So what are you doing out here?" asked Koby.

"We're on vacation" said Usa.

"That's right… from the Grand Line" said Ko with a smirk.

"Vacation…" said Luffy.

"From the Grand Line?" finished Koby.

"That's right, we may seem like your normal 15 year old girls…" said Usa.

"But we are the gift and the bright of the Grand Line." said Ko.

"The Rabbit" said Usa.

"And The Cat" said Ko.

"I never heard that story…" said Luffy.

"Well it's one that hasn't gone around the East Blue from what we heard, we are Pirate Thieves" said Ko.

"But we give most to the poor." said Usa.

"So your pirate thieves?" asked Luffy.

"That' right?" said Ko.

"And you give to the poor" said Luffy.

"Yep." said Usa.

"So your good guys?" said Luffy.

"As good as thieves any ways" said Ko with a wink.

"Then will you join my pirate crew?" asked Luffy.

Ko looked like someone told her that her father was right next to her… she despised her father very much.

"YOU'RE A PIRATE!" she yelled, "Pirates, they are the lowest scu…" she said but was cut off by her saying "We accept."

"All right!" said Luffy.

"Usa!" said Ko.

"Remember that promise you made?" asked Usa.

"Yes…" said Ko.

When they first left their home Usa made Ko promise that if they find a good pirate crew they would join.

"He said he was looking for good guys…" said Usa.

"There's no way I'm j…" said Ko but was cut off by Usa saying "Ko-Chan…"

"Crap…" thought Ko, she looked at her, Usa's violet eyes were big and sparkly as well as teary.

"Please Ko-Chan don't break your promise" said Usa.

"Fine, fine, fine" said Ko.

Usa began to celebrate "Yay!" she held up her hand doing a V sign "V is victory!"

"You may be saying Victory, but your hands saying Live Long and Prosper" said Ko glaring at her.

"Oh, right" said Usa with a small giggle.

"All right I found my first crew members!" said Luffy.

"Wait what about Koby?" asked Ko looking at the younger boy.

"The truth is that I want to join the Marines." said Koby.

"Interesting…" said Ko.

"So what can you guys do?" asked Luffy.

"Are you kidding! I sang a song and Usa cooked! Why don't you just make us your cook and musician… D'oh!" said Ko wanting to not have position.

"That's not a bad idea!" said Luffy.

"Do you want to know how we fight!" said Usa.

"You can fight?" asked Luffy.

Ko shook her head, "How else would we have stolen treasure from pirates?" she asked.

Usa decided to tell him anyways "I'm a master of the Gi Style of Martial Arts and I also can use Ki as a weapon!" said Usa.

"You use Keys as weapon?" asked Luffy.

"Not Keys, Ki, you know Ki, Chi, the Force, the energy that all things have" said Ko, "He's just as dumb as Usa is" she thought.

"That's right! I'll shoot a beam into the air" said Usa.

She began to glow pink, and she shot a small beam into the air, there was a loud "Caw!" song and a seagull fell to the boat.

"Ooops…" she said.

"Great you killed a seagull." said Ko.

Usa began to looked for a place to put it, "Just chuck it into the ocean!" yelled Ko.

Usa threw it back to ocean, "Well I'm a master of the Kone style of weapons and I'm also a 3rd degree master of the other dimension" said Ko.

Luffy looked like she was so excited he could burst while Koby asked "What does that mean?"

"It's just a fancy way of saying she's really good with pocket space" said Usa, "So looks like we're members now!"

"Whoopee do! We're pirates" said Ko sarcastically.

"That's the sprit!" said Usa.

Koby stared at the girl while Ko just sighed.

"Well since we know what we do, what does our new Capitan do?" asked Usa.

"You want to see?" asked Luffy.

"Yep!" said Usa.

Luffy stretched out his lip "I'm a rubber man!" he said.

Ko smirked "A devil fruit…" she said.

"Yeah I ate the Gum Gum fruit, how did you know?" asked Luffy.

"See them all the time." replied Ko as if it were nothing.

"Oh that is so cool!" said Usa, "Since you know about the devil fruits obviously we don't need to hide them!"

"No don't!" said Ko but it was too late, Usa removed her hat to revel to rabbit ears.

"My mom ate the Usagi Usagi fruit before I was born." said Usa.

Luffy began to poke them "Can I touch them?" he asked.

"Of course!" said Usa, "I also have a rabbit's tail" As Luffy began to play with her rabbit ears.

"As long as she doesn't revile mine I'm fine" thought Ko.

"Ko also has ears and a tail but hers are cats." said Usa.

Ko put her face into her hand.

"So does that mean you can't swim." asked Koby.

"I can but Ko can't… there's 50/50 chance according to Ko that children of devil fruit eaters can't swim, however sometimes whether or not is it's a woman who ate the fruit effects the odds… I think that's how it goes." said Usa.

"Hey Captain!" said Ko removing her hat.

"What?" asked Luffy still busy playing with Usa's ears.

"I'm calling you Captain Oblivious form now on, 'kay?" asked Ko.

Luffy thought for a moment not knowing what "Oblivious" meant, "Sure okay." He said.

Ko looked at Koby "I wish you didn't have to join the Marines, I don't want to stuck alone with those two." she sighed.

"Well Luffy's trying to get Roronoa Zoro to join but I think it's crazy, that guys a demon!" said Koby.

"I don't care if that guy's a demon or not, as long as I'm alone with those two. I heard about him as well, might make a good sparing partner" said Ko.

And so begins the adventure of Luffy and his crew.

Next Time: Luffy tries to recruit the infamous Roronoa Zoro who's imprisoned by the Marines. However the on of the Captain of the base made a promise to Zoro... a promise he doesn't intend to keep. And when Luffy finds out he gets mad and Usa and Ko find out the son is a perv they get beyond angry!

A/N: This is a surprise, I just had to write this story. Oh well, oh just because Usa's the cook does not mean Sanji's not joining, in fact half the fun of these two is their interaction with Sanji. There will also be a new "arc" in between the Kuro and Don Kreig arcs. I will continue Straw Hats One Half and the other Usa and Ko sorties I have planned.