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Chapter 14: The Monkey VS the Black Cat

Everyone who was conscious stared at up at the sight.

"Kuro stop this" cried Kaya.

"Well isn't it Miss Kaya." Mocked Kuro.

"Usopp I'm sorry I didn't believe you…" cried Kaya, "You're fighting for me… bleeding for me… even after what I did."

"Kaya! Get out of here!" yelled Usopp.

They watched as she pulled out a gun and Kuro used mind games to prevent Kaya from shooting him. After Kuro mentioned all of those times Kaya dropped the gun.

Kuro turned towards Usopp and Ko.

"You two are going to pay." Muttered Kuro adjusting his glasses.

That's when Ko took out her throwing weapons, Kuro just used his claws to block them.

"Pathetic, I know all about the Kone Style Throwing Weapon Technique. That will not work on me." Said Kuro.

That's when Luffy punched him from where he was standing. Note: He was pretty far down.

"He just punched him…" said Usopp in shock.

"What the…" muttered Jango.

"He's a Devil Fruit user." Mumbled Katherine getting up.

"You're alive!" yelled Usopp.

"Yeah… I guess I am…" mumbled Katherine wiping blood her mouth, "I remember devil users when I was a kid… but it was such a long time ago…"

"I see…" said Usopp blinking.

That's when suddenly the three Usopp Pirates came out of some nearby bushes and began to beat up Kuro with a shovel, a frying pan and a baseball bat.

"What are you doing?" asked Usopp.

"You promised us that you would meet us at the usual spot! Why didn't you come!" yelled Pepper.

"I'm sorry!" yelled Usopp, "Go home!"

That's when Kuro got up, which frightened the three kids. He took no second thought to the children.

"I demand to know what happened here." Muttered Kuro.

"My sister took them all out… like it was nothing." Said Ko.

"So you must be weaker than you're sister." Said Kuro.

"Well Usa wasn't very sane at the moment. She went into a berserk rage." Said Ko, "I'm sure you were going to kill them anyways… right."

The two looked at each other.

"Luffy… he's mine!" yelled Ko.

"What?" asked Luffy.

"He knows a lot about the Kone Clan… and he knows a lot about my abilities… if he's able to beat me then he's all yours." Said Ko.

Luffy sighed… "Fine." He muttered.

That's when Ko took out a chain sickle, she began to spin the chain.

"You know about the ways of Kone clan… right… so you must know about the Specialty and Secondary Specialty." Said Ko.

"The specialty is taught by a teacher, while the secondary specialty it taught by one of the parents." Said Kuro.

"That's right while a member of the Kone clan has a specialty which they have chosen to excel at, the secondary specialty is something their good at, better than all other weapons in their repartee…" said Ko, "My specialty is the Rapier… this is only my secondary specialty… handed down by my mother."

Ko threw the heavy chain at Kuro who just dodged.

"Damn it!" yelled Ko.

She saw that he vanished.

"Where did he go!" she called out.

That's when he appeared behind her… and slashed her with his claws. She fell to the ground and into unconsciousness.

"Ko…" said Usa getting up weakly.

"I thought you were unconscious." Said Zoro.

"No… I'm just really, really hungry." Said Usa.

"I see…" said Zoro with a sweat drop.

Usa used all of her strength to run, grab her sister and place her into a safe place.

"She's still breathing." Said Usa with a sigh.

"That's good." Said Nami walking over to the two.

That's when Usa's stomach began to growl, she blushed and cried out, "I'm still hungry!"

"I have an idea!" yelled Katherine getting everyone's attention, "Usopp you're in charge."

"When did you learn my name?" asked Usopp.

"Picked it up." Explained Katherine with a shrug.

"Leaving him in charge… that's a laugh." Said Kuro.

That's when Luffy once again pinched him.

"You're fight is with me!" yelled Luffy, who looked at the injured Ko, laying there.

"Usopp Pirates!" yelled Usopp.

"What is it?" asked Pepper.

"Protect Kaya with your lives… don't worry I'll join you soon." Said Usopp.

The three boys realized that they had to and began to lead the girl into the forest.

"Jango follow them!" ordered Kuro.

Jango nodded and followed them, that's when Usopp managed to send a pachinko ball into his back.

"What the hell!" yelled Jango.

"Hey! Mr. Pedo!" yelled Katherine she took out a chakram and threw it.

That's when Katherine used the distraction to pick up Usopp… but she collapsed.

"Hey! Aren't you supposed to be super strong!" yelled Usopp.

"No… I'm a member of the Kone Clan… we're known for our brains… the Gi Clan is known for their brawn." Muttered Katherine.

Zoro sighed and picked up both of them and went into the forest.

"I don't need your help! I can walk just fine!" yelled Katherine who began to cough up blood.

Zoro said nothing and just rolled his eyes.

Jango quickly followed after them.

Luffy and Kuro stared at each other… knowing a fight would be soon… the two prepared for a fight. Nami and Usa sat there watching.

"Nami… I have a deal for you… if you go get three bottles of white liquid and bandage up Ko, I'll help you rob the Black cat pirates." Said Usa.

"Sure." Said Nami with a smirk.

Nami ran over to Usa and Ko's boat and immediately found the bottles she as talking about and grabbed three of them, she brought them back to Usa and began to bandage Ko as Usa began to drink from one of them.

"She got over confidante…" said Usa.

"Huh?" asked Nami.

"Since we came to East Blue she's become over confidante… Since we began our jobs as thieves we acted as one of the tests of the Grand Line… taking out those pirate crews not strong enough." Explained Usa, "She's thinks that all of these pirate crews she faced are dinky… meaning that she's better than them… Because of that she looses focus. It's been happening more often."

"I see…" said Nami.

"Yell me when you're done." Said Usa.

"I'm done." Said Nami with a nod.

"Okay… good." Said Usa.

She grabbed one of the two unopened bottles and began to feed Ko one of them.

"This always wakes her up." Explained Usa.

After a minute of pouring the horrible concoction down her throat, Ko woke up and began to cough.

"How many time have I told you don't feed me that while I'm sleeping." Said Ko who then winced at the pain.

"Ko rest!" said Usa, "You got over confidante again and lost."

"I did… damn it." Muttered Ko wincing at the pain again.

"So where are the others?" asked Ko noticing Kuro and Luffy were fighting yet everyone else who was conscious at the time were gone.

"They went into the forest." Answered Usa.

"I see…" sighed Ko.

"Let's go get that treasure!" yelled Nami.

"Okay…" said Usa with a nod, "You'll be okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Said Ko with a nod.

Usa and Nami went to the ship, while Ko watched Luffy and Kuro fight.

:"I hope their okay…" said Ko.

Meanwhile in the forest, Zoro continued to carry Katherine and Usopp.

"Go that way!" yelled Usopp pointing in a direction.

Zoro went the wrong way.

"No! The your other "that way"!" yelled Katherine.

Unfortunately the three of them were lost… hopefully Kaya wasn't doomed… right… RIGHT?

Surprise Omake! Special Preview:

(Note: Will most likely differ from final version)

(Scene: Sanji introduces himself to Nami.)

Sanji began to flirt with Nami… Usa and Ko stared at the sight.

"Please tell me he's not going to join…" muttered Ko.

"Don't worry he will." Said Luffy with determination.

Sanji then noticed the two younger girls at the table… his eyes explode in hearts. He went to the younger of the sisters.

"Oh, I apologize for not noticing you at first." Said Sanji full of love.

Ko just calmly drank her milk… ignoring him.

It took about a minute for Sanji to realize that she wasn't going to talk to him… that's when he went to Usa… Burt before he could say anything.

"Please stop it I really don't like it when guys flirt with me." Explained Usa lightly glowing.

"Why is that?" asked Sanji, "You're such a beautiful girl and…"

That's when Ko couldn't ignore him any further. She walked up to him, grabbed him by the collar, and began to beat the snow out of him.

"Is that normal?" asked Usopp with a sweat drop.

"No… normally she juts pins him to the ground. But I guess she's a lot more serious after what happened with our dad." Said Usa who then realized, "Oh my she's beating him senseless! Put him down! Put him down now!"

End of Surprise Mini Story.

Next Time: Luffy and Kuro continue their fight, during which Luffy tells him of how his plan came to be. Meanwhile Usopp, Zoro and Katherine try to find Kaya before it's too late... will they be able to make or will they be forever lost? Find out next time!