My Time In The Lime Light


"You think you know, but you have no idea…"

"I was once like you, you know. A normal teenager who lived her life one day at a time, not caring about tomorrow or next week, just today. Just like you I idolized pop stars, models, actors and actresses. Whished I could if just for a day live life like they do…well let me tell you, don't. It's not all it's hyped up to be believe you me, god if I had know then what I know now I never, ever would have wished to be like them. But then again maybe I would have, I don't know."

"Like I said I was a normal teenager, 19 to be exact. I lived with my mother, little brother and my grandfather from my mother's side. We lived in a medium sized house in Los Angeles, Ca that was within walking distance of my school, San Domenico, a private school. I was somewhat popular I guess, some people knew me, not necessarily by name but they knew my face and it was the same for me. I didn't know them unless I had lunch with them or had a class with them at some point in time. I was in my senior year when it happened and I had had three best friends whom I could always talk to."

"My mother is Japanese and my father was American making my brother and me half of both. After my mother had Souta, my little brother, we move to the United States, California to be more exact. But before we moved we lived in a small shrine in Kyoto Japan. I don't think I liked it much there but I don't remember. My father worked in a pretty popular law firm; he always seemed to be on the news when I was little 'cause his clients were all movie stars and such. I was little then so I didn't understand. I didn't understand the life he lived or the trouble he went through on a daily basis. But I do now…"

"When I was nine I remember the phone ringing around three o' clock in the morning, those phone calls were never good trust me. That night my mother came into Souta and my room in tears. Father was dead, he had been shot, or that's what they wanted us to believe and I would for the next nine years. It was a long time before things got back to normal, mom cried a lot, I think I did too but Souta was too young at the time. I think I cried enough for the both of us thou, yeah I'm sure I did."

"Not too long after Dad's death Grandpa moved back to Japan, he said he liked the old quite life he used to have and that the states were too loud for him. Ha, I loved the states; I don't know how I lived back in Japan for all those years. So it became my mom, Souta and myself. Dad left us a nice amount of money behind when he died so we were able to keep living the life he made for us. We weren't filthy rich but we were well off. Even with out dad's job paying the bills, mom had her job. She was a nurse, and a damn good one too! So I still when to my private school and so did Souta. We went to separate schools, mine was an all girls private school his a co-ed private school."

"But I'm getting caught up in the past again, let me get back to the point. All that stuff you see on the news and talk shows about famous people is a load of bullshit, yeah I said it, its nothing like that in real life. How is it I know all this, you ask? Simple. I was in that lime light, not 'cause I wanted to, mind you, I loved my simple life but that wasn't meant to last, not when my father was Yushiro Higurashi, Lawyer to the Stars…"