My Time In The Lime Light.


"Ever had a loaded weapon pointed at you...Keep honking."

"Kagome, it's time for school." Mrs. Higurashi called knocking on her eldest child's bedroom door.

A moan from inside was her only answer. It was all she needed.

Inside I groaned removing the covers and getting out of bed. It was a Monday morning and I was getting a ride from Ayame to school today. With a final stretch I got out of bed and walked into the bathroom that was connected to my room. I removed the XXL T-shirt and my panties before hopping into the shower.

Ten minutes later I was out and dried looking for my uniform. I found in draped over my computer chair. I easily slipped into the short black pleated skirt that hit mid-thigh, a white collared shirt that was tied at her waist, knee high white shocks and black high heeled bucked shoes toped it all off.

With a final look in my full-length mirror I sprinted out the door just as a white Lexus pulled up in front of my house. The tinted silver passenger side window rolled down and I could see Ayame's blue eyes staring at me through her silver tinted shades.

"Hey Kag, hurry up or we'll be late for sure! And I can't be late again or my dad's going to take the keys away from me and force me to ride the bus." Ayame made a face of discus that made me laugh.

"I used to take the bus ya know." I quipped getting into the car, "It's not as bad as you might think."

She rolled her eyes at me. "Yeah well if you don't hurry up you'll be riding it again real soon."

With a sigh I shut the door a put on my seatbelt and just in time too cause at that very second Ayame speed off in the direction of our school.

Ayame pulled up into her normal parking space near the main building just as two of our other friends came into view. The first was Rin Yamato, a college student who worked as a student teacher at our school. Rin was a very young, in her early twenties I think and it was rumored around the school that she dated some big company owner. I never did pay attention that kind of stuff and to be honest I didn't care if Rin was dating the man down the street, if she wanted us to know about it she would tell us.

Rin was like a big sister to me, we practically grew up together seeing how she lives across the street from me and all but the real reason we were so close is because of my father. He introduced me to Rin when I was little and we clicked right away. Rin's father and my father were college buddies so of course Rin and I were going to be too. But when father died Rin and I grew even closer, if that were even possible. She was the shoulder I leaned on and the person I ran to talk to when I couldn't to go mom about something. Rin even introduced me to archery; sometimes it's my only escape for frustration…

The girl next to Rin was Sango Toyama; she was in the same grade as Ayame and myself. Sango is another story all in itself…Sango is my age and lives with her younger brother. Her parents divorced a few years back and when Sango turned 18 she took over as Kohaku's legal guardian. The two have been living together ever since. Sango is cool, I like talking to her about guys and stuff and unlike my old friends she would never try and hook me up with a guy I didn't like. Just thinking about those days makes me want to pull out a bow and arrow and shoot someone!

Ahem, but moving on, these are my best friends in the whole wide world right now and I have a feeling this year is going to change us and bring us closer together.

"The beginning of another year, ne, Kag?" Sango asked as we walked into the building.

I grinned at her, "Yeah and every year the skirts just seem to get shorter and shorter, ne?"

Ayame laughed running her fingers through her long red hair. "Yep and the guys get even cuter every time I see them."

"Hopefully puberty was kinder to them this year." Rin giggles her eyes flashing with mirth.

I gasped and lightly hit her on the arm, "Rin, that's so mean!"

"I know but it's true all the same." She glanced down at her gold Rolex watch and frowned. "I have a board meeting this morning ladies so I'll have to cut this session short."

"Alright, but we'll still have lunch together right?" Sango asked hopefully.

Lately we've been seeing less and less or Rin and it was worrying me.

Rin's smiled dropped. "I'm sorry girls I have a lunch date I can't break." Ayame pouted.

Rin snapped her fingers and smiled at us. "But I can do one better than our usual lunch date. What would you say to coming with me to Mastro's Stakehouse for dinner? You'd get to meet my mystery boyfriend."

Ayame's mouth feel open, ohhh what I wouldn't give for a camera just then! Ayame is never surprised about things like this; her family ate with the cream of the crop.

"You got into Mastro's Steakhouse? How? My dad's been trying for month and the closest open he can get us is next Christmas!"

"I got connections Ayame, you know that. So will you come?"

"You bet your pretty little raven head we will!" Sango grinned.

Rin smiled. "Wonderful, I'll pick you all up at eight ok, bye." And with a final wave she was gobbled up into the sea of students.

We continued to walk to class in awe until Ayame spoke up. "I can't believe her boy toy has connections so high up, maybe she really is dating a big shot?"

I shrugged, "I who cares? He's paying for us to eat at a five star restaurant!" Suddenly I turned to Sango. "Oh Sango you have to come shopping with me after class today, please!" I begged.

Sango had the best fashion sense in the school, I wouldn't got anywhere without her fashion tips.

Sango laughed lightly, "I was just about to say the same thing, Ayame, you in?"

She waved us off. "Nah, daddy just bought me a new dress yesterday so I'm good."

Sango nodded before turning back to me, "Well I guess it's just you and me my dear."

At exactly 1:15 Rin walked into a small pub in the bad part of town. As soon as she walked in she was greeted by several of the 'regulars' and smiled kindly in turn. But Rin continued on to the very back of the pub to where tall buff man stood. He gazed at her with his murky eyes a frown on his face.

"What can I do for you miss?"

Rin smiled. "Could you let me pass, I'm meeting someone." She said like it explained everything. And it would have if Rin looked like any other girl but she didn't.

The would be bouncer raised a dark brow at the young woman before him a laughed. "Yeah right, why don't you go on home missy before you get hurt."

Rin frowned. She hated it when she was treated like a small child who couldn't defend herself.

Placing her hands on her hips Rin said. "Look, I'm here to meet Sesshoumaru Shirosenshi and he won't like it if I'm late, so if you want to keep your job I suggest you let me in!"

The bouncer had the nerve to laugh at her! Grr! "Look you little piece of shit! If you don't move your ass and let me pass I swear I'll make you!"

Well, at least he stopped laughing, right?

"What did u just say?" He growled out cracking hi knuckles.

By this time they had gained a small audience most of whom were waiting to see what Rin would to the bouncer.

"You heard me." She growled out.

The bouncer turned red in the face as he reached out to grab Rin around the neck, his hand stopped a millimeter from its destination.

"Huh?" The bouncer looked at the hand around his own and followed it up to a arm covered in an expensive looking Armani suite.

"If you want to keep you arm I suggest you apologize to Miss Yamato." An unbelievably calm voice said.

The bouncer looking into the face of the man who held his arm in a death grim and almost pissed his pants.

"Shirosenshi-sama!" He squealed.

"I'm waiting." His grip tightened.

"Gah! I'm so sorry Miss Yamato."

The felling retuned to his arm.

Rin smiled. "Sesshoumaru!" She walked into his warm embrace. "I missed you."

He kissed the top of her head guiding her into the almost nonexistent room the bouncer was standing in front of just moments before. Once inside she was led to a corner table in the back of the large room. Sesshoumaru sat next to her while two other women sat across from them. One looked to be only seven years old with the snow-white hair and dark eyes. Around her small neck barely visible, unless you knew where to look, was a small glass mirror held by a silver chain. She looked up at Rin with no expression what so ever.

"Hello Kanna."

The girl nodded her head ever so slightly one would miss it if they didn't know what to look for.

Rin's eyes turned to the woman next to Kanna, her older sister, Kagura. Kagura was the complete opposite of her sister in every way, with her long dark hair tied up into a bun with clips of feathers and her pale red eyes.


Kagura smiled lightly and nodded to her boss's girlfriend.

"Sorry to bring business in on our little date but it could not be helped." Sesshoumaru frowned at the look in Rin's eyes, she wasn't happy.

"Hump, that seems to be happening a lot lately Sesshoumaru," She sighed. "But I guess that's what I get for dating the riches and most powerful youkai in the US, ne?" She grinned.

"I apologize again, Rin, I promise this won't take long."

"Well, there is a way you can make it up to me." She said with an evil glint in her eyes.

If possible Sesshoumaru's frown deepened. "What, dear I ask, is that?"

"Tonight, when we go out to dinner let me bring some of my friends. You can bring Inu-kun and his friends to keep them company if you want." She added quickly when he looked like he was going to refuse.

The room was deathly silence for a time before Sesshoumaru said, "Fine."

Rin squealed jumping into his arms and kissing him on the cheek earning her a smirk from the man in her arms.

"Now," He cleared his throat picking Rin up off her chair and placing her in his lap, "On with business. Kagura, you said you heard something?"

Kagura nodded putting down her vodka. "Yes, Sesshoumaru-sama, from one of my contacts. It seems Naraku has come back home, he flew in from Japan last night accompanied by seven unidentified men. I have reason to beveled that these men are his lackeys and could very well be the same men who killed you father and Yushiro-san nine years ago."

His hold on Rin tightened but his expression remained blank.

"I see. Do we have anything else on these men?"

Kagura shook her head sadly. "None but we are working on it, sir."

Sesshoumaru nodded. "Very well. Kanna, do you have anything to report to me?" He turned to the silent girl.

"No, sir."

With that he stood up placing Rin on her feet but with his arms still around her middle. Without so much as a good bye he turned and walked away. Only Rin turned back and waved to the sisters.

I don't know if I like how this chapter came out but we'll see how the next one comes out.

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