Only Sixteen

By: Shari Celestine




After one night of passion Pan ends up pregnant. Trunks, the father of the baby, not realizing how much he loves Pan turns her away. Hurt from rejection Pan leaves Japan and Trunks behind. What happens they meet up five years later? Starts out as a T/M but ends up as a T/P.


Chapter One: The Aftermath


"Trunks, when are you coming home? I miss you." Marron said over the phone. Marron sat at home in the bed she shared with her husband, Trunks, it was late pass midnight and Trunks was still in the office working.

"I'm sorry baby but I really have to get this research done. You know I have a business trip in a couple of days, CC is merging with a big company in New York and I need to read up on it."

Marron sighed on the other line, "I know and I can't even go with you. Do you know how long you'll be gone?"

"Marron," Trunks said weary. "We've been over this before, things like this take time. I don't know when I'll be coming back it could be months."

"Trunks," Marron wined. "I'll miss you too much!"

Trunks sighed and rolled his eyes, she could be so childish sometimes.

"Marron I'll make you a deal, if I end up staying for more than two weeks I'll send you a ticket to come stay with me till I go back. Deal?"

Marron grinned, "Deal."


In a large apartment complex the door to room 9061 open and a little girl and boy came running. The boy had long ebony hair that fell just past his shoulders, a widow's peak upon his forehead and dark eyes. The little girl had short lavender hair tied up in a ponytail on top her head and sapphire eyes. Behind them was an older woman around the age of nineteen, she had long ruby red hair that fell to her waist and beep blue eyes.

"Satomi-Chan, when is mommy coming home?" The little girl asked.

"Well Bikini, it's two thirty now which means she should be here with in the next hour. But in the mean time let's go wash up and start dinner you know how tired mommy is when she comes home from work." Satomi said putting down her purse.

"I don't want to take a bath." The boy said a scowl on his young face.

"Now Boxer, you know how your mother feels about that. If she comes home and your not clean she going to get mad and that will stress her out even more. Do you want cause your mom anymore stress?"

Boxer's eyes soften some but the scowl was still present on he face, "Okay I'll take a bath."

Satomi smiled, "Great, let's go!"


At around three forty-five Pan walked into her apartment she shared with her close friend Satomi and her two children. Before she could put down her keys two blurs ran into her attaching themselves to her legs casing Pan to fall down on her butt.

"Mommy, mommy we missed you!" Bikini giggled.

"Where were you mom? Your ten minutes late!" Boxer said in mock-anger.

"Sorry guys, mommy was stuck in traffic."

"'Sok mom, we made diner for you."

"Did you now?" Pan said ruffling her son's dark hair.

"Well that's a load off my mind, thanks guys you're the best."

"Okay kids let your mom get up so she can get changed and join us at the dinner table okay."


"Can we help you set the table?" Bikini asked.

"Sure honey, do you want to help Boxer?" Satomi asked.

"I guess." Boxer mumbled walking into the kitchen, his sister not to far behind.


Trunks walked out of Kennedy Airport with his suitcase in had, a black Mercedes drove up and Trunks got inside.

"Where to Mr. Briefs?" The driver asked.

"To the Marriott hotel, and step on it.

"Yes sir!"


After Trunks settled in his hotel room he call Marron and his parents. Marron missed him dearly and he knew that but she would have to learn that his job would have to come first this time. He learned that his mom was throwing another party and as usual Vegeta wanted no part in it but Bulma was pressuring him into it. He laughed at that, he also called an old friend of his and arranged a meeting then next afternoon.


"So who's this guy your meeting tomorrow? I didn't know you were seeing someone. Your not keeping things from me are Satomi-Chan?" Pan asked, brushing her short ebony hair.

"No! It's not like that, besides the guy's married. Let's just say we were pretty good friends in high school."

"Okay, so will I get to meet him?"

"I don't know it depends on how long he's in town for. He runs this big company in Japan you know."


"Yeah, he became CEO at a young age didn't see much of him after that."


"I'll ask him tomorrow."

"Bout what?" Pan questioned slightly confused.

"About you meeting him silly! You can be so forgetful sometimes." Satomi laughed.

Pan put her hand behind her head and laughed sheepishly the famous Son smile on her face.

The bedroom door squeaked open, "Mommy, can you tell me a story?" Bikini asked rubbing her left eye.

Pan smiled and motion for the young child to come sit with her on her bed.

"Sure sweetie, what would you like to here?"

"I wanna here about that time you Daddy and Grandpa went into outer space!" Bikini smiled, that was her favorite story.

Pan gave her daughter a sad smile, "Okay, but after this you have to promise me you'll go to sleep."

"I will!" She piped.

"Okay, a long time ago when was only a little girl I traveled into outer space with the most wonderful man…"



Author's Note: Here are the ages just in case you wanted to know:

Satomi: 19

Pan: 21

Bikini: 5

Boxer: 5

Trunks: 30

Marron: 25

Bra: 20

Goten: 29