By: Shari Celestine




After one night of passion, Pan ends up pregnant. Trunks, the father of the baby, not realizing how much he loves Pan turns her away. Hurt from rejection Pan leaves Japan and Trunks behind. What happens they meet up five years later? Starts out as a T/M but ends up as a T/P.


§ Chapter Ten: The Plan §

It was 11pm when Marron entered the small clinic in downtown Manhattan that next week. Trunks had already booked a flight back to Japan for the following day; Marron wasn't scheduled to leave the U.S until the day after. Trunks had tried to contact Marron but she refused to answer any of his calls, she was too busy at the moment.

At that moment the door to the room she was in opened and a tall man with short messy red hair walked in dressed in a lab coat. He turned to Marron and smiled beckoning her over to him.

Marron smiled back at him and stood up talking over to him.

"Kai, it's so good to see you." She embraced the taller man in a warm hug.

"Believe me, Marron, the feeling is mutual. Come step into my office, from what you told me on the phone we have a lot to discuss."

Marron nodded and followed Kai into his large office space. She took a seat in one of the leather chairs before his mahogany desk and waited for him to sit as well.

"So, tell me what this is all about? Trunks cheating on you?" Kai asked his brow rose.

Marron frowned deeply. "Yes, he met Pan on his business trip over here a few weeks ago. I never though I'd see that child ever again and yet, five years later here she is. She's ruining everything! Trunks and I may not have been Couple of the Year but we were happy. Then he took this trip and bumped into her…" Her voice trailed off as her hands holding onto her purse tightened into white fists.

Kai nodded, "Alright, so he bumped into Pan, I assume he slept with her and you found out?"

Marron shook her head, blonde tails waving about her pretty face. "If only that was the case," She bit her lip. "Kai, when Pan left five years ago she took a part of Trunks with her. No one knew about it and she wanted to keep it that way I guess but when she bumped into Trunks he found out. Kai, Pan was pregnant when she left five years ago."

To say Kai was shocked would be a grave understatement indeed. "You're kidding?"

"Oh I wish I was, sweetie, really I do. When Trunks found out he went running to her like a-a I don't know! But he's not with me right now. He gave me some cock and bull story about him still loving her or something like that." Tears began to run down her face but she quickly whipped them away.

"I won't stand for this, Kai! I won't lose the man I've worked so hard to get! And to a child no less!"

Kai nodded from behind his desk, his hands were intertwined with his elbows on his desk, his chin upon his intertwined fingers. "Marron, I have known you since middle school, when we met something clicked between us, I know it did. I'll admit you broke my heart when you dumped me for Trunks but I got over it cause you were truly happy with him. Now I see he's broken your heart and yet you want to get him back, are you sure you want to so this? I'm sure I could-"

Marron got up and walked behind him to lean on the large window behind his desk over looking the Manhattan skyline. She laughed softly a small smile play on her lips. "Yes, Kia, I know you still love me, but I can't go back now. I've been with Trunks for too long now, if I went with you now it would be because I retune your feelings it would be out of pure pity and I know you don't want that so don't bring the subject up again." She sighed. "I called you cause I knew you could help me, you're the only person I could turn to, Kai, are you going to turn your back on me, now, when I need you the most?" She asked turning to stare at him with unblinking blue eyes.

Kai shifted in his chair before clearing his throat. "No, never."


"So what do you want?"

"I think the only reason Trunks ran back to Pan is because she gave him something I've been denying him: children. If I became pregnant I'm sure he would have no choice buy to come back to me, I am his wife and the needs of our child is greater than the product of a roll in the hey." She grinned over at Kai.

"You want to get pregnant? But how, Trunks won't sleep with you now, he's with P-"

"I know! A few days back we made love well into the next morning. That's more than enough time to conceive a child, all I need is the proof that I am pregnant and he'll come running back."

"But your not really pregnant how do you pant to…oh! You want me to perform a test and fill out the right paper work. Is that what your getting at?"

"Exactly, Kai. Trunks will be leaving for home soon and I know he's taking the little misses with him to let everyone know they're back together. That's where I come in."

Kai took in Marron's cold blue eyes that once shined with joy and happiness. "Are you sure this is the only way? If one thing goes wrong this whole thing could blow up in your face. You'd lose Trunks forever." He said his eyes searching hers.

For a brief moment traces of fear showed through those icy orbs by she quickly suppressed it. "Yes, I'm sure."

Kai sighed running his hand through his hair. "Alright, let's get started."

End, for now

I didn't like this, when I ran this chapter through in my head it came out different. I don't know, maybe I'll re-write it some day. Read & Review!