The Dark Side of Love

By: Shari Celestine



When Pan was 14 her best friends did something that hurt her and scared her for life. Now 5 years later she's different, cold and heartless, catching the eye of their newest enemy.


Chapter One: Broken Heart and Soul

§ Five Years Beforehand §

A 14-year-old Son Pan was happy, she was going to spar with Trunks, her secret crush, and her Uncle Goten. Flying over to Capsule Corp. Pan found Trunks and Goten in the backyard by the Gravity Room.

"Trunks-Kun! Goten-Chan! Hey guys what's up?"

"Huh? Oh hi Pan, what are you doing here?"

"Don't you remember? We're supposed to spar today, you guys promised."

"Oh that, sorry Panny, we're kind of busy today." Goten said.

"Yeah if I want to go on my date tonight I have to finished up that paper work on my desk." Trunks said his goodbyes and headed for CC's office building.

"What about you Uncle Goten, surely you can spare sometime to spar with me?"

"Nope I have a date tonight with Bra-Chan, maybe some other time."

Pan was upset now. "But you said you'd spar with me!"

"Stop being a spoiled brat Pan, you can't always get what you want. The world doesn't revolve around you and what you want." Goten yelled.

Goten turned his back on her and flew off, leaving a very pissed and shocked Pan behind.

§ Five Years later §

A young woman stood outside her house; actually she shared this house with her mother and father since she was born. Her long raven hair was braided and fell to her waist. Her dark eyes filled with pain, anguish, and irritation. In the past few years she lost her tomboyish figure and gained curves in all the right places. The midnight blue nightgown she wore hugged her curves just right.

'That was five years ago, it feels like it was just yesterday. After that moment I realized who my friends really were. I had none. I stayed isolated from everyone, I never went to another party, functions, picnics or any other social gather they had. I made sure I was busy on those days. I spent most of my time training in the gravity room I had asked Bulma-San for. And when that didn't work I went into the room of Sprit and Time. Loneliness, and training those are my only friends…they always have time for me. They never have to go on a date or finish paper work…Trunks. Curse you and your damn good looks. I thought that after all these years I would have gotten over you. What is that saying 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' (Is that how it goes?) I wonder how you're doing? Still dating? Skipping work?

Sighing Pan went back inside it was getting late and it was starting to hail. Walking down the hall into her room Pan slipped back into bead and fell asleep again.

§ END §

You guys know the drill; go on, you KNOW you want to….


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