The Dark Side of Love

By: Shari Celestine



When Pan was 14 her best friends did something that

hurt her and scared her for life. Now 5 years later

she's different, cold and heartless, catching the eye of their newest enemy.

§ Chapter Thirteen: Dark VS Light - The Physical Battle §

"Pan-chan, are you alright? Should you be walking around?" Bulma asked ushering Pan to a seat at the breakfast table.

"I'm okay Bulma-san, I bit tired but I'm okay." Pan looked down at her hands in her lap. "I want to thank you all for everything. F-for not giving up on me when I turned on you, I also want to apologize for the way I've been acting for the past five years. I shouldn't have let one misunderstanding come between us. You guys mean the world to me…" Her voice trailed off.

Trunks put a hand on Pan's shoulder causing her to jump startled and look up into his tiered sapphire blue eyes.

"We forgive you Panny, having you back with us means more to us then you know."


Vegeta cleared his throat, "I hate to break up this little reunion but we have much more important things to worry about. Don't forget that witch is still out there."

Pan's expression hardened. "Vegeta-san is right, she's planning to attack us tonight, we have to be ready for her."

"How do you know that Pan-chan?" Goku asked.

"Whether I like it or not she is a part of me, she is me! I know her thoughts as she knows mine, you might even say were two halves of a whole."

"Can you tell us what we're up against?" Bulma asked.

"Hai, Prince Trunks, is strong but not too strong anyone who can go SSJ can easily defeat him. The same goes for Ryo but Kagetsu." Pan shivered. "He's the one that scares me the most, he's very powerful not in physical strength but in his black magic. He can easily over-take your mind and control you, make you think what ever he wants you think is true. That's how he took control of me."

"What about Princess Pan?" Bra asked.

Pan's eyes narrowed at her name. "Leave her to me, I can take her. She may be strong but I am much stronger."

"But Pan-"

"No! I will be the one to fight her no matter what you think, I owe her for what's she put me through."


Sooner than any of them would have liked the time of the battle had come. Vegeta, Trunks, Bra, Goku, Goten, Gohan, and Pan left the safety of the Capsule Corp. compound and flew to a place that was far away from any city or innocent people.

The Earth below them suddenly started to shake and a large gapping hole formed in the ground, a large black ship rising out of the hole. The ship landed over the hole and metal doors opened with a low hissing sound. An army of foot soldiers rushed out of the door armed to the teeth. They quickly surrounded the Z-Fighters their weapons armed and ready to fire at will. Three figures exited the ship next. It was Princess Pan, Kagetsu, and Prince Trunks. The Z-Fighters (minus Pan) were shocked to see just how similar Trunks and Prince Trunks looked, one could have easily mistaken them for twins.

"Listen up, the sooner we get rid of the lackeys the sooner we can get to the main event. Bra, Goten, Kakkarotto, Gohan, I want you to attack the lackeys. Pan you can have your twin, Trunks the same goes for you leave Kagetsu to me." Vegeta barked out.

The others didn't argue with him, they had a feeling things would go this way.

"Where's Ryo?" Goten asked looking at his target.

"Probably still in the ship ready to blast off on command." Goku said.


Without warning Bra, Goten, Goku and Gohan charged at the foot soldiers punching and kicking with all their might. They didn't even put up much of a fight, within a matter of minutes they were all knocked out. Kagetsu's face twisted into a wicked smile, he laughed. "Fools, did you think that was it? The fight has only begun!" He waved his hands at the ground towards the fallen foot soldiers and miraculously they stood up once more, unharmed and ready to fight again.

"Nani? How did he do that?" Goten asked shocked.

Pan gritted her teeth. "It's one of his damn magic tricks! As long as he's alive to give them power they'll keep coming! You're going to have to kill him, Vegeta-san!"

Vegeta smirked cracking his knuckles. "Nothing would give me greater pleasure!" He powered up and flew into the air towards Kagetsu. He pulled his fist back to punch Kagetsu but when he punched out his fist met an invisible wall. Vegeta increased the power behind his fist and broke thought the barrier, his fist connecting with Kagetsu's face. Unable to protect himself from the attack Kagetsu went flying into the air, Vegeta flying to meet him halfway.


Pan jumped over the foot soldiers and landed on the ground before Princess Pan, she was dressed in another black number that showed a lot of skin.

"How can you dress that way, have you no female modesty?"

"Yes, I do but that doesn't mean I can't flaunt what I've got. I'm sick and tired of hiding what I have, aren't you?"

"I like how I dress!" Pan snapped. "Come on, you and me in one last fight, winner takes over the other's body for ever."

Princess Pan grinned. "Deal!"


Trunks looked into the pair of blue eyes looking back at him.

"It's so nice to finally meet you, brother."

Trunks' left eye twitched. "Your no brother of mine you sick freak!"

"Touchy!" Prince Trunks smirked.

"Shut up and fight me!" Trunks yelled powering up. Prince Trunks shrugged and powered up too. Trunks jumped into the air and fired an attack of rapid fire of Ki-blasts. Prince Trunks flew up into the air towards Trunks dogging all of the ki-blasts in the processes. When he reached eye level with Trunks he grinned.

Trunks cursed.

"What's the matter? Did Panny tell you I was a push over? Not likely, now I'm glad I took Kagetsu 's advice an hid my true power from Panny."

Trunks growled low in his throat, "Don't call her that, she's not yours anymore! Do you hear me she's not yours!"

"No, but not for long, Princess Pan will bring her back to me soon enough."

Trunks couldn't stand the cocky look oh his face. Trunks powered up even further to SSJ1.

The grin on Prince Trunks' face fell. He backed up a bit the cocky look changing to one of fear.

"You're a...a-"

"A Super Saiya-jin." Trunks finished for him. "Time to say goodnight sweet prince!"


Vegeta powered up for his most powerful attack. He stretched out one hand facing the smoking Kagetsu.

He coughed. "What are you doing!" His voice was panicky.

"I'm going to send your worthless carcass to the next dimension! Garlic Gun!"

"No!" Kagetsu screamed putting up his barrier again.

"Now who's the fool? I broke that pathetic barrier once before, what makes you think I can't do it again?" Vegeta said putting a smidge more power behind his attack. The attack broke the barrier destroying all behind it, in this case being Kagetsu. Vegeta powered down crossing his arms over his chest and floated down to the ground. He looked to his daughter and noticed the foot soldiers vanishing. Pan was right, getting rid of Kagetsu meant the end of the foot solders.


Is this it? Is this the end of my rain? This was not the way I had foreseen it but...if this is to truly be my end I will run no more. Prince Trunks opened his arms awaiting SSJ Trunks' attack as it sped towards him. In his mind he knew he was dead, that he had failed in his mission. With that last thought the explosion hit him. He vanished from the Earth never to arise again.


Princess Pan powered up to SSJ1 copying her twin.

She grinned. "We are 100 equal you and I. When will you get that through your thick skull!" She screamed charging at Pan with incredible speed.

Pan wasn't expecting this. She put up the defensive blocking Princess Pan's attack but she wasn't fast enough. A few punches got past her defense knocking her to the ground.

Princess Pan laughed. "You are mine!"

Pan coughed kneeling down on her hands and feet. With much effort she looked up at Princess Pan, blood running down her mouth and smiled.


"When will you get it? I will beat you, don't you know good always defeats evil. The good guys always come out on top. As long as I have truth and justice on my side I will be the victor." She wheezed catching her breath and standing up on her own once more.

Princess Pan looked over her rival carefully. "You have lost Pan, you have nothing left. Listen to yourself, spouting a bunch of crappie idle threats."

"They are not threats, Princess, they are truth. A truth that you know is very real and very possible. But you have been deceived and lied to and there is nothing I can do to talk you out of the grave you have dug for yourself. So with a heavy heart I must finish you off, for good!"

With a cry that could awake the dead Pan dug deep within herself for the power that would kill Princess Pan once and for all.


The ground at Princess Pan's feet began to crack before shattering completely knocking her off her feet.

"What in the world? How did she get so much power?" Princess Pan asked in awe as Pan rose from the ground and into the air encased in a shell of golden light.

Trunks, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten, and Bra stood together from a distance and watched as if their whole life depended on this moment…maybe it did.


Suddenly the shell exploded from within and a lone figure hovered in the sky.

Princess Pan gasped. No, it can't be! A female Saiya-jin isn't able eyes must be playing games on me.

"No way? Pan hit SSJ3!" Goten said looking up at his niece.

Without a word Pan cupped her hands at her side gathering all her Ki for one last attack.

"With this attack comes an end to your reign of terror Princess Pan. I hoped it wouldn't have come to this but you have left me with no choice. ULTIMATE KA..ME...HA...ME...HAAAAAAAAAAA!"

A massive beam of golden light burst out of Pan's cupped hands. The blast was to powerful that once released the recoil pushed Pan back and flying several feet in this air.

With wide eyes Princess Pan watched at the un-escapable blast came rushing towards her.

"NNNNNNNNOOOOOOO-" Her cry was cut off as her body was destroyed and her soul sent to the bowls of hell!


Epilogue: The Return of Son Pan


All her energy spent Pan dropped out of SSJ3 and fell from the sky.

"PAN!" Trunks yelled jumping into action. In order to catch her in time before she fell Trunks went SSJ1. He caught her in his arms twisting in mid air landing roughly on the dirt ground. Breathing heavily Trunks looked down at Pan.

"Are you alright?"

Pan smiled at him reaching up with one hand to caress his face.

"Trunks-kun, thank you." With a smile on her face she passed out.


A 14-year-old Son Pan was happy, she was going to spar with Trunks, her secret crush, and her Uncle Goten. Flying over to Capsule Corp. Pan found Trunks and Goten in the backyard by the Gravity Room.

"Trunks-kun! Goten-chan! Hey guys what's up?"

"Huh? Oh hi Pan, what are you doing here?"

"Don't you remember? We're supposed to spar today, you guys promised."

"Oh that, sorry Panny, we're kind of busy today." Goten said.

"Yeah, if I want to go on my date tonight I have to finished up that paper work on my desk." Trunks said his goodbyes and headed for CC's office building.

"What about you Uncle Goten, surely you can spare sometime to spar with me?"

"Nope, I have a date tonight with Bra-chan, maybe some other time."

Pan was upset now. "But you said you'd spar with me!"

"Stop being a spoiled brat Pan, you can't always get what you want. The world doesn't revolve around you and what you want." Goten yelled.

Goten turned his back on her and flew off, leaving a very pissed and shocked Pan behind.

Pan spun around tears her eyes and ran. Blinded by her tears she wasn't watching where she was going and tripped over a raised root in the ground. She stumbled and fell rolling down a hill landing in a small pool of mud.


Goten walked into Trunks' office and closed the door behind him. Trunks looked up as he walked in a motioned for him to take a seat. He noticed the uncomfortable looked on Goten's face and asked, "Why so down?"

"I think I went a bit too far, Trunks. I yelled at her and called he a spoiled brat."

Trunks made a face. "What? Why did you do that? I told you to let her down gently. What did she do?"

Goten sighed. "She ran off crying I'm sure she didn't go too far. I just hope she'll be able to forgive me for it later."

Trunks waved his best fired off. "Ah, don't worry about it, after she sees the huge surprise party Bra and my mom are giving her she'll have to forgive you."

Goten nodded and smiled a bit but inside a part of him didn't fell so good about what he had just done.


A muddy Pan crawled out of the mud pool on to dry land coughing up dirty water.

"Yuck!" She said trying her best to wipe off the mud that now covered her from head to toe.

"Momma's not going to like this!" She pouted. "Trunks-chan...Uncle Goten..." She said wistfully looking up in the sky at the setting sun.

There she sat for hours playing the scene over and over in her mind.

Why were they so mean to me? What did I do to make them hate me so?

Pan was finally brought out of her little world at the sound of her mother's voice.

"Pan Son! Look at you! Didn't you hear me calling you? Never mind, get up I need to take you home and dressed in some clean clothes."

Pan's face light up. "Are we going out for a birthday celebration?"

"No," Videl said wiping some mud form Pan's face. "Bulma-san invited your father and I to a business dinner. Come on, Pan."

Pan's face fell. Today was turning out to be the worst Birthday ever.


Dressed in a pretty dress Pan followed her mother and father up the path to the Capsule Corp. main building.

"Stand in front where I can see you." Gohan said pushing Pan in front of him and Videl

"Yes, father."

Slowly the door opened and Pan suddenly knew what it was like to be a famous actress as hundreds of camera flashes went off in front of her. When her eyesight retuned to her Pan was shocked to see all of her friends and family gathered around her.



At some time during the night Trunks and Goten managed to pull Pan outside by herself.

"Hey, Panny. Do you like your party? I hope you know what we did and said today was only done to keep you away until mom had finished all the decorations." Trunks said.

"Yeah and I didn't mean to come off so hard on you Panny. I knew that if I goofed you would have seen right through me, I guess I put too much effort into being serious. Do you forgive me?" Goten explained in a pleading voice.

Pan broke out in one of the famous 'Son smiles'. "Of course I will." She jumped into his open arms. "I love you Uncle Goten." She turned to Trunks. "Thank you Trunks-chan!"

"Hey, Pan do you still want that spar from before?" He asked ruffling her hair.

"You bet!"

"Well let's go!"

Together the three of them jumped off the balcony to the ground where they gave Pan the best spar of her young life.


Pan's eyes fluttered open.

"Hey, sleeping beauty, I see your finally awake." It was Trunks, he had watched over her in her sleep, again.

"I was getting kind of worried about you. Are you alright?"

Pan looked up at him and smiled lovingly. "Yes, I think for the first time in a long time, I am alright."


Author's note and Thank You's: WOW! I've done it, I've actually completed the story. It took me much longer than I expected but it's done!

First off I want to thank all the people who stuck with me through this long process. I know it wasn't easy but you stuck by me and I thank you.