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My façade

Chapter one.

Streaks of light shined through my heavily curtained window onto my tanned face, blinding my chocolate-coloured orbs temporarily. I sat up on my futon, my right arm supporting my weight. I blinked once, twice, letting my eyes adjust to the light before finally heading towards my small bathroom.

I slowly undressed myself, letting the silky night gown slide to the floor before getting into the bath tub. The water was warm, just how I liked it. After a few minutes, I got out and wrapped my slim frame with a white towel.

Making my way out of the bathroom, I passed a mirror and immediately froze on the spot. I saw a brown haired girl with sun-kissed skin staring back at me. What I saw completely paralysed me. Her eyes….they were so empty….so hollow. The eyes of a person that had never received love. A person who only knew how to give but had never accepted. A person who had gone through many hardships. A person who was always alone.

Loneliness…….Emptiness………….words that nobody likes to hear nor experience.

I tried to smile at her but her eyes was still as downcast as ever. My eyebrows creased in dissapointment but I had to try….. at least try. Maybe this time it will be different. After all, the only thing I have is hope. I gave my brightest grin to the face in front of me but was still met with those sad orbs.

I clenched my right fist, angrily and punched the mirror in front of me. The mirror shattering and breaking into a million pieces. I hated those eyes, my eyes. I've seen those eyes before too, in other people namely Naruto, Gaara, Sasuke and Neji. I knew of their sorrows and misery. On how it felt. Nobody would know that I too felt dejected. No, not when I put on my happy façade. As long as it's on, nobody would know of my real emotions even Naruto, Gaara, Sasuke, Neji, Lee and anybody else for that matter. I was great at hiding my true self. But slowly over time, even the 4 people I knew with those eyes seemed to be healing. But, I…..I was still injured. I tried to find a way to heal myself , to search for a cure but I couldn't seek it no matter how hard I try.

Naruto was now accepted by the villagers and was not ignored by them anymore. He had found true friends who had accepted him for who he really is. He too finally found someone to love and to be loved, in Hinata. His eyes now had a happy twinkle in them and his foxy grin seemed to grow wider each time I met him.

On the other hand, Gaara was now respected, accepted and acknowledged in his village as a person and a hokage. Even though he's still silent and doesn't show any form of expressions but you can see a hint of a smile on his lips at times.

Sasuke has finally been able to kill his brother, Itachi and has since then returned to Konoha. He looks content know and isn't as uptight like last time. He finally had found peace with himself and now is searching for a wife to revive his clan.

Neji was finally acknowledged by the main family as an equal. His uncle had managed to convince the main family to get rid of the seal on his forehead. Now, Neji is free like the birds he admires. He too had found someone to fill in his lonely heart, Haruno Sakura. How my heart bleeds when I see them together. It hurts so bad like a kunai embedded in my heart.

" Ohayo Neji!" I shouted cheerfully to the white-eyed guy meditating under the tree." I can't wait to kick your ass today." I threw my bag near a bush and stood in a fighting stance, holding a shuriken in one hand. I was determined to finally defeat him after losing to him countless of times. My heart started beating quickly when I saw him break out from his meditation and stood up facing me. Instead of standing in his usual fighting stance, he suddenly started to walk towards me. I dropped my fighting stance and stood straight. I was surprised. Isn't he going to spar with me. What's the matter with him?

" Ten Ten…..I need to make a confession," Neji said his voice in monotone. A confession….I wonder what he did wrong. " Well……. I haven't got all day you know," I replied impatiently and rolled my eyes as he glared at me. He should know that I'm immune to it by now.

"I-I…uh…" Neji stuttering, that can't be possible…This must be really important"I-I…..really l-l-love.." my eyes widened in shock. Neji….I love you too. Finally, I can tell you that "….Sakura."

"nani…" I whispered. He can't love Sakura.

" I don't like to repeat myself," he said staring coldly into my eyes. After a few moments, he coughed in embarassment. "So…. what should I do?"

"Why are you asking me?" I needed to know.

"you're my closest friend," he stated.

His closest friend. I felt like I was slapped on the face, hard. Was that all I was…. a mere friend to him, nothing else. I was suddenly drowning in a flood of emotions….disappointment, sadness, longing and betrayal. My mask…I could feel it slowly breaking apart.

"Ten Ten….what should I do?"

"baka…" I whispered.



" What if she rejects me?" he asked with a glint of worry in his eyes.

" No woman would be foolish enough to reject you," I concluded as I could feel my eyes burning. No…I won't cry…I refuse to.

" That's true," he smirked proudly.

"What are you doing here?" I demanded. " Go…. Before someone like Sasuke asks her.."

I saw his eyes darken at the mention of Sasuke's name and walked of, in search of Sakura.

I stood there….unable to move . Watching the guy of my dreams walk away, farther away from me till I can see him no more. It was then that I realised that I can never be happy…never be like everybody else.

I sighed sadly and kneeled down to pick up the sharp pieces. As I threw the broken pieces away into the rubbish bin I couldn't help but think on how much it reflected my life. All my 17 years, I had lived in sorrow. Never feeling happy. How could you be if you were an orphan and had nobody to care for you. Sure, there were times that I was feeling happy. Like the time I had graduated as a genin and the time I realised I loved Neji. But as soon as happiness would come, sadness will be sure to follow. That was why I felt scared whenever I felt happy. I knew that if I would feel joy, I would soon feel broken hearted again.

It was then that I noticed that my knuckles were wounded. Blood had already begun to drip down onto the floor, slowly creating a crimsom puddle. After throwing the broken pieces into the bin, I took some bandages from my cabinet and wrapped it around my injured hand. I sighed and slowly got dressed.Why can't I ever feel happy? Be as vibrant as Gai sensei and Lee. Why? Why me?