'Hogwarts, Welcome to the Beach..'

by ProfessorJaySnape

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Summary: Written before HBP. A fun little 'trip to the beach' fic. The dream team finally graduates and decide to take a go to the beach in Cuba, taking friends and family with them. But, Dumbledore also has the same little getaway planned for his staff for their work in the defeat of the Dark Lord. Mayhem ensues. Mainly HG/SS. Along with other little couples (includes HP/GW, NL/LL). Not very OCC except for the romance/fluff/smut parts, of course. It's natural. -grins-


Oh, and Much Thanks to my lovely, talented beta, Lena (hdislove) for helping me out with this chapter!

'The B-ee-ch' Dumbledore sounded it out slowly, his voice dripping with amusement. Severus gaped at him, pretending he hadn't heard it the first time.

'You've got to be joking.' Severus choked, his fellow staff members exchanging humoured looks.

'I'm not going.' Snape said suddenly, and finally. He sat back heavily against the back of his chair, making it creak. Dumbledore smiled and ignored his last comment.

'I've planned a trip for all the staff, its voluntary of course--' Snape looked like Christmas had come early, then Dumbledore beamed at him, 'Except our dear Severus, who needs desperately to get out.' He paused to allow his staff their moment of laughter. Severus sank deeper in his chair and flush with rage.

'A whole month at a beach and camp, no expenses, no students, no Voldemort, Order, or death eaters--and all the eye candy and sun rays you can take. We deserve something after the fight against the Darkness. And victory,' Dumbledore added with a wink, beaming when his staff stirred excitedly, 'Start packing, we're leaving the moment the students step foot the on that train tonight.' Flitwick rubbed his hands together hungrily, 'Just show up in the entrance hall, I've arranged for a portkey from the ministry, it will transport us to a safe muggle free spot by the beach area, where we will then hike to a muggle beach campsite. Thank you, staff meeting over.'

Some professor's lingered behind, whispering excitedly to each other about the trip, helping themselves to refreshments at a table near by, but Snape rose quickly from his seat and rushed out, not wanting to be followed while leaving by Dumbledore, who was watching his back with twinkling eyes.

'Hermmionee! It's your last year, we need to celebrate! Please! It will be so much fun!' Ginny whined. Hermione's friends had be badgering her about joining them on an end of year trip to a beach somewhere in celebration of their graduation from Hogwarts and entrance into adulthood. Mrs Weasley had surprisingly agreed with Ron and Harry's absurd idea, and even bought the tickets for them. But only after they agreed that everything had to be done the muggle way, because they would be staying in muggle areas. Though, Mrs Weasley was a bit uneasy about them not using magic for a month.

'Yeah Hermione, the flight to Hogan, Cuba leaves tonight! Right when we get back to the burrow, come on, we have a whole month of freedom as adult wizards--and witches! Take advantage! No more parents, no more--'

'Studying! And no teachers!' Ron exclaimed excitedly, it finally hit him that there was no more school after Hogwarts. He looked fascinated with the thought. He made Hermione laugh.

Hermione looked around at each of their excited faces and sighed, finally giving in.

'Alright. Who else is going?'

'Ginny, Neville, Ron, Me, You, Luna, somehow she got to come; blame Neville, and with the exception of Percy, Bill and Charlie, all the Weasley kids because it was Mrs. Weasley's money that bought us the trip. Some others might join us too, Dean, Seamus, Lavender and Parvati, I think..' Harry said, ticking off the list on his fingers. He quickly blushed when he mentioned the money, giving Hermione the impression that it wasn't Mrs. Weasley who'd paid at all..

Hermione nodded and headed upstairs to change into her graduation robes, tonight was her last night at Hogwarts and tomorrow it was off to freedom with her best friends. This summer is going to be great. She thought confidently, bringing a smile to her face.

Staff gathered in the entrance hall, chatting excitedly, except for one, who leaned sullen in the corner sulking, his cold black eyes narrowed and darted anxiously around at his colleagues.

'Ahh, Severus, nice to see that you showed up. I knew you wanted just as badly to come as everyone else!' Dumbledore exclaimed, his arms wide and welcoming. Snape scowled even deeper.

'Hardly. If I'm not very much mistaken, you're the one that came to my bedchambers earli--er this morning to remind me that I have no choice but to come, I believe your exact words were, 'We can do this the hard way, or the easy way. Choose.' Yes, those are the words.'

Dumbledore cut him off, completely ignoring his whole argument. He beamed at his staff, his arms wide and warm, 'My dear Severus, you know you want to come! It's alright if you don't want to admit it, I'll play along.' The old man winked in an extremely exaggerated fashion, causing Severus to roll his eyes as his colleagues sniggered.

'Very well, gather around.' Dumbledore walked to the center of the entrance hall and placed a miniature beach ball on the stone floor, 'When I give the signal, place your hand on the ball,' He paused and grinned, 'Someone hold Severus down on it.' Flikwick sniggered but grabbed Snape's wrist and pressed it on the beach ball. Dumbledore mumbled a spell and more then a dozen professors were lifted off their feet, and into the air, where the adventure began.

'I thank you again so much Mrs Wealsey.' Hermione thanked the beaming red headed woman as she checked in all their luggage at the airport. The woman beamed and shook her head.

'Not a problem dear Hermione, you all have fun! And Ronald, if you poke one toe out of line, your in for it!' She hissed at her son who rolled his eyes and groaned.

'Mum, I'm of age and I can take care of myself.' He kissed her goodbye. Neville, Luna, Ginny, The Weasley's, Harry and Hermione walked away and through the gate.

'Plus, I was planning on getting laid in the next 24 hours by some unknown Latin chick, though I don't think I want mum knowing about it.' Ron snorted. Harry laughed out loud and Hermione scowled.

Two Days Later

'Your mum is a genius.'

'Well, it was Harry and Ron who actually thought up of it, clever bastards they can be, if they want it bad enough.' Ginny mused with a lazy smirk playing on her lips. She shifted on her towel and turned over, to tan her back. With that she untied the strings from her skimpy bikini to, only throwing it aside. Hermione gaped at her.

'Yeah well, next time they want to travel, I think we need to find a new means of transportation, Ron was looking a green from the plane.' Ginny continued, not noticing Hermione's shocked face. When Hermione didn't respond Ginny scowled.

'Hermione, do you think anyone here cares? Go ahead, try it yourself. We're adults now, well.. you are, I'm just a free spirit.' Ginny laughed with amusement at the flush in Hermione's cheeks at the suggestion of her taking her top off in public.

'No way Ginny, I'm not completely bonkers like you.' She teased, 'Oh alright but just the straps.' She rolled her eyes when Ginny cocked her eyebrow from behind those JLo shades Hermione had bought her as a souvenir from New Jersey when she went with her parents last summer. Hermione laid on her back and untied the strings around her neck and let it fall to the ground past her ribs, just covering her large, difficultly covered breasts.

'Good job. I'm proud of you.' Ginny giggled. The girls tanned for half an hour more before Ron and Harry arrived, to question them what drinks they wanted. Ron gaped at her.


'Oh Ron, grown up, Hermione's a grown woman.' Ginny rolled her eyes. He looked away, looking like he was about to say, 'YEAH! I NOTICED!' but then turned red. Hermione suddenly felt very self-conscious. She hastily tied the straps back the way they were before and sat up, turning over.

'What did you guys wanna drink?' Harry asked, apparently not bothered with Hermione's show. His eyes were targeting Ginny's chest that pressed against her towel and he licked his lips. Ginny noticed and Hermione spotted a mischievous gleam in her younger friend's eye. Ginny sat up, her arms just covering her nipples as she got up, she licked her lips and winked at Harry. Harry goggled, but Ron elbowed him, eyes widened with disbelief. Hermione snorted and elbowed Ginny.

'Control your hormones.'

Ginny smirked seductively and lay back down, 'A Grasshopper.' Ron nodded and gestured to Hermione to tell him.

She thought for a moment then spoke, 'Passion Mimosa, please.'

Ron nodded and the boys left, Harry in particular had trouble tearing his eyes from Ginny, who was rocking slightly and moaning as she rubbed sun screen lotion on her body. Hermione laughed.

'You never get enough do you? You're such a drama queen..'

'It's a hobby my friend, a hobby.' Ginny said smoothly shaking her red hair out of it's messy pony tail and putting her top back on. Lying back on their backs, the girls waited for their drinks.

'Ron's got a thing for you Hermione..' Ginny pointed out randomly, but Hermione just laughed and rolled her eyes.

'He's always had a thing for me. I even liked him in return in our sixth year, and we even tried dating at the beginning of the seventh year, but it didn't turn out too well. He stopped himself from saying things in fear that I would think they were foolish or stupid.' She sighed then added angrily, 'Did he think that I starting liking him because of his good looks?'

At this, Ginny snorted loudly, covering her mouth as she giggled hysterically.

'You're right. But what do you think about him now?' Ginny asked, after relaxing back onto her towel.

Hermione shrugged and said, 'He's more like a brother now, though I suppose it was always like that. It's kind of like a child in a toy store. They only like it when it's on a shelf, when they get it, it doesn't turn out like they expected. Ron's like that to me. I felt like I was in love with him when I couldn't go out with him and then when I was, it turned out the exact same as before, except not as good. That's when I figured out that I didn't really like him. He's more of a brother then anything, sorry Ginny, I knew you wanted something to happen between me and Ron, but I can't force something to work.'

Ginny smiled and nodded, 'I know, it's just that I thought it would be nice to make you officially part of the family, kind of like a sister. I always wanted a sister.' She added. Hermione's face fell, but then she brightened up.

'Well, if Ron's like my brother, then you like my sister. Besides, I already think of you like a sister, you're the only girl friend that I have!' She said, grinning slightly, poking Ginny in the shoulder. Ginny laughed and poked her back.

She threw her hands up and exclaimed, 'Oh, of course, I know your right! I love you, Hermione!' She laughed, and threw her arms around Hermione. They laughed together, hugging, thinking it was hysterical. Ginny fell on Hermione, making them laugh harder, and then planted a wet one on Hermione's cheek.

In the distance, Harry and Ron could be seen walking towards them in deep conversation with each other, along with four drinks. They laughed about something just as they reached the girls and then nearly dropped the drinks, too busy being shocked and ogling at the girls.

'Uh, girls.. what are you doing?'

The two girls just exchanged looks, threw their heads back and laughed.

Severus sipped on a tequila, leaning heavily on the counter of the bar under the small opened hut, spinning slightly on his bar stool. He sighed contently, unbuttoning one more button from his white work shirt, surrendering to the heat. So far, he'd refused to wear anything else, as a punishment to Dumbledore, who wanted him to put on something 'summery', though the truth was, he didn't own any summer clothing, except for some t-shirts, thin tight, long sleeved shirts, or dress shirts. And as for bottoms, only black trousers or black jeans, with the occasional blue jean, though those were tucked down at the bottom of his luggage, in case Dumbledore decided to force them on him.

Now, he wore only his black work trousers and white shirt, well, one of his many identical outfits, and black trainers. He had thrown his very long hair, about collar bone long nowadays, over one shoulder.

He heard joyfully laughter from behind him and he groaned inwardly, keeping his face impassive and stern as his sipped on his drink.

Dumbledore clapped him hard on the back, sitting on the seat next to him, sufficeintly getting everything around him soaking wet.

'The water is fantastic, Severus! You should join us.' He said happily, ordering something for himself as well.

Severus' lip curled bitterly, before he muttered, 'I'd rather not, actually. You old people can splash around all you want, but I'm just going to stay here, thank you. Besides, I don't even like the water very much. It's very wet.' He added, before downing the drink and waving his glass in the air, mouthing 'martini' at the bartender. The bartender raised his eyebrows at Dumbledore, chuckling, but accepted the glass.

Dumbledore couldn't help but look a bit disappointed, 'Come now, Severus. All you have been doing for the past two days is drink all day, then the end up drunk at the end of the day, with someone having to hold your hair back while you throw up all night. Don't you tire of that?'

Severus sniggered and started on his third drink of that day, 'Absolutely not. I never got to do that at Hogwarts. It's a nice change.' He said cheekily, watching Dumbledore over the top if his martini. Dumbledore looked into Severus' eyes and shook his head, this time with amusement.

'Alright, Severus. But I promise you that if you don't join us in the water, or on the beach by the end of the week, then the rest of the staff and I will make you go by force.' Dumbledore laughed when Severus nearly coughed out his drink.

Severus scowled, putting down his glass with a little 'clink', 'I am on the beach, I'm only twenty-five meters away from the old ladies tanning, which, I may add, is as close as I am going. Seeing Minerva McGongall and Pince in bikinis, rubbing lotion all over themselves was not something that I ever wanted to see in this life time and all the ones following, let alone get near.' He raised his glass to his lips in frustration, before lowering the glass and adding, 'What you ask, 'tis alot!' He exclaimed, staring at Dumbledore seriously, who was laughing hysterically.

'No worries, Severus, you'll be tanning with those old ladies by the end of the week.'

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