The blazing shining sun shone through Pride Rock, waking the queen Nala up. She moved closer to Simba who was snoring deeply.

Nala yawned and than tried to go to sleep. But she couldn't. She got up and sat down in front of Pride Rock. She admired the beautiful grass and flowers and how they waved off to the right or left with the fierce wind. But what she liked best was the scene from far away, with all the beautiful trees, and flowers, and on top of that, Pride Rock in the middle, the sun shining on it, making it look like sparkles of a star.

Just than Nala heard foot steps behind her. She turned to see Simba walking firmly. He sat next to her.

"Good morning, Simba." said Nala, as she nuzzled his mane. "How are you?"

"Great." said Simba. "You?"

"I'm fine." said Nala. She gazed up at Simba who was looking at her, smiling. He looked some what like Mufasa.

"It's a beautiful day, isn't it?" asked Simba.

Nala nodded. "I want to go in the grass and run."

"Than, lets go." said Simba, as he leaped off Pride Rock and started running. Nala narrowed her eyes in a playful way and smiled. She leaped off Pride Rock and chased him around.

When she finally got him, she pushed him down, like she did when they were kids. She narrowed her aqua blue eyes and said, "Pinned ya!"

"Hey!" said Simba. He tried to look mad but Nala could see that he was thinking of the memory of them when they were kids.

They both sat up and went up to Pride Rock, laughing and talking. They went up to the rock and saw that Kiara and Kovu were talking gently.

"Hello, Kiara. Hello Kovu." said Nala. She smiled at them.

"Good morning mother. Father." said Kiara as she grinned. She glanced at Kovu, who also grinned.

Kovu smiled at Nala and said, "Hello. We kind of have some news."

He looked at Kiara who smiled as she slowly got up.

"Well, don't keep us waiting!" said Simba cheerfully.

Kiara and Kovu looked at each other. "Kiara's going to have a baby!" exclaimed Kovu.

"What?" asked Nala. She smiled as she went to them. "A Baby?"

"Yes." said Kiara, beaming. She nuzzled on Kovu's black mane.

"That's great!" said Simba. He smiled at Nala.

"Well, you should get some rest, Kiara." said Nala. She kissed her daughter on her forehead. Kiara sat down and smiled at her, and than at Simba and last at Kovu. Nala and Simba could see that Kiara and Kovu were really happy.

Nala and Simba left the room leaving Kiara, Kovu, and Sarabi (who was sleeping) alone. They left, as the kids came out to play, and soon the Pride land was full of noise.


It was a couple of months later. Kiara was sitting on the rock, beaming. She looked up at Kovu, and than her daughter, whom they had named Tamara. She looked just like Nala, the fur, the aqua blue eyes, and the cuteness of when she was a baby. She was, in fact, more pretty than her.

Nala and Simba walked from behind. They were smiling as they glanced at their grand daughter. "Oh my. She's adorable." said Nala. She nuzzled Tamara softly. "Tamara," she whispered. She looked up at Simba, who was smiling really hard. He looked at Tamara, thinking of her when she would become queen. She would look lovely.

"She's a beauty." whispered Simba, as his voice echoed in the Pride Lands. And everyone who laid their eyes on her had to agree.


Kiara slept with Tamara, soundly. She had the smile on her face all the time. She loved her precious daughter. She was out gorgeous, and looking into her eyes made her feel a warm feeling inside. This is my daughter She thought. And I'm a mother now.

Kiara started to sleep, but than she felt her spine shiver. She remembered what Simba had told her.

"If the bad side kills one king, than after three generations, if the queen is granted beauty, and has the cleverness sharp inside, than she must claim the throne. The evil side will do all they can to get her and kill her, because if she gets the throne, they will all die, and the evil spirits will also die. We must protect her, no matter how hard it is."

Those were Simba's words.

We must protect her, no matter how hard it is. These words kept running in Kiara's head, as she looked at her daughter.

"We must." she said as she huddled her closer to Tamara. "And we will." And with that, she fell asleep.