Tamara sat down with Jasmine. They were talking. Jasmine was talking about last night. But Tamara wasn't paying attention.

She saw a figure coming towards them, but she thought she was just imagining. But than she heard a sound in the bushes.

"So we were like…" Jasmine went on.

"Who was that?" whispered Tamara. She got to her feet, incase she had to run.

"It was me." said an old lioness.

"Hello." said Tamara, her voice shaking.

"We kind of have to go." said Jasmine.

"No you don't. I'm sure you parents can wait. because I have a treat for you." said the strange lioness. She was looking straight at Kiara.

"What?" asked Jasmine.

"Come with me." she said. She smiled.

Tamara looked at Jasmine, who was looking at the strange lioness with greedy eyes.

"No, Jasmine." said Tamara.

"You are to come." said the strange lioness firmly.

Tamara desperately wished that her father would come to save her. She wished that someone, if anyone, would come to protect her from this strange lioness.

She led them to a place where there was brown grass all over. She led them even farther into a cave, in which she ordered them to sit.

"W-Who are you?" asked Tamara.

"Me? I'm Zira." she said, as she smiled an evil smile.

"Zira.." said Tamara.

"You're evil grandparents and parents think that I'm dead. Too bad they didn't think twice." she laughed as she kicked the rock, and then they were left in the darkness.


"Tamara!" shrieked Nala. "Tamara!"

"Tamara! COME OUT OF YOUR HIDING PLACE NOW!" yelled Simba.

"She cant!" squeaked a small voice behind them.

Simba turned around to see little cub. His name was Frezendle.

"What happened Frezendle?" asked Simba. Frezendle was known for spying.

"A weird lioness took her." he said. "I was spying."

"What did she look like?" asked Nala, quickly.

"She was old. She had this peach type of skin. She had old light green eyes. Wait no, it was blue, no it was bluish greenish…yea."

Nala looked at Simba, who frowned. Zira was the only lion who could do that.

"But she's dead." said Simba to himself.

"How can this be?" asked Nala. "Lets tell Kovu and Kiara."

"Yea. Lets. Frezendle, go home." said Simba sternly.

Than he turned to Nala. "I'm going to go with Kovu…to the grasslands."

"Okay." said Nala. They went to Pride Rock. Nala sat with Sarabi, while Kiara looked for the other lionesses.


Simba ran as fast as he could Tamara needed him. Kovu ran along with him.

"There it is." he whispered.

"Yea." nodded Simba.

He stepped in the muddy grass, as he looked for Zira. There she was, talking to some other lionesses.

"Zira." said Simba sternly.

Zira turned to him, with her teal type of eyes. "Very well. So you found"

"yes." said Kovu sternly. "And I want my daughter."

"Well, you wont get her!" she said, as she laughed and evil laugh.

"Its all your fault." cried Tamara. "We could've gone home. But you wanted the "treat"."

"Sorry." said Jasmine softly.

"Whatever." said Tamara. "We have to get out of here!"

They looked around. Tamara found a small whole, and both of the cubs tried to make the whole big enough for them to squeeze out.

"We'll work on it tomorrow." said Tamara.

"Alright." said Jasmine.

And both the girls slept. But this time, Tamara wasn't snuggled in between her parents. Neither did she feel safe.