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--the morning of date to Wonderdog---

Akito walks into the living room and throws his backpack on the sofa. He turns on the T.V. and flops down next to his bag. Nothing much to watch...hm? He flips the channels and each time Sana's face would appear. Commercial, T.V. show, drama...geez, she's everywhere.

"The newest product of Kawaii Cosmetics! A perfume that is bound to get you a lot of attention. Be careful when wearing this perfume, you never know what might happen! IT'S KAWAII'S MAGIC TIME!" Sana thrusts the cylinder bottle at the camera and winks. YOU don't know what's coming either, though I can guarentee you it'll be fun...He smirks at Sana's smiling face on the screen. He glances at the clock on the shelf and sees that he should leave now to meet Sana.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" A shriek pierces the air above him. Natsumi comes running down the stairs in ripped jeans and a T-shirt. "Akito, you have nothing to do right now, right? Watch the house for me for a little bit! I have to get something! I totally forgot! Ohhh!" She leaves Akito standing in her dust without waiting for his reply. He turns around and grabs the phone. I hope she hasn't left yet...

--ten minutes later---

Ding Dong! Ding Dong! The door opens to Sana and her homemade lunch in a cloth bag. He lets her in while she waves to Rei driving away.

"Hey, Akito! Lucky you caught me when you did. I was already in Rei's car! Why did I have to come here anyway?" Sana put down her bag and headed into the living room.

"Natsumi said she forgot something and ran out before I could say anything. " Akito's eyes were twinkling with mischief, but Sana didn't see because her back was facing him.

"Oh, really? Well, we can wait. We have a whole day!" She sits on the armchair. "Mmm, comfy. Hey, you wanna do something while we wait for your sis?" Akito takes her arm and pulls her up off the couch.

"Let's go up to my room. We could do something upstairs." He says casually and Sana, seeing nothing wrong with this, innocently follows along.

Once inside his bedroom, Sana looks around for something interesting to do and spots the dinosaur with the 'scarf' she had knit him. She immediately starts cracking up.

"HAHAHAHAHAAA! Oh, that is so funny! No matter how many times I see it, it's still as hilarious as ever! Oh, my stomach! AHAHAHAHA!"

"Hey, stop laughing! What's wrong with that? I told you I didn't know what to do with it!" He frowns as she laughs even harder and then an idea hits him. "Stop laughing...or I'll make you stop." She wipes a tear from her eye and shakes her head. She tries to stop, but her gaze hits the dino again and the moment is gone. He sighs, "I warned you..."

She gasps as his mouth presses against hers. Her eyes are open wide as he wraps his arms around her. She closes her eyes and kisses him back. Her arms go around his neck, he licks her lips. She opens her mouth to breathe and his tongue slips in. Startled, she stumbles back and they fall on his bed. For a moment, he looks at her from above and she stutters.

"Ak-Akito...wa-what are you doing?" Omigod, wa-what's happening? We fell on his bed... it's almost like my dream from my nap! And he-he french kissed me...!

He lowers his head and whispers an inch away, "Didn't you want this? You had a dream about it...several times, I might add." Her mouth dropped, Ho-How did he know about that? He saw her face and smiled, "Tsuyoshi told me..."

He kisses her again, slowly and teasing. She lifts her head as the kiss deepens. His hand moves to cup her cheek. Akito lowers his lips to her jaw and down her neck, she stretches to give him more access. He unzips her jacket and her arms fall away from his hair to shrug it off. Sana becomes aware of sounds, moaning and sighs. Suddenly, she realises that they're coming from her. She blushes, but the embarassment passes when Akito comes back to her and she looses her train of thought. His fingers leave a feathery trail down her arms and then proceeds up her shirt. Her stomach clenches at his touch and she holds on to his arms. He stops for a second before running kisses down her collarbone. She cradles his head in her arms. She could only think of his touch and nothing else...

"AKITO! Where are you? Hey, thanks for watching the house...hey! Where are you? Are you listening?" Natsumi's voice brings them back to the present and they pull apart. Sana, wide-eyed, grabs her jacket from the floor and falls against the wall. Oh my god, what did we just do? Oh, my heart is beating so fast...I can't think straight! Akito looks at her from the bed and suddenly gets up. He opens his bedroom door and calls down the hallway to his sister.

"We're up here!" Sana follows and walks past him to the staircase. She stops halfway down when Natsumi appears before her with a big grin.

"We? Oh, Sana-chan! I didn't know you guys had plans today! Akito, why didn't you tell me? I wouldn't have ran out like I did. Gomene, Sana-chan."

"You didn't ask." Akito came all the way down and grabbed his backpack from the sofa. Sana walked slowly to the door and picked up her things. How can he act soo...so normal? Gosh, my face feels hot. I bet I'm deep red!

"Whatever. Well, don't mind me. Go ahead, I bet you were really looking forward to today's date, huh? Go on, have fun kids!" She pushed the two out the door and stood waving them away. Sana smiled and waved awkwardly before jogging to catch up with Akito. He had kept on walking past Natsumi. They walked to the bus stop in silence.

"Ah-um, is-is this the right bus?" Sana ventured a question at Akito. He looked up at the bus coming towards them and nodded.

"We take it until we get to Wonderdog Station." (I just made that up, kay?) Sana smiled sheepishly. They boarded and found seats next to each other in the back.

"Um, I-I made lunch for us today! I have sushi and sandwiches, several boxes of 'em. You wanna eat some now?" She held up a box and Akito looked at it hungrily. She handed it to him and smiled, "You don't need me to feed you, do you?" He looked at her, then the sushi and nodded. Her eyes grew, "WHAT? Why you-you-You big baby!" She took the chopsticks anyway despite her protest and fed him one. He munched happily so much like a little boy that Sana had to laugh. He frowned and opened his mouth for another.

"Give me another one and stop laughing like a crazy old woman." She stopped laughing. Suddenly, her body grew until she towered over him.

"WHAT-DID YOU JUST CALL ME? I'm the one who made your sushi! How dare you call me an old woman! " She took out her toy mallet and held it up high over her head. He started to laugh and after dodging a few whacks, went back to begging to be fed. She laughed and fed him for the rest of the bus ride.

--at Wonderdog----

"Aaahhh! Look at that! Isn't it cuuute? Ooh, that smells so yummy...wah! It's red as a lobster! Hehehe!" Sana ran around dragging Akito with her. They were stopped at least thirty times by her rabid fans when they finally came to a stop for lunch. They had already rode two rollercoasters and had just finished the twirling teacups ride(i don't remember the actual name, sorry . ).

"Uhhhh...I can't eat." Akito looked a bit green and was now edging away from the food.

"Why? I made it just for you..." Sana frowned at the food she laid out on the grass. She picked up the bento and held it up to Akito's face. "C'mon! It's sushi! Your faaavorite!" His face brightened a bit, but then clouds drew into his brows again.

"I...I don't think I could keep it down...not after you made us ride those things (the rollercoasters . ) over and over again!" Sana jumped up and glared him from above.

"What? You didn't have fun?" She smirked and asked,"Who was that screaming next to me? Just like a girl! Hahahaha! And weren't you all for it when I said to go again?"

"That was the second time we went on it! I didn't get a chance to say anything the other times." Akito crossed his arms on his chest.

"Oh, ho ho ho! You didn't deny that you scream like a girl. Hmm, you're finally realizing it, eh?" She held her nose up in the air and laughed. Akito smirked as he watched his girlfriend gloat.

"You shouldn't be talking." Sana stopped laughing. "You sounded like a chimpanzee, screeching my ears off. I thought I was going to go deaf."

Sana took a deep breath and glowered at him.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY? I do not sound like a chimpansie! Do Not! DO NOT! HOW DARE YOU-YOU..." She took out her reputed toy mallet and hit him twice on the head before he caught it. She struggled then gave it up. While he took it and threw it into the lake nearby, she took another out from behind her. With a yell not unlike a chimp, she began clobbering him with it.

"Ah! Hey, let me go! Stop it! Hey! Hey-Ow! Ah!" He saw a distraction and threw it out at her as a last resort. "Look! The Ferris Wheel! You said you wanted to go on it." Sana stopped and turned around. A second later, there was a huge grin on her face and Akito sighed with relief.

"LET'S GO!I wanna go on the Ferris wheel! Come on! The Ferris Wheel, the ferris wheel. We're going on the ferris wheel! WHEEE!"

Sana drags Akito into one of the cars and off they went.

"Wow! We're so high up! Isn't this fun? Aren't you having fun? Oooh, look at that couple above us! Awwwww...how sweet and romantic..." Suddenly, she remembered what had happened at his house, in his bedroom. She blushed and Akito said her thoughts aloud.

"It would have been fun and romantic to continue what we were doing in my bedroom before." He says slyly, "You're thinking the same thing, aren't you? Look at your face!"

"I-I know Aya told Tsuyoshi-kun, but-but...why did he tell you? It was a secret between Fuka, Aya, and me! I-I mean, it wasn't his business and certainly not yours..." She spoke softly and hid her face in her jacket. He came over and stood looking down at her.

"What? You didn't like it?" He lifted her chin and looked into her bright red face.

"We-well, I-I…didn't say that…not really-I…" He pushed her back against the glass.

"Look at all the people below. They don't know that their favorite celebrity is up here, with me." Sana looked out the window and back up at him. "And they can't see...how bright red you are!" He dropped on to the seat next to her and snickered.

"Hey! Don't you laugh at me!" She pouted and turned to look out the window. He stopped for a moment and looked out, too.

"Hey...we're at the top." Sana turned around and found him looking at her. Surprised, she couldn't help but look back at him. The seconds ticked away and she lost herself in the eyes that seemed to grow larger and blocked out their surroundings. Finally, she could feel his breath and her eyes fluttered. Their lips touched and she sighed. She leaned back and his hands roamed up and down her body. His tongue parted her lips and took her breath away. The kiss deepened. Suddenly, Akito fell halfway on top of her. The jolt of their landing car did not stop them. They took no notice of the two figures before them. In fact, Sana only pulled him closer.

Squeeaaak! Squeaal! The car door opened to Aya and Tsuyoshi's shocked faces.

"Sa-sana-chan!" Aya gasped with her hand over her mouth. Sana and Akito flew apart, Sana's face red and Akito's slightly pink.

"A-Akito-kun!" Tsuyoshi stared at the couple as Sana ran up to Aya. She hesitated and then whispered in her friend's ear. Aya gasped again and looked reproachfully at her boyfriend. Guessing what Sana had told her, his shoulders slumped and he shrugged apologetically.

"It's okay, I made him tell me." Akito came out holding both his bag and Sana's. Sana took hers and scurried back to Aya.

"Hey! Are you two going in the car or not?" The guy working at the ride tapped his pencil against the counter impatiently. He looked over at the

couple and rolled his eyes. Aya and Tsuyoshi looked at each other and shook their heads. They were still shocked from the picture of their friends making out like there was no tomorrow. Aya announced that they should spend the rest of the day together. Sana sighed with gratitude and hooked arms with her thoughtful friend. The girls wandered a bit away.

"So your dream came true, huh?"

"Yeah...it did. Weird, huh? But I don't feel so confused anymore..." The two smiled at each other and turned to wave at their boyfriends.

A loud announcer's voice speaks in the background...

"They passed first base a while ago and second came easily. Now they're waiting at third. I guess they still need a little more growing up to do before they hit a homerun!"

The voice cackles and fades away.


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