Title: Haunted eyes
AOTC and beyond
A/P, Obi-Wan, Ben
Anakin, AU
After killing the sandpeople, Anakin discovers someone watching him
I don't own anything in the Star Wars universe and I am not making any money off of this. There are a couple of lines borrowed from the AOTC novel also.

"What have you done?"

Anakin, still seething with anger, turned around, searching for the source of the voice. All he saw were the corpses of all the sandpeople he had killed.

"Killing won't take away the pain." The voice spoke again.

Irritated, Anakin stormed into all of the still standing huts, searching intensely for the speaker.

"Is this what she would have wanted?"

"Who are you!" Anakin shouted. "Show yourself!"

"I know what it is like." The speaker continued, ignoring Anakin's anger. "All…to…well."

Anakin breathed heavily, his blood pounding loudly in his ears. He looked past the former Tuskin camp and saw a short, solitary figure wearing an oversize black cloak with a hood covering his head. Striding toward the unwelcome intruder, Anakin soon found himself slowing the closer he got. The person was short, about the size of a twelve or thirteen year old would be if the person was human. Clasping the handle of his lightsaber, Anakin stood before the person and looked down.

Small human hands emerged from the sleeves of the cloak and pushed back the hood.

The person was a human male child about eight or nine years old. He had unruly red hair that reached his ears, and light freckles were scattered across his cheeks. The boy's eyes though betrayed that he had seen more then a child his age should ever be allowed to see. His blue, dull eyes looked into Anakin's own and without consciously realizing it, Anakin stepped back a step.

"What have you done?" The boy asked again and then collapsed in a heap.

Anakin hooked his lightsaber to his belt and cautiously approached the boy. Using the Force, Anakin probed the boy's mind and encountered strong mental shields. Yet the shields could not hide the fact that the boy was Force sensitive. Gathering the boy in his arms, Anakin picked him up and was surprised at how light the boy weighed. "Who are you?" Anakin asked in a whisper, looking at the boy's face.

Unsettled by the boy's appearance, Anakin went to make preparations for his return to the Lars homestead.