Sorry guys, it seemed that one of my siblings, using my FF account, accidentily deleted the original lost season, but I'll repost it.

Right now, Ive also done some changes to the titles, as well as added a thirteenth episode to make it complete.

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Anyways, to business!

This story is dedicated to the awesome series that is. Teen Titans.


Premise: After "The End" and Before the coming of the Brotherhood, there was a full year where the Titans continued their adventures, made new friends and enemies, as well as reflecting on themselves and their past achievements as a team.

This is the untold story.

The Lost Season.

Episode 1: The Amazing Adventures of Captain Mumbo! Or...Five ways to drown a Kitten

Summer vacation has begun, Mumbo tries his hand at reform and gets a job as a magician aboard a cruise ship, entertaining crowds with his amazing tricks. However, he does not count on one passenger, a skeptical and spoiled kitten.

Episode 2 - H.A.R.D.A.C
Cyborg finds a new computer system in town, one that is guaranteed to remove any traces of error from any computer program. To test it out, Cyborg installs a service computer to handle all of the Titans' needs. All goes well at first, until Cy decides to install it into the Tower Defense systems.

Episode 3 - Reflection
A confrontation with Doctor Light leaves Beast Boy incapacitated, and in a hospital bed. As Beast Boy deals with his injury, the team reminisces about their own personal experiences with their teammate.

Episode 4 - East Meets West
The H.I.V.E five decide to try and free their old headmaster, Brother Blood, who is locked up in steel city.

Episode 5-Cursed
Raven tries to put the past behind her, but someone isn't making it easy for her

Episode 6 - T.I.T.A.N.S
A documentary crew arrives to film a typical day for the Teen Titans, but their very presence ensures that what they get is anything but normal.

Episode 7 - Circuit Break
Overload returns, with new and improved upgrades. To combat him, the titans turn to Fixit for a solution.

Episode 8 - Showdown
It isn't easy being a thief, especially when you have assassins, robot commandos, and one persistant boy wonder all wanting a piece of you.

Episode 9 - Trial
Starfire and Val Yor are held on trial in an intergalactic court, accused of high crimes. While that is happening, a conspiracy threatens the galaxy, with enemies new and old.

Episode 10 - Game Over
He couldn't defeat the titans in real life, or in the TV. So Control Freak decides to take it to the next level, by defeating the Titans in his very own Video Game World.

Episode 11 - Integration Part 1 ('Season' finale)
An old enemy of Cyborg's returns for some payback..

Episode 12 - Integration Part 2 ('Season' finale)
The Titans take part in one of their toughest fights yet, and Cyborg is forced to make a difficult choice: Save the city, or save his friend.

Episode 13- A Teen Titan, A True Friend (Epilogue)