Summary: Sara Sidle may have just lost the game…and she's paying the ultimate price…her life.
Author: Spokenvoice
Rating: T (language and themes)


"CSI Sidle…tell me something, is this how you thought it'd all end?"

Her heart pounded against her chest, as his lips mumbling the words into her neck, she couldn't help but think this was it. He pushed the blade closer to her throat – she tried to lean back to get further from it but she was pulled up against his chest so couldn't. His left arm wrapped around her, it came from under her left arm and across her chest gripping her shoulder, as his right held the knife to her throat – he held the power.

He knew it …

And Sara knew it!

She wanted nothing more than to wake up and this to be another of her nightmares, another image that was invading her head while she thrashed around fearfully in her bed – but she knew it wasn't. She could feel his breath, it burned the back of her neck and caused her whole body to tense – Maybe it was the end for her … maybe she'd cheated death too many times?

"You know, I've waited three years to see you pay?" He continued to taunt her, he pushed the knife into her neck closer wanting to see her gasp, a tight breath – fearing that it was her last, knowing the possibility of that was too real. "You thought I'd let you get away with it? Huh?" He asked. She whimpered as it all became too much and the tears of fear, pain, hurt – they ran down her face.

"Now" He smiled, "Here's something we don't see everyday… the cold bitch actually shows emotion…" His teasing voice turned into a growl as he obviously became angry, "Is this, what it takes? It takes a knife to your throat to make you feel?" She tried to block him out, tried to stop him from getting inside her head…but it was too late. All that she could focus on was him;

His smell –a musty, burnt copper kind of smell – sickly grabbing at the back of her throat

His touch – strong, sickly she felt herself gag at his contact.

It had been hot so when she'd gotten into the house to process the scene she'd taken off her jacket, and was now only wearing her white vest top along with her black jeans and the boots – around her neck hung her life – what she lived for, on a metal chain she wore her CSI ID badge.

It had betrayed her…turned its back on her.

"Game over Sidle!" he smirked.


A/N: This is just the first chapter – a teaser if you will. Tell me what you think…I'd love to hear from you. I promise, the next chapters will be much longer – and you'll find more out about the lives of our CSI's as the story continues. And just how SARA got into this mess! TBC…