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"What the hell do you mean?"
"Look, all cases go on hold – Sara's gone"

"She's gone…"

"You know – I've dreamed about this. My revenge – I had no idea it'd be this easy. To get you here, to get you alone with me…" He sat on the box in the corner of the room – a dark room. Sara had preyed, she'd screamed, she'd cried – nothing had come of it. Now, all she could do was sit here, on the floor – her hands tied behind her back, and listen to him. "…its father anti-climactic …You know"

"Sorry to disappoint you" She growled.

"Oh, no…not disappointed… I've got you here… that's all I wanted" He laughed.

She lent against the wall at her side, her face pressed against the brick – her heart sank – her whole self collapsed. She knew this was the end; there was nothing she could do to get out of this. "You know, he was innocent… my brother didn't rape and kill them women" Sara closed her eyes, she remembered this case – like it was yesterday – she'd put him away – got him death by electrocution. "You know who it was Sidle?" he growled; now getting angrier that he had been – "You know who it was …" She didn't respond, just looked up at him as he stood and made his way towards her. "Me! I raped them, then I killed them and then I dumped them …"

Tears made their way down her face again, she could see the evil in his eyes – she wasn't getting out of this. He would kill her, just like he'd killed the others –

"Don't do this" She begged, "please"
"Please…" He laughed, "Please don't kill you? Please don't cause you the pain you cause my family? Game's over…I'm putting an end to it!"

"What happened?"

"I found the officer – no sign of Sara – her kit and Jacket and vest are in there – no Sara though"


"It doesn't look good – Gil – there's a note"

"So, you thought I'd let you walk away… live your life?"

She didn't respond, she just looked to the floor –

"Nah…I'm gonna show you"

"It was a simple B and E… that's what you said" Greg barked, as he pushed his hand through his hair. He was so scared, Sara was gone and he was in no way holding together. He'd been forced from the house, and out passed the crime tape – now stood by Catherine's Denali he was taking his hurt out on her.

"Greg…" She tried to calm him –

There was no use though – she couldn't even calm herself. She'd walked in there- she'd seen officer Stevens, nothing more than a child, lay on the ground. His throat slashed. He'd seen the way Sara's kit was thrown around the place – she'd struggled, the blood that had disbursed through the room was evidence of that – her jacket was on the chair. There was no sign of her however. "Where is she Cath?"

"Greg, we'll get her back – I promise…" The blond took Greg's arm. "You understand – you have to trust me"

he shook his head, "This can't be happening…"

Hey Cath, Greg…what the hells going on?" Warrick asked as soon as he stood from the Denali, Nick was not far behind.

"Grissom's inside, Sara's gone"

Warrick took off towards the house, Nick followed as Catherine continued to try and calm the younger CSI. She herself was having trouble believing this – what she really needed was to be back in there, finding out what was going on but they couldn't return until he'd calmed – enough to at least stay calm and not disrupt the investigation. He crumpled into her arms – she put them around his shoulders and held him to her.

Sara was gone and they had no clue yet as to where

…they couldn't only prey that she was alive and that they'd find her. They couldn't help but think the worse. All of them, thinking about the - what ifs?



She looked up, having taken a beating from him she barely had enough strength. She was covered in blood – she was hurting and had no way of getting free. She just wished that he'd get it over with – if that's what he was going to do, kill her, just do it. He had a camera pointed at her face – he was recording it the sick bastard. Something inside her erupted, anger, she snarled up at him. "I've got nothing to lose…you kill me, you kill me"

"Aww, now Sara – you really don't expect me to believe that do you?" He sighed, "Come on, what about the shift you work with… they must be missing you"

She looked into the camera for a few moments as she began to think of them – the team, Nick, Rick, Cath and Grissom and her lover, her boyfriend Greg. Her whole family! She shook it away though. "Look Sidle" His attitude changed as he went from a soft tone to an angered, don't fuck with me tone, "I'm giving you a chance – just say your goodbyes, tell them how much you love them, how this isn't their fault – how you're a fuck up and they are all better off without you … TELL THEM!" As he shouted this he placed his boot in her side – once, twice and then a third time leaving her coughing and spluttering on the floor – gasping for breath, fighting for air - this was her hell.

He'd beaten her black and blue, he'd made her wish she'd never become CSI – made her question her own ability to live. "Tell them what they want to hear Sara…"