Kingdom Hearts: Beginning of game

SailorMoon: After the battle with Galaxia


(Lady who guides Usagi speaking to Usagi)

Flashbacks or Memories

-: Ages :-

Usagi - 15

Sora - 14

Yuffie - 15

Areith - 17

Leon - 16

-: Fighting for Your Heart :-

Chapter 1: Beginning of an Adventure


"D-don't tell me we're going to fight that thing!" Usagi stammered as she backed away from the large heartless.

"Yes, and it's called a Guard Armor." Areith nodded. She held out her hand and a staff appeared infront of her. It was a long and slender metallic pink staff that was the same height as Areith herself. At the very top it had a golden star with the nine planets surrounding it.

"It has a name!" Usagi screeched in disbelief. Yuffie smiled at the girl, knowing how she felt since this was her first real fight. Yuffie was experienced in this kind of stuff. Back in her village, Wutai, she was trained to be a ninja(1). Yuffie placed a comforting hand on Usagi's shoulder who was almost shaking from fear.

"Relax." she smiled, "Don't worry we'll protect you."

Usagi looked up at Yuffie, before she could show how grateful she was she suddenly zoned out.

Everything was dark to her. A bright light suddenly appeared and filled the area, causing her to cover her eyes. When the light died down she looked around. The place she was in was unknown to her. She nearly screamed when a creature popped up from the ground.

"What is that?" Usagi's eyes widened as she saw a mirror image of herself. She carried the usual staff she always had only she was in a fuku.

"Calm down odango! It's nothing we can handle." a raven replied.

"Yeah! Rei's right! We'll protect you Usagi!" winked a brunette her emerald eyes sparkled with joy and happiness.


"I don't need you guys to protect me anymore! I can take care of myself!"


"W-why? Why are you protecting me like this? You could die!" she cried, tears spilling out.

"B-because... you're o-our princess... and our friend..."


"Usagi!" Yuffie shook her shoulders roughly and Usagi shook her head clear the fog in her head.

"W-what happened?" Usagi inquired.

"You zoned out." Areith replied with concern.

"You don't have to do this Usagi. We can always take you back." Yuffie offered.

Shaking her head, Usagi answered, "No. I'm fine!" she assured them.

"Alright... Let's go." Areith said hesitantly.


"Leon!" Areith casted a cura on the worn out warrior as he leaned on his sword.

"Take that ya stupid hunk of metal!" Usagi smacked her staff against the foot of the guard armor and immediately regretted it when she saw it lift its foot. "O-oh no! Oh no!" Usagi hurriedly grabbed her staff before she rolled away from its attack. Sighing in relief she didn't see another large foot ready to squish her.

"USAGI!" opening her crystalline eyes upon hearing her name being called, her eyes grew in size as the foot got closer and closer to her. Her heart pounded and she could hear the sound of it in her ears. Was this the end? Would she ever find out her past?

Her lips moved on their own as her eyes turned pupiless, and her blue eyes turned to dark navy, almost black, "Shield of light." she whispered and a shield immediately formed around her, protecting her from harm. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion and her eyes returned to the way they once were. When the foot of the Guard Armor met the surface of her shield its foot bounced back. The others looked at Usagi in shock as she glanced down at her hands.

'What was that?' she asked herself.

(The shield of light... the shield that will protect you from physical attacks)

'Who are you? And why did you call me daughter?'

(All will be revealed on your journey...)


"Usagi!" Areith helped the young girl up as she brushed herself off. Areith examined Usagi, "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine." Usagi nodded. Looking around, she found the others fighting off the Guard Armor.

"Take that!" Yuffie swung her shuriken at the Guard Armor and healed her injuries with a potion.Leaping up, Usagi did a three-hit combo on the arm of the heartless before she got smacked to the ground roughly.

"Renzounken!" Leon jumped up, doing a series of combos before yelling out Fated Circle and finished off the arms of the Guard Armor.

"Fire!" fire erupted from the tip of Areith's staff before she launched it out at the Guard Armor. The body of the Guard Armor began to spin wildly, much like a tornado, reflecting all attacks that was sent to it. 'Wow, I wish I could use magic like Areith.' Usagi watched in awe as Thunder was called upon by Areith and struck the chest of the Guard Armor.

(Search within yourself... Concentrate on your target and unleash the power within...) the wind whispered and wrapped around her before flying off elsewhere.

'Search within yourself?' "USAGI!" Usagi looked up and was about to get slammed into the wall next to her if she didn't dodge sooner. 'I HAVE to stop doing that.' Making sure she was a safe distance away from the Guard Armor she closed her eyes. 'Okay that lady said to search within myself... And concentrate on my target then unleash the power within... How do I do that?' Usagi saw only darkness before she found a small speck of silver light in the distance. She began to run for it the more she ran the brighter it got. Stopping, she began to reach out for the light and when she opened her eyes she found herself holding onto a golden tiara with a pale gold/ yellow crescent moon in the center where it went down in a V. Intricate designs and stars decorated the sides.

"Moon Tiara, MAGIC!"


"Moon Tiara Stardust!"


"Tiara Wrap!" (2)

"Moon Tiara, MAGIC!" Usagi gripped the tiara tightly, the tiara glowed, with all her might, she threw it at the Guard Armor. The tiara only nicked the heartless before it began to circle back to her and surprisingly she caught it before she strapped it to one of the hooks on her skirt.

"Hah!" Sora leapt up and did a finishing combo on the Guard Armor before it collasped on the ground in a heap with its body parts on top of it. The Guard Armor glowed and a red heart appeared above the creature before disappearing.

"Moon Dusted!" Usagi found herself saying. Usagi slapped a hand over her mouth. Why would she say something like that? The others looked at her with amusement.


"Go with them Sora!" Yuffie encouraged.

"Yuffie's right, you could find your friends easier this way, since you'll be traveling across the many worlds out there." Areith nodded.

"Wait!" Usagi started, "I was wondering if I could come with you guys."

"Sure/NO!" Goofy, Sora, and Donald said in unison.

"Actually Usagi..." Areith smiled, "Yuffie thought it would be nice if you trained with the three of us before you headed out without much experience."

"Really?" Usagi asked excitedly.

"Really." Yuffie confirmed, smiling.

"Be careful while you're out there Sora." Leon warned.

"I will." Sora nodded.


"This is from all of us." Areith handed the red munny pouch, filled with 1000 munny, to Sora who pocketed it gratefully.

"Take care of these. I made 'em my self." Yuffie winked and handed him a bag of some of her ninja stars.

"I found this while I was walking around Traverse Town. It's not much, but I think it'll help." Usagi smiled and gave him a Protect Chain.

Handing Sora an Elixir, Leon ordered, "There are 99 dalmations that have been scattered across the worlds, find them." Sora couldn't help but the loner.

"I will!" Sora waved to them as Donald, Goofy, and himself walked out of Traverse Town towards the Highwind Gummi Ship (3). Turning to face the rest of the group, Usagi couldn't help but say excitedly, "So? When do we start training?" The three smiled at her.

"We'll start after we get checked in to our hotel rooms." Areith informed her.

"Who-ho!" Usagi began to run to the 2nd district as the others laughed, well Areith and Yuffie.


"So... How long does it take for us to get to another world?" Sora asked, eyeing a few controls of the ship.

"Depending on the distance. It usually takes us atleast three days." Goofy replied and pointed on the screen on the control panel, "This screen here tells and shows us how long and far away the new world is. So it'll take us 4 days to get here." Goofy moved his finger to the right to point at an unknown world.

"That's not too bad." Sora got comfy in one of the four chairs seated behind the screen that showed them the world outside of the ship.

"Hey! Don't sit there! You don't know how to shoot the lasers!" Donald barked.

"Yeah I do! All I have to do is hit a button right?" Sora shrugged.

"NO!" Donald yelled.

"Aww, I think you better let Donald control the lasers for now, you can control them on the way back to Traverse Town." Goofy suggested. Crossing his arms, Sora reluctantly nodded.

"You can handle how we move, and dodge on-coming heartless ships. Donald's usually incontrol of our attack system, lasers and rockets, and I handle our defense system." Goofy told Sora.


"So what room do we have?" Usagi asked.

Areith looked up from their key card to reply, "We have the deluxe pent house. It has three rooms in all, small kitchen, and two bathrooms."

"Three rooms? There's four of us." Yuffie said with confusion.

"The four-room deluxe was to expensive, so we took the three-room." Leon answered.

"So who's sharing a room with who?" Usagi inquired.

"Well, Yuffie and I will be sharing a room, so you and Leon can have your own rooms." Areith informed them.

"Alright!" Usagi cheered.

"Damn!" Yuffie cursed and couldn't help but glare playfully at Usagi. Usagi blew a raspberry at Yuffie who mirrored her. Leon merely rolled his eyes at their immaturity.


Usagi looked around her not-small-but-not-big room. The flooring of the room was pale wood and beige wallpaper covering the walls. The beige was bordered by a cream color and white with small designs so that the room wouldn't seem so plain. A one-sleeper oak wood bed layed in the center area of the left side of the room with matching nightstands on either side of the bed, both had a lamp on top. The sheets to the bed were beige with a red comforter lined in a golden color on top. Matching pillows layed on top of the pile of blankets that had designs of golden leaves on them. A dresser sat across from the bed, next to a door which led to what Usagi supposed, a closet. A red carpet layed underneath the bed and a full-length mirror was on the left side of the dresser. A desk was on one side of the bed, complete with a lamp and chair. Slowly, Usagi began to unpack her things from her sub-space pocket, which she found after landing in Traverse Town.

( Knock Knock )

"Who is it?" Usagi asked, facing the doorway.

"It's Yuffie, Usagi. Are you ready to train?"

"Oh yeah! Sure, I'll be out in a few seconds!" Usagi grabbed her staff and tiara before running out of her room. Even though she felt as though there was no hope for herself, this was just the beginning of a new adventure... for Usagi...


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