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Chapter Thirteen

Getting Away With Murder

"People say that there is nothing to live for except the routine struggle of everday life. My struggles come to an end here, in the mere agony of selflessness. We served like robots, machines built and trained to perfection so that we might aide the unfortunate. But at the end of life when we are broken and punished it is the torture of the goodness we have done that eternally seals our fates.

My fate was sealed the moment I left that hospital, bound by the love I held to enact revenge upon those that hurt my team. When I left that night, moving into the thundering ache in my heart was the thirst for blood. The lust to kill him. Did I plan the actions I would take to kill him? Not plan percey, but I knew. I knew before I hit that side walk how I was going to kill that bastard.

Do I apologize? No, unless you need me to apologize to my team for failing. In that case I do apologize to the men and woman who served under me, I apologize to their families for not being strong enough to protect their children. I apologize to the futures they could have held in the palm of their hands, and the families they could have had. I apologize to those that didn't get a chance to serve under me for thinking they were strong enough to handle it. And above all I apologize for those that I let succeed beneath me and move on to jobs that were more dangerous than the one I gave them.

What did I do when I left the hospital? I went home. I went home and got my bag, packed some clothes in it and then drove. I drove to the airport, and boarded a plane to Venice that very night. I arrived a few days later, taking my time getting there the entire journey so I could be sure of his whereabouts. Once it was confirmed that he was in his Venice home I plotted, I planned

Everything after that was premeditated. After the moment I found out he was in the country I began to survey the area of his home. Watched the boating routes and found out the perfect time to sneak in was when the bread barge went through. That was the time I aimed for, early enough in the morning not to be empty and late enough not to be too suspicious. I started working that route a few weeks before I made to move in. Getting to know the locals and letting them know as much about me as possible. Planting the seeds that I could never be the killer of the brave Baldasarre son.

A month after I started working I noticed that every morning when the bread barge went through Atalo was in his bedroom window doing something that appeared to call for looking in a mirror. That's where the plan came from. I'd brought with me my sniper rifle from back in the day, and had snuck it onto the boat at some time or another. Made sure to hide it in a loose board on the inside wall of the cabin where the bread was kept. There was a porthole that had a clean shot right into that window.

It was a sniper's dream, and I took advantage of it. Using the bread as a silencing device I made sure I had two good clean shots. One visually perceived to lodge in his throat, and the other I believe found a nice hole between his ears. Both would be fatal shots of course. As was my intention." The silver haired man took a breath and released the tension the handcuffs were causing to start up into his shoulders and down along his back. He shifted in the seat, his jumpsuit making a soft swishing noise as he got more comfortable.

An interrogation room was never comfortable, it was hot and the table before you was always colder than room temperature. The cuffs ate into your flesh as the man questioning you ate into your soul. Except, in this instance Gibbs was telling him what Gibbs wished to tell him. He didn't tell him why he was gone for three months after the initial act of revenge, and he didn't disclose how much more he had thought about this act of revenge then he had already related.

"You did plan his death then, you admit it?"

"Of course I admit it, need me to remake that statement Agent Monroe?" The young agent turned his gaze to the mirror behind him before looking back upon his former hero.

"No, that's not necessary. I have something to show you however before you are taken away, something you might have been interested in before your little confession." His finger pressed against the light switch, turning off the lights to the interrogation room and revealing the room on the opposite side of the two way mirror. Inside a single form loomed, his body moving from the shadows with the sinister twist of them across his features.

The man was Italian in heritage, his hair cut short and those eyes sharp and fixed on his prey. The man was well built, muscular, and formidable in his own right. As the realization of what Gibbs' saw sunk in the older man lurched forward in the chair. His handcuffed limbs making rattling noises before the dull 'fwump' of a silenced bullet rang out in the interrogation room. A second later there was a loud thumping noise as a lifeless body slammed against the earth. Blood leaking from the dead man's chest. And so ended the life of Leroy Jethro Gibbs in the pain of realization that he had failed all he had known and all he had cared about.

The soft beep and whiz of machines played across the background of an isolated hospital room, there was a silent sort of rock music audible only because the listener's mp3 player was turned up full blast. It was almost peaceful, except for the lurching of the respirator as it pumped air into the lungs of the comatose man. Keeping him stabalized was enough to make the youngish lab technician happy. She'd lost so much in the past year, and now the only thing she truly had left was her visits to her best friend's room.

Anthony DiNozzo had been in a coma since he was taken out of recovery, he was fine physically but something wasn't allowing him to return to them quite yet. She ran her fingers across his forehead and let out a soft breath. "Come on Tony, at least wink at me today. I'm wearing your favorite corset!" She mused softly and closed her eyes, her head moving to lay against his chest with a gentleness that only the two of them shared. She felt something beside her, and before she had the chance to look there was the feel of someone stroking her back. She lurched forward and then turned making to punch the assaliant and only then did she realize the hand belonged to the flailing friend in the bed as he tried to bring himself out of whatever fog had taken him.

Officer David had been reassigned back home, her whereabouts widely unknown to the entire agency world. But one thing for sure was known, the day that former Agent Gibbs was gunned down there was a bomb planted upon a plane carrying the suspected killer and traitor. Nothing could be pinpointed but all thoughts leaned upon the shoulders of Officer David who shortly after disappeared off the face of the earth.