The Blood is the Life


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Harry wakes up to an unusual transformation and discovers that his destiny is a lot different than he first thought.

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The blood is the life

Harry Potter woke up on a freezing rainy day on privet drive despite the fact it was only just nearing the end of summer and he was allowed the courtesy of having the radiator in his room switched on.

Harry scratched at his head and yawned while simultaneously trying to flatten his wayward hair.

He got up and slowly ambled to the bathroom pulling his oversized boxer shorts up around his hips. Harry leaned on the sink and looked into the mirror, it was at this time he noticed a change in the face staring sleepily back at him.

He looked pale, really pale, almost to the point that he looked like the many white marble statues that graced the corridors of Hogwarts.

"Oh boy do I look like shit! I must be really ill" he walked back to his room in his boxers and opened the curtains but shrank away instantly in agony.

His first thought was that he had been hit with a crutacius curse and that Voldemort was surely outside his bedroom window grinning like a Cheshire cat, it was like a thousand red-hot daggers were thrust into his skin and being twisted… slowly.

He managed to stumble forward and pull the curtain back across… instant relief!

Harry sat on his bed to recover, his breathing was shallow and his heart pounding in his head making T.V. static-like images flash in front of his eyes.

"Boy! Get your skinny bottom down here and make some breakfast you lazy little bastard!" he heard Uncle Vernon shout from the bottom of the stairs.

"Dudley! Go and fetch that little freak and if he does come to some harm on the way down I won't hold it against you got it?" an evil smirk ran across Vernon's fat puce face at he patted his son on his equally obese shoulder.

Harry heard this as clear as if it were in his bedroom, followed by Dudley's fat little legs pounding up the stairs ready to beat Harry to a pulp.

Harry became enraged a terrible feeling welled up within him and by the time 'Dudders' had entered his room and was shouting the odds Harry had pounced on him and zoned out.

Harry came back to reality to find his mouth on Dudley's fat neck while his cousin screamed for his parents. He pulled away from the writhing boy sharply to find his mouth and chin dripping with crimson blood and something remarkably sharp pressing into his bottom lip.

There was a huge bang as Vernon came thundering into the room, he saw Dudley holding his bleeding neck and shivering violently. Uncle Vernon immediately assumed that Harry had stabbed his poor little son "Where is he Dudders?" exclaimed Uncle Vernon as rage consumed him.

Dudley pointed a chubby shaking finger toward the door, behind it sat Harry tears streaming down his face mixing with the drying blood on his lips and chin.

Vernon stared in terror at Harry who was now sporting a set of pearlescent fangs and some sharply pointed elf-like ears.

"Please help me Uncle Vernon I don't know what's happening, WHAT AM I? PLEASE! WHAT AM I?" Harry whimpered putting his hands over his head as he rocked back and forth against the wardrobe.

Vernon's lips quivered and his face contorted, he was inconsolable he had had enough despite the boys desperately pleading looks. "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE FREAK" Bellowed Uncle Vernon and he began to beat Harry with the only thing he had in his hands, the latest copy of 'Englishman's Castle Monthly' and boy those things are thick!

Harry grabbed his wand and made a break for the front door leaving everything else he owned behind. Harry burst the front door open and fell into a muddy puddle in the street, the sky now Safire with the approaching light.

"LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK! YOU FREAKY BLOOD SUCKING LITTLE……LITTLE….V…..VAMPIRE!" and with that Vernon slammed the door closed causing the knocker and window to rattle violently.

Harry stood as the last words his Uncle had said to him slowly seeped into is consciousness…………Vampire!

Harry reached up and felt the incredibly sharp fangs in his mouth sprouting two inches from his gums; he touched his pointed ears and covered them with his scruffy hair as he absent-mindedly licked the blood off his lips.

Harry bent to look in the puddle and stared once again at his face, his glasses had been lost in his panic to get away and Harry became aware that he didn't need them any longer; his eyes were still green but luminous as if a hidden light shone from within them.

"Oh god, what have you done to me now?" Harry slid to his knees; he had to find help, he did the only thing he could think of as his sense of the approaching dawn made his head pound.

Harry stuck out his wand to hear an enormous CRACK! and a haze of screeching purple stopping in front of him.

"Stan Shunpike at your service" Stan looked down to see a weeping Harry potter on his knees. "Ah… its you Harry! Watcha doin down there?" Stan looked quizzically before helping the young man onto the Knight Bus.

"So were you off to?" shouted Ernie, while Stan continued to notice something strange about the distressed Harry Potter.

"The….The….Burrow….St Otterly" Harry forced out; it was the only place he felt safe and he didn't want to give away the whereabouts of the Order headquarters on a crowded bus, despite the fact that the pain in his head was getting worse.

After an insanely bumpy ride Harry was let off the bus at The Burrow and limped down the path towards the house.

The sun was rising and Harry's flesh began to smoke; the pain was unbelievable, he staggered to the Weasley's forever open back door and burst in seeing all the Weasley's sat at breakfast their mouths open in shock.

Harry? Exclaimed every Weasley in unison as Harry lost consciousness and fell to the stone floor.

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