Harry stared at his father in shock; he chewed his lip nervously before replying.

"Erm..Maybe the long Version then" said Harry incredulously.

"Well..ahem… you are a submissive Vampire and you are in heat" said Dracula once again.

"Yeah I think I might have gathered that part" Harry said as he pulled off his school sweater, it was, as a matter of fact, getting rather hot in his Dad's office.

"Well you see, er…when I brought the curse of vampirism down upon my family and the castle's servants, well many of them where of the male persuasion." Dracula stared at his son peculiarly for a moment before lifting him up and sitting in his chair pulling Harry back onto his lap and stroking his ebony locks.

"Dad! Why are you…?" Harry said even though he found himself leaning into the touch.

"Its your pheromones Harry..…when you are in heat I…I can't ignore them, they make me want to protect you.

If you had a dominant brother he would be doing exactly the same thing." Dracula pulled his son closer and rested his chin on Harry's head.

"Anyway, as I was saying, the curse found a way around the fact that there where more males than females, it made half the male staff submissive, so they could bear children and keep the vampire curse alive throughout the generations." Said Dracula.

"So that's why I feel so… dopey." Said Harry quietly.

"Most probably!" Dracula gave a little laugh, which quickly turned into a sneer.

"We have company!" Dracula suddenly growled and pulled Harry away from the door as it opened with a bang.

Draco Malfoy stood in the doorway angrily, his eyes blazing mercury and his fangs sticking out over his bottom lip.

Harry whimpered and Dracula growled even louder.

"You WILL let me see him eventually Mr Stoker or should that be Count Dracula?" Said a smirking Draco as he sauntered into the room.

"How did you know who I was you feeble little worm!" Dracula Hissed.

"Easy now! There has been a portrait of you hanging in the family room at Malfoy Manor for about three hundred years" Malfoy sneered.

"Well regardless of that young Malfoy you have no business being here, I suggest you continue on to your next class?" Dracula's eyes blazed in furious warning.

Draco stepped closer, his head tilting to one side.

"Mmm you smell him don't you Dracula? It's completely divine and all-encompassing." Draco inhaled deeply, nostrils flaring, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as his eyelids fluttered rapidly.

Dracula snorted "Foolish young vampire, do you think he does not attract every dominant creature? That every mateless being from vampire to Incubi will be sniffing him out? Dracula laughed haughtily showing his fangs.

"But he will mate with me, won't you Harry!" Said Draco as he took another step towards the boy in Dracula's arms.

The lust was pouring off the blonde in waves, waves that where raising the protective hackles of the Count.

"You have as much chance as any Malfoy, it is not up to me whether or not you mate with my son, the choice is his and his only."

"Very well! I suggest we let the games begin!" Draco bowed low and retreated from the office.

When Dracula could no longer sense the young dominant he finally let Harry stand.

Harry shakily got to his feet but gripped his father to prevent himself from falling when a dizzy spell made the room spin.

"Here take this," Said the elder vampire as he pulled a small crystal bottle full of purple liquid from the cupboard behind his desk.

"What is it?" asked Harry as he stare down at it.

"Its Lynovric potion, it will keep the symptoms of your heat at bay, your pheromones unfortunately will still be strong but at least you'll have a fighting chance with your senses clear." Dracula looked into his sons green eyes, eyes that where a replica of his own and sighed.

Harry drank the potion and smiled as his vision cleared and his body seemed to cool down considerably.

"Choose your mate wisely Harry" Dracula hugged his son.

"What if I don't want a mate! I've only just got used to being a vampire! Merlin I haven't even bitten anyone!…well except Dudley but that doesn't count" Harry cried throwing himself back in his chair and worrying his bottom lip with a fang.

"You'll do just fine, I'm sure of it! Now I believe you have a lesson with Professor Sprout that you are already 10 minutes late for!" Dracula walked Harry to the door and had to practically push him out of the room.

"But Dad! Malfoy is in that class!" Harry panicked and tried to bolt back into the office.

"Just go Harry! You are not as powerless as you think you are, especially with the Lynovric running through your veins!" Dracula shut the door.

"But Dad! DAD PLEASE!!" Harry beat against the door for a while before he stopped and stood panting, he resigned himself to his fate and went to Herbology.

Draco was sat at the back of the class when Harry arrived; the seat next to him was the only one free.

Harry let out a long-suffering sigh before walking down the isle to his apparent doom.

3 Sets of eyes where watching him hungrily as he passed, Blaize Zabini, Seamus Finnigan, and of course Draco.

Harry practically ran to the seat and got out his gloves.

"Sorry I'm late professor," He said slowly.

"Oh quite alright Mr Potter Mr Stoker sent me an owl before class explaining that you weren't feeling all that well? I do hope you are feeling better now? Yes?"

Harry Nodded.

"Great! We are reading up on the life cycle of the Aster Tree also known as Ambicular vulgaris, Pages 156-9 Mr Potter" Sprout rubbed her hands together and began to point to all the various parts of the tiny pink tree.

Harry was daydreaming when he felt warm breath on his ear.

"So Harry are you going to pick me, the Incubus or the Werewolf?" Whispered Draco slowly.

"Wh…what do you mean?" Harry gulped out as Malfoy used his deft fingers to caress Harry's thigh.

"Blaize is a Dominant Incubus and Finnigan a Dominant Werewolf, they want you Harry just like I do. Can't you see the way they look at us?" Draco gently kissed Harry's ear eliciting a moan and a shiver from him.

Harry let his gaze roam across the tables in front of him landing on Seamus, who was scowling at Draco, his eyes glowing dangerous amber. Harry gasped and looked to Blaize who was doing the same thing only his eyes where a hypnotic purple.

If he had been paying attention he would have noticed that his own eyes had turned a milky luminous green that glowed like liquid Kryptonite.

Draco's eyes were molten silver as he scowled at the other dominants, his arm wrapping around Harry's waist without protest.

Hermione who had been sitting to Harry's left on the next desk was watching the whole exchange with increasing worry.

Ever since she had seen the way Draco had acted around Harry in Divination she had spent the past three hours in the library, it was there that she realised Harry was a Submissive and Draco was a Dominant vampire.

It was obvious that Harry was distressed and despite the potion he was responding to the only Dominant that was nearest and most like himself.

With a little shriek Harry turned and buried his head in Draco's neck. It was obvious the other Dominants were livid, but Draco merely smirked at them over Harry's head as he smoothed the Submissive's back.

Draco raised a hand and asked if he could take 'Potter' to the hospital wing, as he wasn't feeling well.

Professor Sprout agreed heartily and waved them both out of the room.

Hermione gasped at the growls that erupted in the class as the vampires left, Blaize and Seamus both ran for the door fighting and pushing at each other as they both tried to get through it at the same time.

Professor sprout had barely spoken in protest before the two had fled the room in search of their mate.

"Fucking Magical creatures!" said Hermione uncharacteristically and followed them out the door.

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