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Warnings:Yaoi/ Shounen Ai, slight language, and slight angst

Pairings: Kotetsu/Izumo

Comments: My first series of onshots, and all focused and Kotetsu/Izumo! There will be mentions of Genma/Raidou, and Kakashi/Iruka as well as other characters from Naruto! I hope you enjoy, because I loved writing it!


The smell of coffee woke Izumo. Groaning, he rolled over, reverently wishing for sleep to claim him again, as his bruised and batter body protested. Burying his nose in the pillow, he tried to ignore the tantalizing scent of freshly brewed coffee.

"I know you're awake."

"Go 'way, Tetsu," he mumbled into the pillow. " 'm sleeping."

"Sit up and drink it. You'll feel better."

Izumo didn't respond, and rubbed his face deeper into the pillow. He should have known better.

A shock of cold air hit him as his blankets were ripped away.

"Hey!" he yelled, curling painfully into a tight ball, all his muscles screaming at him for doing so.

"Don't ignore me. C'mon, sit up."

"I will if you give me back the blankets." Izumo insisted stubbornly.


He snatched his blankets back from his treacherous lover and sat up slowly, pushing his long, sleep mussed hair from his eyes and scowling at his grinning lover.

"Don't look at me like that. You needed to be woken up." Kotetsu settled his naked length on his side of the bed and reclaimed some of the covers for himself.

"Why?" he asked, sounding like a whinging child.

"Because you'll get yourself all out of whack if you sleep all day." Kotetsu replied, watching as he picked the hot cup of coffee and inhaled appreciatively.

It had been a long, long mission. A week of one disaster after the next. Nothing had gone as it should have. The client they had been sent to protect had been killed, despite his teams best efforts, innocent people had been hurt, his team members wounded and it had rained non-stop for a weeks. Izumo hated the cold, and getting soaked hadn't improved things. His clothes had chaffed his softened skin in all the sensitive places and he now had one uniform completely beyond repair. He'd been lucky that he had gotten away from that nasty battle with only bruises and nothing more.

He had arrived home soaked to the skin, exhausted, hungry and missing Kotetsu and hurting all over. Kotetsu hadn't been home, much to his dismay, so he'd showered miserably and collapsed straight into bed. He vaguely remembered Kotetsu moving around in the late hours of the night, and then later taking him into his arms, but beyond that, he had slept like a log.

Now to be woken up so rudely and unsympathetically had left him disgruntled and grumpy.

The strong black coffee helped to improve his bad mood. When he looked at Kotetsu lounging beside him completely naked and oblivious to the cold, Izumo felt his irritation evaporate almost immediately.

Kotetsu. His world, his love, his sanity. His lover possessed a wild, messy beauty which matched his brazen and daring personality so perfectly. Kotetsu attracted people with his outgoing and vibrant ways. He hid nothing from anyone, preferring to be open and honest (some may say blatant) with his opinions. Everything he did was done in extremes. It was the way he functioned, and everything about him made Izumo love him. It was that loud personality that had attracted him to begin with, just like many others.

They were complete opposites. Izumo was a private and reserved person around most others, and he hid his emotions easily, whereas Kotetsu's were written on his face for the world to see. Izumo was wary of people he didn't know very well, and he didn't trust easily; he preferred to wait and watch before deciding if he liked someone. Kotetsu liked and got along with most people. He made friends as easily as he breathed. Kotetsu frequently called him paranoid and Izumo retaliated by telling him that he was naïve and too trusting.

They were indeed, complete opposites in everything, but they fit. They fit together the way a jigsaw puzzled did, and neither would have it any other way.

Izumo put his coffee down, and moved over to him, curling up at his side with his head on Kotetsu's chest. He knew Kotetsu was grinning as he wrapped his arms around him.

He closed his eyes as the warmth of his lover seeped through him.

"How was the mission?"

"Shitty." He mumbled.

Those strong arms tightened around him in their protective embrace, and Izumo felt as if the world could crash down around them and he wouldn't care in the slightest. They didn't normally go into the details of their missions, unless it was unusually bad. It was an unspoken agreement, not to bring that aspect of their lives into their relationship. It would only complicate things too much.

"Some of those bruises look pretty bad."

Feeling those dark eyes looking at him, Izumo raised his head and looked back at him.

"They're fine."


He smoothed a hand over Kotetsu's broad, silken chest, as he inhaled that treasured scent.

"I'm fine." He whispered, as warm fingers wound their way through his hair.

"I missed you." Kotetsu's voice rumbled pleasantly through his chest under Izumo's ear.

"Missed you too."

Kotetsu rolled them over suddenly, surprising Izumo . He leant his weight on his forearms, so he wouldn't hurt Izumo's tender bruises, and settled between his legs. Izumo responded by wrapping his legs tightly around kotetsu's and clutching his biceps, as that familiar buzz began in his body, starting below his belly and working its way up.

Black eyes met brown ones and held.

"You have a few days off right?"

"Yeah. A week."

"Good. Let's stay in bed today."Kotetsu murmured, kissing him chastely before moving his lips to Izumo's throat.

Holding his breath as pleasure washed over him, Izumo looked over his shoulder.

"It's raining." He whispered.

"It is."

Izumo hated the rain. But he didn't mind it when he was in bed with Kotetsu. In fact it was the best feeling in the world.

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