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Pairings: Hagane Kotetsu / Kamizuki Izumo- if you don't know who these two are, go check out Leafninja dot com in the biographies section.

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"Is that….what I think it is?" Izumo asked as he eyed his lover hopefully.

His eyes were glued to the half concealed package in his lover's hands, so he missed the mischievous grin and the evil glint in Kotetsu's eyes.

"That depends on what you think it is," was the cryptic reply.

"Stop being an ass and answer the question. Is it?"

"Is it what?" I don't read minds, you know. Although it would be cool if I could…"

Kotetsu was just oozing innocence and that only served to intrigue and frustrate Izumo even more as he scowled at the man from his curled up position on the couch. He was nestled in a warm cocoon of blankets and pillows, and Kotetsu happily plonked himself down on the other end of the couch, propping his feet up on the scratched and scarred coffee table.

"You know what I meant. Why are you being so mean? I'm sick!" Izumo complained.

It was a bad habit, he reminded himself and one he'd never been able to shake. Whenever he got sick, he would turn into a whiny brat. Only lots of attention and TLC could placate him. Despite the fact that he hated depending on others, he'd never been able to prevent the needy side of him from emerging when he was sick

Kotetsu got positively gleeful whenever he got a cold; he didn't get sick very often, and when he actually caught something, it was ten times as worse as it would be for someone else. It meant that he could dote on Izumo as much as he wanted to, and not suffer for it. That and the fact that he got to tease Izumo about it later.

As it was, h was just recovering form a bad case of winter flu, so although most of the symptoms had disappeared, he was still feeling incredibly weak and shaky and he expected that Kotetsu would take full advantage of this until he was well enough to do things on his own once more.

"Yeah, well, you know me. I can't resist an opportunity."

"You don't need to remind me. Well? What is it?"

"What's what?"

Izumo groaned and buried his head in one of his pillows in frustration. He was about to give up when an idea struck him. He grinned wickedly, knowing that Kotetsu couldn't see. For a moment he considered the consequences, but dismissed them almost instantly-it was well worth the risk, he decided.

He rolled over and flung the blankets partially off him. Admittedly, he was completely naked under the covers, and he'd be damned if he didn't use it to his advantage.

Izumo knew Kotetsu's weaknesses like the back of his hand, and sensuality was one of them. His blankets now covered only the most private parts of his anatomy, but left the rest of his body exposed.

"I feel hot, Tetsu," he whimpered. "I think I have another fever."

He stretched slightly, and watched as Kotetsu eyed his body, suspicious and hungry at the same time.

Slowly, he sat up and moved towards him, letting the blankets fall away completely. Kotetsu had dropped the packages down beside the couch. Just out of reach at the moment. But not for long.

Izumo rested his head against Kotetsu's shoulder and wrapped his arms around him, sliding a leg over his lap and pressing his nee up against his groin.

"I don't feel so good, Tetsu," he whispered.

"R-really?" There was no mistaking the desire in his lover's roughened voice and Izumo hid a smirk. It was working, so far, but it wasn't over yet.

He moved his nee against him, rubbing ever so slightly….

And there it was. The undeniable physical evidence.

Izumo thoughtfully licked his lips and turned his head slightly, making sure his moistened lips made contact with Kotetsu's neck.

"Maybe I should go back to bed."

"Yeah. Maybe," Kotetsu agreed hoarsely.

He was still refusing to wrap his arms around Izumo, obviously knowing what he was up to, but making no move to stop him.

Izumo continued his small movements; his fingers accidentally brushing a nipple through his clothes, his nee rubbing against the groin, lips brushing the neck, his breath warm on the collarbone.

Kotetsu was definitely responding now. His arms came up around him, his muscles were tensed and that painfully obvious hardness in his pants was only growing harder.

"Won't you make me feel better Koibito?" he asked plaintively, making his voice a little hoarse and whiny.

"How would you like me to do that, Izumo?"

"Um….I'm not sure….Maybe a bath? No, it's too warm. I still feel hot."

A small groan escaped Kotetsu then, and Izumo had to force back his sniggering.

"Maybe something to eat?" Kotetsu suggested, utterly distracted by Izumo's attentions.

"That sounds tempting," Izumo paused. "But I don't know what I want…"

Izumo slowly slid a hand down the flat stomach, rubbing in small circles until he slipped his finger tips under the waistband of his lover's trousers to caress his hip lightly.

Kotetsu sucked his breath in, and he suddenly decided that he liked to torture his lover like this. In fact, he told himself, he should probably do it more often.

Hell, he'd be rock hard soon too, if he wasn't careful.

He slid his fingers around to the front, and with an expert flick of his fingers, he popped the button free.

"Gods…" Kotetsu hissed. "I'll get you anything you want."

Izumo smiled, and raised his head to look into Kotetsu's face. His eyes were closed and his head was thrown back, revealing the smooth column of his neck. It was so tempting, that he had to resist attacking that neck. He couldn't lose now. It was a vital point in his mission.

"Really? Anything?" he asked, injecting a hopeful tone into his voice.

"Yes. Anything."

He slid his hand all the way in and began to brush his finger tips slowly along the hardened length of him.

"Hmmm. Now what do I want? Let me see…" he pondered thoughtfully, not sure how much longer he could keep the game going.

"Izumo…" his partner managed, "Name it. I'll do it."

Now he wrapped his whole hand around him, and loosened the zipper as he began to move his hand, stroking him up and down ever so slowly.

Kotetsu groaned deeply then, the sound lighting a fire deep within Izumo's loins. He began to thrust slightly into Izumo's hand.

"You like that?" he whispered into his ear.


"You know what would make me feel good?"


Abruptly he withdrew his hand and sat back.

Kotetsu's eyes shot open and he looked at him in dismay and desperation, but Izumo just stared back at him flatly.


"What?" A dazed Kotetsu asked.

"I want chocolate."

Kotetsu continued to stare for a long moment before he grinned.

"I see."

"Give me that chocolate and I'll finish," Izumo said, gesturing to Kotetsu's hardness.

Kotetsu reached down beside the couch and produced a large bar of chocolate. Izumo's eyes lit up and he gleefully snatched the offered bar away. He peeled back the wrapped and began to munch happily, unaware of Kotetsu watching him, smiling.

When he was halfway through the chocolate, he realized he was being observed and he stilled, knowing that his eyes widened comically when he saw the wicked smile in his lover's face.

He began to scramble away, chocolate forgotten in his hand, but Kotetsu was too fast. Moments later, Izumo was pinned beneath him, with his hands captured above his head.

His precious chocolate bar was taken away.

"That wasn't a very nice thing to do, Zumo-chan. I'll have to punish you, I think."

Izumo began to squirm and plead. "Tetsu, please…"

"Hey, I might even reward you. See? Aren't I nice?"

Kotetsu waved the chocolate bar in front of his face, and Izumo's eyes followed it hungrily.

"Please, Tetsu! I don't feel well."

"Too bad. You have to finish what you start." Kotetsu grinned, thrusting his hardness against his groin as a reminder.

Izumo groaned at the flood of desire that this caused.

Kotetsu broke off a piece of chocolate and held it to his lips. Izumo accepted it, and Kotetsu kissed him, the sweet taste of chocolate spreading between them.

Perhaps, Izumo thought, this punishment wasn't so bad after all…..

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