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Finally, at long last, part 1

He knew. I didn't know how, but he knew. My father had somehow managed to find out that his son was involved with Harry Potter. I should have known by the worried look in Mother's eyes and the hasty hug she gave me before leaving the room that something wasn't right. I should have known by the amused expression on Father's face that something was amiss. I had seen that look on his face several times, but the most recent was when the chamber of secrets had been opened in my second year. There were a million little things indicating that I was in severe trouble that I should have noticed. However, I caught wind of nothing, and that was my first mistake.

At Father's invitation I sat down in a chair by the fire. "So, tell me, how was school this year?" he asked. It was a standard question. He asked the same thing every year. I wasn't sure how to answer this time, so I stuck with my standard reply.
"Same. Potter and his pathetic friends messing everything up."
"Including you."
"What?" I asked.
"How long have you been involved with Harry Potter?" he asked, his voice low. I gulped and turned pale inwardly.
"Since the first day of school. You told me to keep an eye on him and make his life miserable," I replied calmly.
"It's good to see that you remember my orders, even if you can't carry them out worth a damn."
"I don't understand," I said, honestly confused. How could he know anything that happened this year?
"Even you cannot be so stupid as to not notice that you're fucking around with Harry Potter!"
"I thought those were your orders," I said. Ignorance was my only defense against him, and a poor one at that. He smiled.
"Those were my orders. But I fail to see how fucking him has anything to do with making him miserable." A wall of shock hit me. He did know! My shock instantly turned to anger. Who told him? I'd kill them. But I had to be certain he wasn't bluffing.
"What makes you think that I was fucking Potter, of all people?" I demanded, trying to sound disgusted instead of disappointed. He cuffed me sharply in the face.
"Don't play games with me, boy."
"I'm not-" Another blow.
"If I hear another lie out of your mouth, you'll curse the day you were born. Do you understand?" he asked. I looked down at the floor, tears stinging in my eyes. *Don't cry. Don't cry.* Crying would only make him hit harder.
"Answer me!" he hissed.
"Yes," I replied.

Piece by piece the story was dragged out of me using my father's various tools. Intimidation, fear, bluffing, torture, the usual. I'd never seen him so furious. He looked absolutely fiendish and the sinking weight of dread in my stomach couldn't have been heavier if the Dark Lord himself waltzed in here. His face became a blank mask and his eyes became slightly glazed. Oh hell, he was thinking. That was never good. Thinking generally led to plans, which inevitably involved things of the evil variety. Or, he could be thinking of my punishment. That was guaranteed to be painful...

It wasn't that bad, really. I didn't move as I felt the sting of the whip on my back. It was nowhere near as bad as the Cruciatus curse, which father had stopped using about an hour back simply because it didn't leave any lasting scars or bruises. I found that if I let my mind wander, I could almost ignore the pain he was inflicting on me. I would just think about Harry. Harry, who was safe somewhere in a house full of Muggles who hated and feared him. Harry, who was so sweet. Harry, who I loved. *Snap* I screamed in agony. Blinding pain. *That hurt.* I looked down at my leg and instantly wished I hadn't. The bone was jutting out of the skin and I was bleeding freely. *Shit! That looks bad.* What the hell had he been up to? A whip couldn't do that-but a club could, and he had one near his feet. He looked at me, chained in the middle of a dungeon, unable to stand due to my ugly compound fracture, a bruise on my face, and the skin on my back torn to ribbons by the whip. He smiled a twisted smile and placing his hands on my broken leg, gave a good yank.

I came to in a tiny, dark stone room. I knew where I was. I had been there many times. Harry had his cupboard, and this was mine. This was where my father- no, Lucius. I'd never call that bastard my father again- put me when he decided he wanted to resume the game of Let's-See-How-Much-Pain-I-Can-Inflict-On-My-Son-Without-Killing-Him at a later time. I looked at my leg. It was whole once more. I touched it gingerly. It didn't hurt too badly. Well, I was alive. I had been expecting otherwise by the time Lucius was through with me.

I was sore. Very sore. This wasn't the kind of sore you got from lying on a cold stone floor for hours. Nor was this the kind of sore you had after a partial-healing spell. I was sore inside. My heart ached with the knowledge of what was coming. He'd make me give up Harry. He'd make me sit in the dark for hours, knowing full well that over the years he had bred within me a refined terror of the dark. When it's dark, you can't see what's coming to get you. Like it mattered. It was always him coming to get me. He was there, darkness or no. When I was mad with fear, he'd make a deal with me. Lucius was always keen to make a deal. He'd let me out if I straightened out and gave up Harry. I didn't want to do it, but in a few days, I'd do anything to escape the dark. Anything.

The door to the cell opened. A ray of light fell across the floor and my father entered in full death eater regalia bearing a torch. I watched in horror as one by one other death eaters filed into the room, forming a circle around me. This was something new...

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