Everlasting Cloud

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Summary: Rory is about 26, works for the Boston Globe. Lorelai and Luke are married. Everything happened in the show so far plus a bit more. If it's important I'll tell you.

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Chapter One:

"Paris…goddamn it! Stop pacing! You're driving me insane!" Rory yelled to her best friend.

"How can you tell me to stop!" Paris said as she continued to pace. "What if he doesn't show up! Wha… what if he screws me over!" She suddenly stops in mid-pace as if realizing something. "Oh my god! What if he died in a car accident!" Paris said worrying herself even more. Upon seeing Rory's face, she stopped ranting.

"Oh, Rory I'm sorry…I just—" she stammered as she realized what she just said.

"No, it's fine. I understand, you're over stressed." Rory said as she fought back the tears. Paris walked over and hugged her.

"Your grandfather will wake up Rory." She said still hugging her. Over the years, Paris had really mellowed out and had become a really warm and caring person.

Rory pulled back knowing this was not the time to be sad. "We'll see, but right now we need to focus on the wedding that will be taking place in less then an hour!" Rory said excitedly. Her excitement went away as she saw Paris' face still looking worried. Rory sighed and handed her a water bottle. "He'll be here, Paris. He loves you…and today you're getting married!" That cheered her up a little.

"I should be happy, having some drinks, and celebrating!" Rory nodded as Paris took a sip of water. "I'll kill him if he's late." She breathed.

"Now there's the Paris we all love." Rory said with a chuckle.

"Shut up Gilmore and zip me up. Why we haven't found your soul mate is beyond me." Paris said playfully glaring at her.

"Boston just isn't packed with fine young men." Rory said in faux hopelessness.

"Uh huh, sure." Rory smiled at Paris as she zipped, snapped, pulled up, and buttoned her friend's wedding dress.

"There, now go look in the mirror and then it's time for makeup!" she said enthusiastically.

"Girls! We've arrived with the jewels!" They heard a female voice ring through the dressing room. Doyle's sister came into the room holding a bag. She handed them each a box. When Paris opened her box, they gasped at what was inside.

"Wow!" Paris breathed as Rory took it from her and buckled the clasp on the diamond necklace that matched with the diamond studs in her ears.

"That's gorgeous." Rory commented as she moved her hands away. Delaney smiled and motioned for Rory to open hers too. Her jaw dropped as she stared at the sapphire replica of Paris' set.

"And I've got Opal." Delaney said pointing to the jewelry she had already put on. Rory was Paris' maid of honor, while Delaney was the bride's maid. Both Rory and Delaney were wearing Lavender spaghetti strapped dresses that hugged the torso and then fanned out slightly towards the bottom. There was blue material that surrounded the waist and made a bow. It wasn't very Paris, but Rory and Delaney had both wanted it.

The two looked at Paris who was staring at herself in the mirror. She seemed to be making different faces, and posing differently.

"Paris, what the hell are you doing?" Delaney asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Just making sure I know what I shouldn't do." she said as she continued to make faces at herself in the mirror.

"Paris, you look amazing! Stop staring at yourself!" Delaney admonished.

"You're right. I look damned good, and if he doesn't show up…"

"We won't think about that." Rory said smiling. Paris huffed and picked up her bouquet. Rory and Delaney smiled at each other and trailed after her carrying their matching blue bouquets. Doyle had indeed been there, so Paris' nervous breakdown was put to a stop. However, when it was her turn to walk down the aisle, her nerves came back. Rory and Delaney smiled at each other again and continued to watch Paris make her way down the aisle, closer and closer to them with each step. Rory let out a soft sigh and wondered when it would be her turn.

At the age of 26, she was working for the Boston Globe and was happy at the moment. She'd had her share of boyfriends, but none seemed to work out. Especially the last one, James Brady. Although he was a nice man and definitely not horrible to look at, he had his priorities mixed up. In the end, it was best that they split up. She didn't need another guy who had to "find himself". Not when she knew exactly what and where she wanted to be.

Even though her love life was non-existent at the time, she couldn't help but be happy for Paris. She was enjoying the wedding and basking in her friend's happiness. The reception followed shortly after the ceremony. The rest of the evening was a blur. Everyone was dancing. The live band Paris hired was wonderful. Everyone was having a great time. Champagne was flowing everywhere. The couple had had their first dance. The best man and maid of honor made their speeches. And now it was time for Paris to throw the bouquet. She turned around to see what soul would be married off next. When she caught sight of who it was, she couldn't help but smile. To say Rory was stunned was an understatement. Her eyes were glued, staring at her hands which held the white flower bouquet.

Paris walked over smirking, "Well, well…guess you really do have to find that soul mate of yours now."

Rory glared, "Haha, you're so funny." She said deadpanned. Paris wrapped her arm around her shoulders and kept smiling.

A member of the band interrupted them, "Umm…Excuse me Ladies and Gentleman. If a Miss Rory Gilmore is out there, there is a call for you at the front desk. I was told it's important." Rory looked confused but left the room anyway. Paris started after her and noticed that when she came back into the room, her head was down and she was shuffling somewhat. Paris walked over to her.

"What happened? Who was it?" She asked but gasped when she saw Rory's red eyes and tears falling across her cheeks.

"Rory?" she said, her voice full of concern.

"He…he's in a coma." She said weakly.

"Oh Rory." Paris said wrapping her arms around her.

"I have to go…no, I'm sorry." Rory said shaking her head. Paris pulled away.

"Sorry? Why?" she said looking confused.

"It's your wedding day. I shouldn't leave."

"I'll be fine, you should go. He means a lot to you."


"No, Go! You should see him." Rory nodded and hugged Paris tightly then picked her bag up and ran out of the room as fast as she could. Tears were still streaming down her cheeks as she impatiently waited for the valet to bring her car around. She smiled weakly to the man, gave him a small tip and got into her car. She stepped on the gas, and peeled out of the parking lot towards the hospital, which was an hour away. About a half hour later, she heard a siren behind her.

"Shit." She whispered wiping away the tears. She suddenly pulled off the road and sat there, grabbed a tissue and wiped her eyes. It was sunny out and she shielded her eyes towards the window.

"Ma'am, do you realize what you were doing wrong?" The officer asked leaning against her window, not looking at her.

"I'm sorry, but my grandfather is in the hospital and he's doing worse, and oh god, what if he dies? Oh god, I have to get to him! What if he dies and he doesn't know that I love him. Oh god…" Rory whimpered and leaned her head back in the seat, the tears falling more rapidly.

"Where are you headed?" the officer said taking a better look at her.

"Redding Hospital. Can you just give me a ticket so I can get to him." Rory said impatiently.

"I'll follow you there ma'am. Make sure you make it there safely, okay?"

"You're not going to give me a ticket?" she asked in shock.

"Not today. You seem really out of it, but just be aware next time." he offered kindly.

"Thank you." Rory breathed and restarted her car. She pulled back onto the road and saw the policeman was actually following her. She pulled into the hospital lot, and ran into the entrance.

"Richard Gilmore." She told the receptionist. The woman typed into her computer and nodded before handing Rory a badge.

"Fourth floor, west wing. When you get off the elevator make a left and follow that hall. Take it easy, honey." The woman said kindly. Rory nodded and ran towards the west wing elevators. When the elevator stopped Rory started to run again. She looked at the badge. No room number. She made her way to the desk.

"Hi, I'm here to see Richard Gilmore." She said softly.

"He can't have any visitors right now, but a doctor will speak to you if you'd like." the nurse said as she looked up at Rory.

"When can I see him?" Rory asked hurriedly.

"Well he's being examined, and I think they may run some tests, but I'll let you know." Rory nodded mutely.

"Is there a doctor I can talk to?" the woman nodded and stood up.

"Doctor Mason is right behind you." Rory nodded and walked over to him.

"Excuse me?" she said as she tapped on the man's shoulder.

"Yes?" he said turning around and looking at Rory.

"Would you be able to tell me about my grandfather, Richard Gilmore?" He looked surprised and nodded.

"Yes. Sure, come on, let's take a walk." As they walked down the corridor, the doctor began to speak. "I was expecting his daughter to be only a little older than you."

Rory shrugged, "She is. So what's going on?"

"He was in an accident."

"I know, but he's in a coma now?" she said impatiently.

"Yes. You see when there is sever injury to the brain, it can sometimes shut off—" he began to explain, but Rory cut him off.

"I know what a coma is. Don't treat me like a kid. If I wanted an explanation of everything I would have became a doctor." He nodded.

"Were you aware that Richard had a bit of a heart condition?" he asked warily.

"A bit?" she asked.

"Early stages." he nodded.

"A little, what does he have?" she asked cautiously, afraid of what she would hear next.

"The start of angina. We feel like it's contributing to his slow recovery." he said as they continued down the hall.

"You mean his reverse recovery? Isn't a coma a bad thing?" she asked stopping.

"We're doing everything we can. We have great doctors here, and they're going to try and make your grandfather better again." he tried to reassure her.

"I hate when people leave out the 'but'. I mean why not just say it?" she said sounding irritated.

He looked down, "But your grandfather is an older man, as one gets older, the recovery rate lessens. In his mid 70's, we'll do the best we can, but he does have a history of heart attacks. Three previous ones."

"So you don't think he'll make it?" she said as her voice cracked.

He sighed and shook his head. "I honestly don't know." Rory nodded and bit her lip. She walked over to the nearby chair, and sat down ungracefully. She noticed she was still wearing her bridesmaids dress.

"Where's your mom?" he asked.

"I don't need a babysitter." She said bitterly.

"Of course, I was just wondering. She was here a few days ago, but I haven't really seen her around." he said in his defense.

"She and my father had to go up to Maine. They won't be back for another week." She said softly.

"Is there someone I can call for you? To make sure you're okay?" Rory thought about it. There was Paris, but she wasn't about to call her.

"No. It would take them a while to get here. I live in Boston." The doctor nodded.

"Well it was nice meeting you Rory. We'll be in touch." Rory nodded and let the tears continue to fall. She glanced up briefly and noticed that he was still standing there.

"What? Never saw a female cry before?" she said bitingly.

A bit taken aback by her response, he answered "No, it's just that…how did you get here so quick if you live in Boston?"

"I was at my friends wedding outside of Hartford." She said pointing to her dress. He nodded understandingly.

"Mason!" A voice called. The doctor turned around. She saw a blur of blonde hair.

"Yea?" the doctor said as he turned towards the voice.

"Richard Gilmore's scans are ready. You might wanna take a look at them." he nodded.

"Rory, I'll see you later. Hang in there." He said apologetically, before leaving. Rory took a deep breath before leaning her head back and shutting her tear filled eyes. All she could do now was wait.

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