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"Ack… I'm so bored…" Kazooie said with an annoyed sigh.

"I know… you've said it about a thousand times, now…" Banjo said with the same annoyed sigh.

Banjo and Kazooie were the best of friends, though they were completely different. Kazooie was restless because she hadn't been on an adventure for just about four years. She loved action and adventure… and Banjo liked a quiet life.

"Aren't you bored? I mean, it's been a long time since our last adventure. Let's go find something to do," Kazooie said, trying to pull Banjo out of his chair.

"No, Kazooie. We're fine, don't you think?" Banjo replied while resisting the urge to smile. Kazooie was funny when she was mad.

Suddenly, they heard a crash outside. It sounded like twisting metal and exploding fuel. They smelled smoke. Banjo ran out of the house with Kazooie riding in his backpack. They ran up the hill and saw what it was, and yet they no idea what it was. It was made of metal, that much they knew.

Then they heard pounding on the metal. Banjo gasped. "Oh, no," he said, "Kazooie… there's someone in there!"

"Let's hurry up and save them!" Kazooie shouted over the roar of the burning fuel. She could sense their next adventure coming up.

Banjo ran in and punched a hole in the glass where the person was. By that time the kid was unconscious from the lack of air. He then pulled the guy out of the pile of twisted and charred metal and dragged him to safety.

Banjo and Kazooie took a look at this person. He looked like Banjo in the sense that he had fur and a muzzle, but different in the sense that he had a tail and much more fur than Banjo. He was wearing a black shirt, green overalls with yellow stripes up the sides, metallic-looking boots, a red bandana around his neck, gloves with a metal thing with buttons on it, and a flight jacket. Banjo noticed that there was a name embroidered on it; Fox McCloud. But the thing that Banjo noticed the most was that, connected to his belt, there was a holster and in it was a loaded gun.

Banjo backed away a few steps and was about to run, but Kazooie stopped him.

"What are you doing, Banjo?"

That's all it took for Banjo to snap back to his senses. This person was injured and needed help. So, being as strong as he was, he picked the fox-person up and took him to his house.

this is the first fic I'm writing with the BanjoKazooie characters. Sorry if it's in the wrong catagory.