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The Geofront Emergency Medical/Holding Cells. Cell X

To say that Rau was startled would be an understatement. To say that he was completely disoriented would also be a bit of an understatement. As to why…

He had just woke up to find himself in a dark room unable to move anything but his head. In addition he couldn't really move to examine the room because he was floating in some strange gel with several wires sticking out of him. And of course, last but not least, he was hearing voices.

"Do you think he can hear us again?"

"Doubt it but then again he could…"

"I think he can. All that craps' out of his body now, ya know?"

"True enough however I think there is another problem…"

"And that is?"

"He has to remember everything now"




"I take it you didn't think of that?"

Rau tried to block it out but he knew he wasn't hearing them from outside of his room. Lacking anything else to do he decided to just listen. Some of the things they spoke of were quite interesting, such as the battles between angels and ascended humans.

"I suppose I can come up with some pretty creative things…" Rau thought, unaware that he had been 'heard'.

Geofront Emergency Medical/Holding Cells. Cell A-03

Similar to Rau, Shinji was in a room, unable to move, with several wires sticking out of him. Unlike Rau he was capable of seeing and did not have to company of several voices. Instead he had Nerv Medical and Research technicians observing him. He also knew that his room, his cell more specifically, was a horizontal tube filled with LCL sticking out of a wall.

"What's going on?" He asked confused as to why he was there. The last thing he remembered was trying to move the Eva back into the base and some voice in the back of his head saying something, but other then that he was in the dark.

One of the workers turned, and seeing him awake, motioned to another to do something. Promptly he tube was flushed of LCL and he was doused with a quick rinse of water. They then helped him out of the tube and gave him a hospital gown to wear. Once dressed, he was sent down to a locker with his normal clothes. Once properly dressed he went to a plain white room and told to wait. All the while he was trying to figure out what was going on and why he wasn't in the normal hospital.

At that moment a two people walked in. Both of them he knew quite well.

"Good morning Shinji. We would like to ask you a couple of questions. If you have anything you would like to know before then please don't hesitate to ask." Ritsuko told him.

"Um…Only two come to mind. Where am I and what happened," He asked looking to the other person in the room, one he was quite surprised to see.

Gendo was, in all honesty, startled by past events. First there was the theft (or would kidnapping be more appropriate?) of the Embryonic Adam. Following that there was the appearance of a new gargantuan angel, the infiltration by yet another humanoid angel, and the reawakening of Lillith. Those events, especially the last, were major enough in and of themselves.

However the appearance of the two unknowns and their subsequent fight, short lived and seemingly one sided though it was, followed by the break into the Evangelions graveyard on level 13 of Dogma had nearly sent him into a fit.

Not that he would show it. He was the commander of Nerv and it would not do to have the unshakeable leader freak out in front of his subordinates.

It should then be no surprise, that when they finally got an all clear report from Rei and they sent down a recovery crew, he slipped up a bit when he found what appeared to be another EVANGELION, his unconscious son and another unknown intruder that he actually let his mask slip a bit.

That particular rant was going to go down in NERV history if anyone was wondering.

Once they found the two boys and the Eva and appropriately moved them to the EMHC. They immediately began diagnostics on the boys and a few days later they determined two things

First and foremost the being that looked like Shinji was indeed Shinji. The second and more startling was that he was no longer completely human.

Gendo decided that it would be best if he were present at the interrogation of Shinji, as he felt it would be the most important, and telling, event of the day.

"As to where you are pilot Ikari, you are in the Emergency Medical and Holding cells. They are used for extreme injuries beyond what we would be capable of taking care of on a normal basis. You recall Pilot Ayanami's kamikaze attack on the sixteenth angel? It was here that she was treated. And before you ask why this was not mentioned to anyone it has to do with the extremely sensitive nature of the treatments. It would have been impossible for her to have had visitors." Gendo said in a clear and cool voice.

Shinji was surprised that his father was able to answer the questions he was planning to ask before he could ask them. Shinji nodded in understanding and waited for the answer to his other question.

"As to what happened Shinji, shortly after your fainting spell in the Eva we rushed you to one of the Emergency Medical Cells. We had ran some diagnostics to see if we could determine what had caused the sudden fainting spell in addition to the sudden inability to pilot the Eva. At no point did your synch ratio drop so we had no idea why you couldn't move the Eva. In doing so we discovered that you were having some kind of reaction to the Red Energy generated by the Angel, the second angel by the way. We had found that your body was changing." Ritsuko said

"Changing…How?" He asked.

Ritsuko looked to Gendo and he gave her a quick nod.

"You body was taking on traits of the Angels. Your D.N.A. was altered in some way and as a result your body had gone through some changes. While you looked the same your body seemed to be growing stronger then the average human. In addition you had some kind of electric field developing around you although we have no idea what it is for. Regardless after the room was secured for the night you promptly vanished. We then found you about an hour later in level 13 of Central Dogma, unconscious. What we want to know is how you got there, why you were there and what happened."

Shinji fell back into his chair startled. What he had been told was quite hard to accept. But if it were true… It may possibly explain the odd dreams he was having in addition to the voice he had been hearing prior to fainting in the Eva.

"To tell you the truth I don't really know any of that. The only thing that I remember was trying to move the Eva and then a voice saying something"

"A voice, Shinji? Did anything about the voice stick out in your mind?"

"Well…The voice was definitely female. Or at least sounded like one. It was…" Shinji paused trying to describe the feeling.

"It was what Pilot Ikari?"

"Comforting. Like someone really close to me was talking to me and telling me everything was ok. But the voice was raspy. Like they hadn't used it in a long time."

Behind his glasses Gendos eyes widened imperceptibly. From what it sounded like that voice could have been…

"What did it say Ikari? What did the voice say to you?" he pressed

"I don't remember really. I knew it was talking but I couldn't really understand. I think it was something like 'I'm coming back' but that didn't make any sense to me."

Gendo suddenly stood and started to leave the room. Ritsuko and Shinji looked at him as he left the room, Shinji in confusion and Ritsuko in understanding. He stopped at the door, and keeping his back to them spoke.

"I am afraid I have some pressing matters to attend to. Ritsuko, please continue and have a report on my desk by tomorrow. Shin-…Ikari."

"Yes Commander?"

"When you are released from here you will be on constant observation in order to ascertain further information on what happened to you. However…if you should desire to…talk, please come to my office."

With that he left room and began the trek to his office. His face still had his normal stoic expression as he left the interrogation room. He could hear them in the distance.

"So Shinji was there anything else that you feel may be related to this incident?"

"There were some odd dreams…"

It wouldn't be until he got to his office and locked the door that the tears started to come.


Rau was still at the mercy of the voices in his head. While they had spoken of many weird things they seemed to be quieting. The fist three left claiming they had some things to attend to, silly seeing as they were in his head, and the last had taken to silence although Rau still knew she was there. How he knew was beyond him but he did. here often?" He asked the voice, not expecting an answer.

"You…You can hear us? You can really hear us?"

"Kinda hard not to hear voices that are in your head. So now that I have officially lost my mind, I should probably find out your name."

"You are not crazy Rau. Merely different. As to my name, it's something that you should know. You gave it to me when we were younger after all."

"…You see saying things like that is not going to make me believe I'm not crazy. That's only going to make me think I have lost my mind. Because if you are her, then that means I've been crazy for quite some time, which is why I take those pills."

The voice was quiet. She seemed to be contemplating something. Rau was still sitting in the darkness thinking about his now lost mind.

"At this point there is little I can do to convince you concretely. If that is the case then I will have to have one of the other voices appear before you in a form that cannot be mistaken for a hallucination."

"Right then, fine. Of course it's not going to matter if I don't get out of this room. I wonder where I am anyway."

At that moment light washed over Rau and he could see around him to see that he was tied down while in a vertical tube filled with a clear orange liquid. All around him were heavily armed men and women. Directly in front of him stood two people, one a blond woman in a lab coat, the other a middle aged man with brown hair and glasses.

Rau was floating in the tube and looked around confused. He then promptly realized he was in a liquid without a breathing mask of any kind and panicked.

"I don't know why you are floundering like that. You have been in the LCL for several days now." The man in glasses said.

He stopped and then calmed down. He tried to speak but with the liquid that flooded his lungs no sound would come out.

"We are going to release you from this cell under three conditions" the man said a cold look on his face.

"One, You show no acts of violence. Two, you tell us who you are and who sent you, if anyone. And three, you tell us exactly what you remember of the incident you were involved in a few days ago."

A confused look on his face, Rau nodded uncertainly, one thought going through his head.

"What the hell have I gotten myself into…?"

Main Elevator of Central Dogma

Rei Ayanami was not a person often guided by emotion and instinct. More often then not she relied on her mind, and the commanders, to get her through things. Little by little that had been changing after having met Shinji. That may have gone to explain why she went to sit with Asuka as she recovered from her comatose state. It would definitely explain why she had visited both Shinji and Rau in the EMHC (although it would not explain why she was visiting Rau whom she only knew for a small period of time)

Despite all that, Rei still ran things with her head over her heart, and so her action of breaking into one of the lower levels of Central Dogma over a voice in her head was decidedly uncharacteristic. The only reason that she was doing this was because one of her parents had asked her

"What is it that Lillith wants me to do?" She asked herself.

Arriving at the bottom of Central Dogma Rei entered into Lillith's room, and the lake of LCL. There was nothing out of the ordinary beyond the lack of Lillith and that enormous cross she was pinned to. Rei walked into the room to get a better look of things.

"There is nothing here…" she said quietly looking to the lake of LCL.

As she looked around she noticed odd things about the pool. It was clearer then it usually was. In addition to that, despite the fact that Lillith was gone it had yet to diminish in size despite constant use of the LCL in various applications. There were two things that grabbed Reis attention the most however. The first, and most obvious, was that the LCL no longer smelled of blood. It seemed to lack any discernable smell.

The second, and most important, was the glowing circle of blue light that came from the depths of the pool.

Rei blinked several times at that contemplating what to do. Option one would lead to her reclaiming and discovering what ever the object was, provided it didn't kill her or something of that nature. Option two would require her to explain why she was down in Lillith's chamber, an act that, while not expressly forbidden to her, was extremely unusual. This would lead to her explaining the voice in her head and more examinations to deem her mental state and physical state.

As it happened Rei hated those examinations with a passion, even if she didn't acknowledge it as hate.

"An unknown object or more time in that tube by myself…?" Rei mused.

Rei stripped in one of the many corners hidden from the cameras, stashed her clothes and dove into the depths of the lake.

She swam for several minutes and as she neared the depths of the lake the light from the object became more intense until it was almost blinding. Covering her eyes as best she could Rei swam towards the object and then reached out for it.

Her hand wrapped around a cold metal shaft and the light receded into the object which was now revealed to be a rather elegant spear.

The shaft of the spear was made of a black metallic substance that seemed somewhat flexible yet strong. The bottom of the spear was covered by a small cylinder of blue metal. The head of the spear was the most interesting part of the spear. The shaft seemed to grow into the head shifting from black to the dark blue of the small cylinder. The blade of the spear was an impressive and very sharp V that reached back about a quarter length of the spear with its points. The blade itself was decorated with a black wave design.

Rei didn't know why but she knew this belonged to her. Rei had a good idea of who it belonged to previously although she did not know why it was entrusted to her or what she was supposed to do with it.

Taking the surprising light spear with her to the surface Rei's thoughts wandered.

"I wonder why that EVA's armor was made of this same metal? What is the purpose of this spear? …. And how do I plan to explain being soaked head to toe in LCL to anyone who bothers to ask about it?"

As Rei broke the surface and redressed herself she noticed that the LCL in the lake was starting to become more opaque and the smell of blood was starting to return with force. Despite that the LCL that was all over her did not possess the smell of blood nor did it stain her clothes.

"I wonder if this is because of the spear? Regardless, I should leave now. It would not do to be found in Lillith's chamber…" she muttered as she left the chamber with the lake of blood.

Interrogation Room

In the same square white room that Shinji was in only a few hours before, Rau leaned on the table, propping himself up with his arm, eyes closed, while Ritsuko sat across from him with two armed guards.

"Like I said ma'am I have no idea what I was doing there. The last real thing that I remember, aside from waking up in that oh so lovely blood bath, was the mother of all migraines hitting me while I was in the shelter. Past that I have nothing. Sorry to be a bother, but that's all I got." Rau said while he tried ignoring the smell of blood.

It was nauseating.

Ritsuko looked at him with some amount of curiosity. The boy, Rau Shito as he called himself, was similar to Shinji. Curiously so. Like Shinji he does not have any memory of the incident. The medical records show that he passed out at around the same time as Shinji in his Eva, even though the shelters are protected from nuclear radiation. The boy's personal records were also curiously similar with a few key differences.

"Are you telling me that you are, to your knowledge, a human being."

Rau looked at her as if she had grown another head.

"Are you seriously asking me that question? What else would I be? A freaking angel?"

"Why of course not. There are no humanoid angels that have been fought by NERV. If you were an angel we would have disposed of you long ago. We merely wanted to make sure so we could attempt to figure out what you were doing there is all. Seeing as you have no memory of the incident I will see to it that you are released from here soon." Ritsuko said with disarming smile.

He blinked a few times as he processed that information. Rau was a little disturbed about how smoothly this was going. NERV housed the Evangelions and their pilots, yet they were not terribly concerned about someone getting into their nigh impenetrable base? While he thought it odd he left it at that and nodded. The blond seemed truthful enough.

"Thanks, I guess. By the way do you guys by chance have any of my meds? I haven't taken them in a while and I would be surprised if you didn't have my medical records by now."

"We have been giving them to you while you slept. We took special care to make sure you had them. It wouldn't do for you to be incoherent while we tried to clear this mess up. We will send two doses of your medicine to your cell this evening so you can get your evening and morning doses in. You should be cleared for release in the morning at the latest."

Hallways of NERV, with Ritsuko

That boy was curious to say the least. He passes out from that energy wave of the angel and undergoes the same kind of change that Shinji does. The only difference is the degree of change in their D.N.A. Shinji's was rather blatant. This boy however only gets a mild shift as if something was just activated. To top it all off, his body wouldn't accept his medication any longer. It was as if it was trying to cleanse it self.

"Gendo should be very interested in this. I wonder if any other people were affected by this phenomena…We should probably put a watch on everyone in the school then." She muttered as she passed by Rei, who appeared to be holding a rather long wrapped up object. Ritsuko stopped and turned to look at her.

"Rei…What is that?"

"It's a pole"



"Why are you carrying a pole around the base"

"I borrowed one from the training facilities. I felt it would be prudent to learn a new style of fighting given what has been happening"

"I see. Do you have a trainer in mind or should I arrange one with the commander."

"It would be appreciated. If possible could you arrange for one that has knowledge in spear fighting?"

"I don't see why it would be a problem. I will bring it up with the commander" Ritsuko said as Rei started to walk away.

"She has been acting a little off ever since the 17ths defeat. Perhaps another evaluation is in order?" Ritsuko thought as she went to the commander's office.

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