---This is a poem I wrote a while ago and never posted. It started out as such a simple thing and then ended up going over all of Malik's life and the final duel between Marik and Yami.

This is about the longest poem I've written, and it all rhymes (amazing ain't it?)---

Tomb Keeper
By: Laria Kaiba

He spawned from my anger
Came from my hate
All because of
What I knew of my fate

I was loyal to Pharaoh
Until I found out
What being a Tomb Keeper
Was all about

I've read of his stories
I've read of his power
The things he had done
Makes the strongest men cower

When monsters came
Destroying the land
He locked them all up
With a wave of his hand

At the young age of ten
I had carved in my skin
The memory of Pharaoh
The darkness grew within

I wanted to see the sun
I wanted to see light
I begged brother and sister
With all of my might

They finally agreed
And we went out of the hole
I didn't know then
How it would damage my soul

There was a strange man
Told us to go home
We were in trouble
And pains not alone

When we got back
We found there a trap
When we opened the door
It made a rope snap

I went to Rishid
I fan really fast
My sister behind me
At a mad dash

I heard a groan of pain
And the snap of a whip
I heard Isis gasp
I bit my lip

Rishid had been beat
Whipped up his back
I heard laughing inside
Everything went black

When I came to
My father was dead
Was the will of the Pharaoh
The strange man had said

Over the years
The darkness grew
I should be Pharaoh
That's all I knew

With each sent to the shadows
The darkness grew stronger
It became hard
To ignore him much longer

Rishid was the only one
Who could keep him at bay
But when he was gone
The dark made his way

I became weak
And he pushed me aside
But I wouldn't give up
I wouldn't go hide

I tried hard to stop
The darkness in me
But it was all useless
Now I can see

I look up at you Pharaoh
My body not my own
There's nothing for me now
I feel so alone

Don't worry about me
I don't deserve it
Don't cry when I'm gone
Don't throw a fit

Destroy my evil
Let the shadows take me
I don't want to be saved
I don't have to be

You turn from me Pharaoh
And continue to duel
I thought I was you
I was a fool

As the duel goes on
You seem unable to win
But as you draw cards
You continue to grin

As the duel draws to an end
There's a change in the air
You've forgiven me Pharaoh
You really care

I want to help Pharaoh
My dark we'll defeat
The world you will save
The shadows you'll beat

I'm sorry my Pharaoh
I let the dark take control
I was misunderstood
I had forgotten my role

I am ok now
My dark half is gone
I can set out to do
What I should have done all along

To show you my scars
The blood of my kin
Your journeys not over
It's about to begin