Dear Sam

Chapter 1: The Dream

He was dreaming he knew he was dreaming, so why couldn't he see anything? All he could see was pitch black. Danny… he heard a whisper he heard her whisper. All of a sudden he saw her again. Her beautiful raven black hair, her soft pale face, and her magical violet eyes, Danny… Sam whispered again.

Finally able to speak, Danny asked, "What is it, Sam?"

"I need you Danny." Sam said in a low voice.

"I need you." Sam repeated.

15-year-old Danny Fenton woke up sweating and breathing hard. He turned on his light and started to relax. Danny looked at his clock on his night stand and it read 2:15am. Danny sighed and put his head on his pillow. That was the 5th time this week he woke up because of a dream about his best friend Sam Manson. Danny looked at his clock again, this time it read 2:30am. Danny yawned and tried to go back to sleep. Somehow something in his mind made his restless. He tossed and turned but he just couldn't go to bed. When he was finally able to get to sleep his alarm blared, signaling it was time for school. As Danny was getting dressed he yawned at least five times in the two minutes it took him to get ready. Danny knew he wasn't getting enough sleep because of those dreams. When he got downstairs he didn't even say anything to anyone; he just went outside to wait for his best Tucker Foley. Little did Danny know that someone very special was watching him?

What do you guys think? I know this chapter is a little short, but trust me, the chapters get better and a little bit longer (actually, it's just an opinion.)