Chapter 3: I'll Never Say Goodbye

"Sam? I-Is that really you?" Danny asked after a moment of shock.

"Yes, Danny, it's me." Sam said in a gentle voice.

"B-but how?" Danny said in a shaky voice.

"Your letter, Danny." Sam said simply.

"Sam, I am so sorry." Danny said with absolute guilt.

Sam walked up to him and asked, "For what, Danny?"

"For not watching what Plasmius was doing, maybe if I did then you'd be alive."

Sam smiled and said, "Danny I am alive. It's like you wrote, I'm a part of you."

Just as Danny was about to touch Sam's cheek, he heard Tucker call his name. When Danny looked at Tucker than back at Sam, she was gone. Danny sighed and closed his eyes; he knew he would never see her again.

"Are you okay, Danny?" Tucker asked.

Danny smiled for the first time in a year and said, "I will be, Tuck. Thanks to Sam."

After a couple of minutes of silence Tucker said, "Let's go home."

Danny nodded and they left Sam's tomb. Before he was gone, Danny looked back at her tomb and then he heard Sam whisper, I'll never say goodbye.

The next day after school, Danny went home to get a picture of him, Sam, and Tucker. When he found his favorite one, he went back to Sam's tomb and put the picture next to his letter

"I'll never say goodbye, Sam." Danny said. When he got up he closed his eyes and walked away thinking, This isn't goodbye, this is a see you later. Then he frowned slightly, in his heart he knew the truth, he would never see her again.



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