Unspoken Promise

He watched her as tears silently spilled down her innocent face. It pained him more than he thought possible. He had failed her. He had failed both of them.

Malcolm Reynolds turned his gaze and stared down at the body of Nandi. She was Inara's friend. No, he corrected himself. She had been her friend. She was dead now.

Mal tore his eyes away from Nandi and his gaze slowly rested upon Inara again. She looked back at him, brown eyes pleading with him. Deep pain and regret shone through and even stronger than that was the sharp look of vengeance. His own eyes flashed an icy blue.

He felt fury at himself for not being able to save her, even more fury at the man who had killed her. He blamed himself for Nandi's death. It was all he could do to not break down. Instead he let the fury take over him.

Anger blindly stabbed through the pain in Mal's eyes. It mirrored in Inara's too. Without a word, Mal stood. He glanced at Inara once more, an unspoken promise formed between them. He would get Nandi the justice she deserved. He left, vengeance on his mind.