This is a little story about what happened from the time Ecklie was arrested until Sara and Grissom welcomed their second child. You really need to read 'Because I Love You' first. The restaurant I mention is located in Las Vegas and is owned by Wolfgang Puck.

Disclaimer: I don't own CSI. That's why I work for a living.

Chapter 1

Sara reached out to adjust Brass' tie. Her smile was nervous and her hands trembled slightly. Brass smiled in return and self-consciously tugged at his jacket. The late afternoon sun was warmand a light breeze was blowing across the surface of Lake Mead. The scent of flowers in bloom perfumed the soft air.

Brass smiled at Sara and said, "Are you ready?" At her nod, he tucked her hand into the crook of his arm and said quietly, "Relax. You know this is the right thing. Besides, you look beautiful."

"Thanks," Sara said with tears in her eyes. "Let's go before I cry."

The two made their way slowly down the gravel path toward the edge of the lake. The only music was the sound of birds and crickets. The small group of people gathered there turned to watch them approach. Sara saw Catherine, Warrick, Nick and Greg to her left. Doc Robbins, David, Hodges and Archie were to her right. Warrick had brought Tina, Lindsay was with Catherine and Doc Robbins' wife was there. Even the sheriff had come and brought his wife along. Sofia stood slightly behind Catherine and the guys. There were a few others from the lab and a couple of the people from Sara's apartment building. But the only person she had eyes for was Grissom.

He was standing just past the others wearing a charcoal grey suit. His shirt and tie were both a lighter shade of grey – almost silver in the fading light. The color of the shirt deepened the blue of his eyes and set off the silver in his hair. His lips, probably his most sensual feature, were curved in a smile. Catching sight of Sara he turned so that he could fully appreciate the beauty of the woman walking toward him.

A wide smile, that showed the delightful gap between her teeth, spread across Sara's face as soon as she saw him. Catherine had helped with her makeup and her full lips wore a light pink gloss, her eyes appeared smoky and deep set. Her hair framed her face in loose waves, making her look softer and more feminine that she would have ever thought possible. Her sleeveless, off white dress had a square neckline that framed her graceful throat and delicate collarbones. It was form fitting without being tight and flowed to the ground in a beautiful column. The only hint of sexiness came from the slit that ran to the top of her thigh on one side. Simple gold jewelry glowed warmly against her skin. She clutched a bouquet of bright orange and pink gerbera daisies that matched the colors of the sunset. She was, in a word, breathtaking.

When they reached Grissom's side, Brass removed Sara's right hand from his arm and held it for the other man to take. He then turned around and went to stand with Sophia. Grissom and Sara turned to face the lake and the man standing just in front of them. With a smile at the nervous pair he began to speak. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered her today to unite this man and this woman in matrimony…"

The ceremony was short and simple. They exchanged vows and rings as millions of others had done before them and millions more would do in the future. But this moment was all the sweeter for the journey. As the two exchanged the customary kiss Catherine cried and even Brass stealthily wiped his face. As the justice of the peace presented Dr. and Mrs. Gil Grissom to the small gathering applause broke out.

Sara and Grissom were glowing as they turned to face their friends. They took a few steps forward and found themselves enfolded in many warm embraces. When the congratulations had been heard Grissom managed to get everyone's attention and said, "Sara and I would be very pleased if you would all join us at Trattoria del Lupo for dinner. We have reservations for 7 o'clock. Our treat."

Everyone headed toward their cars and began the drive back to Las Vegas. When Grissom was seated behind the wheel of his car he turned to face the woman beside him and, stroking a finger down her cheek, said, "Hello Mrs. Grissom." The look of wonder in his eyes stole the breath from Sara's lungs.

"Hello Mr. Grissom," she replied, just as softly. And then she was laughing. The tension of the past couple of hours dissipating with the knowledge that she was married to the man she loved more than life itself. After a few seconds Grissom began to laugh too. If anyone had been around they would have thought the couple crazy. When they had calmed down, Grissom started the car and followed the others into town.

Grissom and Sara entered the restaurant with her hand tucked into the crook of his arm. The others were waiting for them and they were shown to a group of tables on the patio. The mood was festive and everyone was having a wonderful time. After dinner had been ordered, Brass stood and clicked his spoon against his glass to get everyone's attention. As the group became silent he cleared his throat nervously and said, "I would like to propose a toast. Sara, you are the most patient woman I have ever met." Polite chuckles sounded from around the tables. "And, Gil, you are the luckiest man. May your life together be happier and more fulfilling than your lives apart ever were. Congratulations."

Everyone raised their glasses in a salute to the couple. Sara stood and walked over to give Brass a hug. She kissed his cheek and whispered against his ear, "Thanks for everything. It's nice to know you'll be looking out for me."

There were more toasts and more well wishes. Dinner was served and everyone complimented both the food and the atmosphere. Eventually, the party began to wind down. Almost without their realizing it, Sara and Grissom were standing outside the restaurant saying goodbye to the last of their guests. As Grissom opened the car door for Sara, he said, "Alone at last. What are we going to do now?"

With a sultry smile and her best Mae West imitation, Sara said, "I'm sure we can think of something, big boy."