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Chapter 30

It's going to be a wild night, Grissom thought. There's a full moon. Trying to focus on the task at hand, Grissom squatted over the body of a Jane Doe. Just as he pulled on his gloves his phone started to ring. With a muffled curse he snatched it out of his pocket and flipped it open. "Grissom!" he barked.

"Hi honey, it's good to hear from you too," Sara snipped.

"Sorry. I didn't check the id. Wait, what time is it? Why are you calling now?" With a start, Grissom realized why she must be calling. "Are you okay? Did you call Cath?"

"I'm fine. Catherine and Lindsay are on the way. Lindsay is going to stay with Jonathan and Catherine is going to drive me to the hospital." Sara said calmly. "Why don't you meet us at Desert Palm? She should be here in about ten minutes."

Grissom was already stripping off his gloves and closing his kit. "I'm about forty-five minutes away. I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Okay. Be careful and I'll see you soon." Sara paused before saying, "Love you Gil."

"I love you, too." Grissom paused for a second, then added, "Hey Sara, don't start without me." He clicked the phone closed on her laughter.

Grissom turned around and saw Nick looking at him with his eyebrow raised in a silent question. Nodding, he said, "We're gonna have a baby, Nicky my boy. I've gotta go." His smile was wide and he fumbled with the latch on his kit as his hands shook.

"Hell yeah!" Nick's enthusiasm drew the attention of Brass who headed in their direction.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Sara's on the way to the hospital," Grissom said. "I've got to go. Nick, is there anything you need out of the truck?"

"Come on," Brass said, "I'll get out anything you think he might need."

Grissom started to follow the detective then turned back to Nick. "I'll call Warrick and get him to come out and pick you up."

"I'll call him. You just get to the hospital." When Grissom hesitated, Nick waved him off. "Go. Go!"

When he put the car in drive, Brass knocked on the window. Grissom lowered it and Brass said, "Call us when the little one gets here."

Grissom nodded and drove away.


Grissom pounded on the steering wheel. "Son of a bitch!" he yelled in frustration. Traffic on the strip was at a standstill. Even though he was in a county vehicle, he refused to use the emergency lights for his own purpose. Inching forward behind an endless line of cars he tried to call Sara. Getting no answer he tried Catherine. Finally he left a message, hoping that Cath would check her voice mail soon. He craned his neck, trying to see what the hold up could be. It's three a.m. What is going on? Forcing his way over to the right lane at the next break in traffic, Grissom slowly made his way to the next intersection. Turning off the strip he began to weave his way through side streets. An hour and a half after leaving the crime scene, Grissom pulled into the emergency parking lot at Desert Palm.

Rushing through the doors to the emergency room, Grissom strode to the desk. "I'm looking for Sara Grissom."

"Just a moment. Let me check." The receptionist turned and pushed a few buttons on her keyboard. "Could you spell the last name for me?"


"I'm sorry we haven't had anyone come in with that name." The woman smiled and said, "Are you sure she was brought here?"

"Of course I'm sure. She's in labor." Grissom thought for a moment. "Check Sidle. S-i-d-l-e."

After a few more clicks, she said, "Here she is. Room 5215. Just go through those doors, take a right and take the elevator to the fifth floor."

"Thank you," Grissom said before hurrying off in the direction she had indicated.

Arriving on the fifth floor he approached the nurse's station. "I'm looking for Sara Sidle," he told the first person to even glance in his direction.

The woman flipped through a stack of papers and said, "Room 5215. End of the hall and take a left."

Grissom jogged to the end of the hall and narrowly missed running into a nurse as he turned the corner. "Sorry," he shot over his shoulder. Slowing, he checked the room numbers until he found the one he was looking for. He shoved open the door to the sound of Sara moaning piteously.

"My God, where have you been?" Catherine snapped.

"I got stuck in traffic on the strip. Took me forever to get here." Grissom hurried to Sara's side and took her hand. "How are you?"

Sara gave him a look that should have reduced him to pile of smoking ashes. Tears were streaming down her face, mixing with her sweat and running into her hair. She was pale and breathing hard.

Looking back to Catherine, he asked, "What's going on?"

"She's at eight. Her contractions are about a minute apart. And she's in pain. Other than that, nothing." Catherine didn't try to keep the irritation out of her voice.

"Why haven't they given her something for the pain?"

"Too late. Apparently, this one is going to be like her mother, impatient."

"You can stop talking about me like I'm not here." Sara snarled.

"Sorry," Grissom said. Looking around he found a damp cloth on the night stand and used it to clean her face. "I tried to get here sooner. Really."

"I don't care," Sara said and then gritted her teeth against the pain of the contraction.

"Sara, you have to breathe. Try to relax." Grissom's voice was quiet and soothing.

"Shut up," she panted. "I don't want to hear it. I'm trying to have a baby."

Catherine looked at Grissom and said, "She was three minutes apart when I picked her up. Her water broke in the car. By the time we got to the room she was too far along for an epidural."

Grissom stroked Sara's hair off her face and said, "I thought I told you not to start without me."

Her response was to groan as the next contraction hit her. When she could speak, she ground out, "I. Need. To. Push."

Grissom froze. His eyes were wide and frightened. Seeing the panic on his face, Catherine said, "I'll get a nurse. Don't do anything until I get back." With that, she hurried from the room.

Grissom winced when Sara crushed his hand in hers as another pain hit her. "God, Griss, this hurts. Who would do this voluntarily?"

Squeezing her hand, tears in his eyes, Grissom said, "Oh, honey…"

The door was flung open and Catherine herded a nurse inside. "Ms. Sidle, I need to check you. The doctor is parking his car and will be here soon." She adjusted Sara's legs and draped the sheet carefully before pulling on a glove. Sara's eyes were clenched shut and she was moaning low in her throat. The nurse straightened up and pulled off the glove. "I need you to try and relax. I'm going to bring everything in. As soon as Dr. Mamelli gets here we'll be ready to go."

Sara glared at the back of the retreating woman. "Relax? Who the hell is she kidding?" she said to no one in particular.

"Who is Dr. Mamelli?" Grissom asked.

"He's in the same group as Dr. Brown. He must be on call. I saw him a couple of times when I went for check-ups." Sara responded and then groaned as another pain struck her.

"Where the hell is the doctor?" Grissom snapped.

"I'm sure he'll be here any minute," Catherine responded in a calm voice. "You need to stay calm. Can't have two of you on the edge." She eyed him meaningfully over Sara's head.

For one second, he looked like he was going to tear her head off. Then he seemed to gather himself together and he nodded. Smiling down at his wife, he brushed the damp hair off her forehead and asked, "Do you need some water or ice chips? Anything?"

"Drugs," Sara said and then gave a wan smile. "No. Not right now."

Grissom's response was cut short by the door swinging open. A short, dark haired man in green scrubs came in. His bright smile was surrounded by a mustache and beard. His eyes were twinkling. "Sara, how are you?"

"Not so great. Hurts like a bitch."

Laughing at her response, he pulled on a glove and said, "Let's see where this baby is." He positioned Sara's legs and examined her. Stepping back he said, "I think you're ready. Let me get gowned up and we'll get this show on the road."

Suddenly, the room became a hive of activity. The nurse returned with a tray loaded with sterile gowns, masks and instruments. Another came in bringing the things they would need for the baby. Someone else dropped the bottom of the bed and pulled up the stirrups. The doctor washed his hands and, with the help of a nurse, put on the gown, gloves and face mask. Settling himself at the foot of the bed, he began explaining what was going to happen. Grissom grabbed her right foot and a nurse her left. Catherine was helping support her head and shoulders.

When the next contraction hit, Sara sucked in air and pushed. Bearing down, she felt as if she were being torn in two. Everything faded; the noise, the chatter, the beeping of the monitors. Nothing existed in that time and place except her and the pain. She could feel the contractions. She could hear a growling that she vaguely realized was coming from her. Time stood still. She could have been there for minutes or days. She focused all her energy on the task at hand. She knew the doctor was touching her but she felt numb. Maybe it was because the pain was so intense that anything less was no more than an aggravation. Breathe in, hold it, push, breathe out; over and over until she had developed a rhythm.

"Sara. Sara. Sara!" Catherine yelled. "Stop. Don't push anymore."

Tearing her eyes open, Sara realized that the doctor was talking to her. The pain was still there. Still the most horrendous thing she had ever felt. "Please," she said on a whisper. "Please hurry."

"Almost done," Dr. Mamelli replied. "Hold on just one more second."

His eyes bright with unshed tears, Grissom was watching her face. Smiling at her he mouthed, "I love you."

"Okay, Sara, let's finish this up. I need you to give me an easy push. Not too much." After a moment, he said, "Again. Just a little."

With that, she felt the pressure on her body release. She felt the fluid gush out and heard the angry wail of her daughter. When the doctor laid the infant on her chest she finally allowed herself to relax, tears of joy and exhaustion streaming down her face. She felt Grissom's lips on top of her head and raised her face to his for a kiss. Then he was cutting the cord and the baby was being whisked away to be cleaned and weighed, poked and proded.


Sara awoke to a dimly lit room. The blinds were shut, blocking most of the hot Vegas sunlight. Glancing around, she saw Grissom asleep in the chair to her right. Slowly, she stretched, groaning a little at the pain. Reaching for the control, she maneuvered the bed until she was more or less sitting up.

"Hey." Grissom's voice was rough with sleep. "How do you feel?"

"Sore." Sara smiled and said, "How long have I been out?"

"About eight hours. Must have been the drugs." Grissom stood and moved to stand beside the bed. "Do you want me to have them bring her in?"

"Of course." She watched him leave the room.

"The nurse is going to get her." Grissom smiled at her and said, "We have to give her a name, you know."

"How about Julia? I kind of like that."

"I like Julia. What about Julia Elizabeth?"

Sara thought for a moment before saying, "That has a nice ring. Julia Elizabeth Grissom."

The door opened and a nurse came in pushing little Julia in a bassinet. Grissom walked over, picked her up and carried her to Sara. Placing her in her mother's arms he stood back and watched as the two got acquainted. After she had uncovered the baby and counted all her fingers and toes, Sara very gently tucked the blanket back around her.

Looking up, she caught Grissom watching her. "What?"

"You are amazing." When she blushed and started to shake her head, he said, "I could never have done what you did today. That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."

Sara's eyes filled with tears and she said, "It was worth every minute. But I don't think I want to do it again. At least not anytime soon." Giggling at Grissom's expression, Sara nuzzled Julia's cheek and kissed her forehead. She patted the edge of the bed and motioned Grissom over to sit beside her.

That is how Catherine found them. Grissom and Sara snuggled together on the narrow bed with Julia cradled in her mother's arms. "I brought someone to see you," she said. When she opened the door a little wider Jonathan came in holding Lindsay's hand. He was dragging his feet and looked a little scared – until he saw Grissom and Sara. Catherine picked him up so that Grissom could hold him.

"Mama. You sick?" Jonathan's blue eyes were wide and uncertain.

"No, baby, I'm not sick. Do you want to see your sister?" He nodded and Sara leaned over until he could see Julia's face. Jonathan reached out a hand and gently touched Julia's face. Grissom and Sara sat, shoulder to shoulder, watching their children say 'hello' for the first time.

The door opened again and Nick stuck his head in. He was followed by Greg and Warrick and, finally, Brass. The room was filled with laughter and chatter and good natured joking. The nurse stopped by to check Sara's temperature and blood pressure. Before she was left Sara asked her to take a picture.

With Sara, Grissom, Jonathan and Julia sitting on the bed and the others crowded around them the nurse took their very first family picture.

The End