Well, I knew my writing spree couldn't last too long – but not even past a chapter is sad. Blargh… so very hard to force yourself to write one story when you're plagued with millions of ideas for other ones. So, here's an attempt on a new one. Hopefully this will last longer… maybe even provide me with some ideas for my other one. Let us hope.

"It's been one week since you looked at me,
Cocked your head to the side and said 'I'm angry.'
Five days since you laughed at me,
Saying 'Get back together and come back to see me.'
Three days since the living room,
I realized it's all my fault but couldn't tell you.
Yesterday you'd forgiven me,
But it will still be two days 'til I say I'm sorry."

Darien groaned as the music crashed into his ears, jarring his body out of its comfortable state of sleep. He placed a hand to his forehead, brushing away the bangs that had clung to it during the night. It couldn't be time to wake yet; he had only just gone to sleep… He winced in the morning sun, staring through it to his alarm clock, "Seven already? Gods, I need to get into bed earlier…"

"Rise and shine, lovers! It's that time of year!" The announcer chimed from the alarm clock's box. Darien glowered at the cheerful singsong voice, climbing out of bed to start the day. That time of year indeed… the time of year he despised just as much as Christmas, if not more. The time of year that merry couples bask in their love, showing it off for all the lonely to see. With no one in the world, how could he even start to enjoy the holidays? The sugar-coated, pink shaded world… "Happy Valentine's Day! That's right, the day of romance and love is upon us! Whip out those boxes of chocolates, wrap up those bouquets of flowers… it is time to get it on!"

Darien rolled his eyes, stepping into the bathroom and stripping himself of all clothing. The woman's voice still reached his ears, even as the warm waterfall engulfed him. He worked the shampoo into his head, trying to drown the incessant voice from his mind. Valentine's Day… just another holiday forcing the country to buy goodies and spend, spend, spend. "Valentine's Day… just another holiday to spend with the ones you love most in this world! We'll be playing love songs all day, my friends, so stay tuned and stay in love!"

Darien peeked his head out from behind the shower curtain, staring back at the alarm clock that had now replaced the woman's voice with a sweet melody. "I swear, that man is mocking me."

Darien finished showering and dressed himself in the regular attire… nothing special, not for this day. The sweet melody was drawing to a close as Darien checked the time on the clock. Saturday… what else was there to do aside from hang out at the arcade? Darien furrowed his brow, rubbing his forehead… Andrew was bound to be in a cheerful mood today, he was almost better taking his chances with the announcer. With that thought, he closed the door behind him and set off for the arcade, "What a lovely melody! Sure to strike any lover's heart… and trust me… I will."


Darien strolled into the comfortable arcade, greeted by screams of joy, wails of sorrow and as always, the constant hums and buzzes of the many games that filled that room. Almost as consistent as the arcade games themselves, Serena sat, bent over a game with her pink tongue sticking out of the side of her mouth in undeniable concentration. Wasted… but undeniable. A content smile crossed his lips as he watched the blonde, caught in her enthusiasm over such a trivial thing.

"Hey, Darien," Andrew's cheerful voice jolted Darien from his thoughts and pulled him back to Earth. He turned to Andrew with eyes that concealed the startled thrum that coursed through his body. What had caught his attention? Meatball head? Absurd…

"What's up, Andrew?" Darien diverted away from his cluttered mind, claiming his typical stool. Andrew chuckled, offering Darien a fresh cup of coffee, which he took gratefully.

"What's up? Dude, it's Valentine's Day!" Andrew claimed, little hearts practically sparkling in his eyes. Of course it was Valentine's Day… and of course Andrew was happy. He had the love of his life, someone to love through this dismal holiday. He had someone who cared for him. "It's…"

"The most romantic day of the year…" Darien finished for him, a sullen frown gracing his lips.

Andrew scowled at Darien, waving a finger at his ever-pessimistic friend. Darien offered little more than a glance. "Come on, Darien… you're like this every single holiday. Why don't you go out? Mingle? Is it honestly that hard to snatch yourself a woman?"

"Mingle? Andrew, like you said… It's Valentine's Day. The day for couples, not for hopeless single men looking for a date," He took a sip of coffee from his mug, leaving a bitter taste in his mouth. His frown remained, despite Andrew's happy disposition. He hardly noticed as Serena skipped up to the counter. "Every girl is either taken, too old, too young or…"

"Hey Darien, what's got you so down in the dumps?" Serena chirped, nudging him in the side. He glowered at her, but Serena's grin didn't falter. "Yikes, what's the matter? Didn't get in your daily tease yet?"

Darien turned his attention back to Andrew, intent on finishing his sentence, "Or Meatball Head."

"Huh? What's that supposed to mean? What are you talking about?" Serena's sunny attitude had already grown slightly faint with the mention of her most despised nickname. Andrew gave Darien an exasperated stare, shaking his head. The man could not stop himself from insulting the poor girl… ever… "Andrew, is he insulting me again?"

"Oh sure, ask Andrew…" Darien rolled his eyes, wondering just how thick Meatball's head really was. Her lower lip quivered in a pout, her arms folding over her chests as her shoulders huffed. This girl was too easy. "Then again, I guess it would be too much to ask you to figure something out on your own for once."

"Oh Darien! Do you always have to be so cruel to me!" Serena squealed, unfolding her arms to clench her fists at her sides. Darien smirked at this newfound confrontation. Nothing like an annoyed Meatball Head to get the day rolling again. What was this fascination she continuously possessed him with?

"You always tease me!" Relentlessly.

"Even when you look like you could crawl in a hole and hide away!" Beyond words, my dear.

"Can't you just…" My dear?

"Be kind for once?" Foolish.

"Just once?" Utterly improbable.

"Darien?" Andrew muttered, trying to awake Darien from his trance. He sat in silence, starting blankly at Serena… well… not blankly, per say… It was evident that Darien has a myriad of thoughts occupying his mind. Finally, Darien's eyes found his friend's and life and awareness flowed back into them.

"Sorry, I think that wailing clogged up my mind. You can blame Serena the hyena for that," Darien smirked towards their sniffling companion, who's cries only continued with this latest comment. Andrew covered his ears in defense against the strengthening whine emitting from Serena's mouth.

"Darien, you really need to learn some manners. Honestly, for someone so charming…" Serena's cries were dying off now, reverting back to sniffles of quiet sadness. Darien turned his eyes away from his friend and the girl, but Andrew trudged on. "You're so harsh on her."

"Someone has to be," Darien muttered under his breath, glancing at the defeated girl out of the corner of his eye. Why was she so quick to give in this time? She always put up a terrific battle when she was finally through wailing.

"Serena, how about I treat you to a nice chocolate cocoa? Nice and hot with all the whip cream you want," Andrew's voice was like music to the young girl's ears. Her posture changed completely and her sorrows were forgotten in less than an instant. Andrew beamed at the expected change. "It is Valentine's Day after all!"

"Thank you so much Andrew!" Serena chimed, nearly bouncing in her seat at the promise of chocolate. Darien felt a burning sensation tear through his heart, unable to identify it. That look in her eyes… that look reserved for his best friend Andrew – something wasn't right. "And Happy Valentine's Day!"

"Is it that happy, Meatball Head? Do you have something planned?" Serena's shoulders sank with the sound of Darien's voice. His heart did the same. She turned to face him with an unsure expression.

"Does it really matter?" She mumbled… What was that in her voice? Was she discouraged? The charming Meatbal-… charming?

"I just had to know if someone would actually ask such a ditz out on the most romantic day of the year," Darien scoffed, laughing to bury the previous thought that had entered his mind. He could practically see her heart crumble on her facial features, but something in him… some stupid thing in him… continued on. "I can see it now. Meatball Head in the tunnel of love. Both you and your date would end up soaked in water… you'd klutz out when he would try to kiss you."

Serena's eyes burned with the tears that threatened to fall, to betray her. Was he trying to hurt her now? Had they progressed past their everyday teasing? Couldn't he see he was hurting her? Did he even care?

"Not that anyone would want to kiss you…" He mumbled, turning away from her with a look of complete disinterest. Those terrible thoughts had been plaguing her mind since the year had started. Since the stores filled up with pink hearts, chocolates and flowers. He was right… how could anyone want her? Her body crumbled, her shoulders fell further than before as sobs wracked her small frame.

Darien stood from his stool and stalked off towards one of the booths… anything to get away from her, from what he had just done… from what he had said – from what he was. What was wrong with him today? What were these persistent thoughts plaguing his mind? They were to blame... they pushed him to say such terrible things, even if they were to Meatball Head. His dear, sweet… For crying out loud…

When he turned back to face the counter, he was greeted with a pair of fuming green eyes. The dejected blonde had already left, her chair left empty and lonely next to the cooling cup of cocoa. Darien turned his attentions back to his friend, holding up his hands in defense. "What?"

"Darien, you're horrible… you're… sick…" Andrew spat. Darien blinked. This was not the kind of behavior he ever expected from his good friend. He must have been worse than he thought to provoke such anger from a typically calm man. "I have never seen her like that. I have seen her wail, shout, whine, cry… but I have never seen her break down into tears like that."

Something shot Darien through the heart… certainly not an arrow, at least not a good one. Andrew's words stung, hanging and burning in his own throat, his chest, his eyes… Where had his mind gone to? "I don't know what came over me."

"I said mingle… I said find someone. Where does that involve crushing a girl on Valentine's Day?" Darien's gaze could not meet his friends stinging eyes, so he lowered it to the floor. "She's a young girl… she deserves a good Valentine's Day. It comes once a year and damn it, Darien… I don't care if you like the holiday or not, but don't ruin it for everyone else!"

Darien opened his mouth to speak, but Andrew had already turned around and walked back into the kitchen, carrying Serena's abandoned cocoa with him. Darien stood in silence for a long moment, his arms hanging loose at his sides. How would she ever forgive him? The horrible things he had said… how could he ever take them back? How could he ever give this day back to her?

Darien had no plan in his head, but resolve still found its way into his stormy eyes. He walked out of the arcade and turned in the direction she normally traveled, hoping he would find the depressed blonde along the way.


It had been hours since Darien started his search for his… for the Meatball Head and his resolve had finally begun to melt. He had purchased a bouquet of long stemmed, red roses. Yes, purchased… he had to lay down cold hard cash to make up for the pain he had caused her – it would be too easy to create them himself. Of course chocolate accompanied the beautiful roses… he was searching for Serena after all.

He held the roses limp at his side, prepared to abandon his search for the young woman and retire to his home. The icy weather had finally sunk into his skin and chilled him to the bone. However, just as he turned in the direction of his house, a familiar giggle rang through his ears. He turned in its direction to see the lovel-… to see Meatball Head.

Meatball Head embraced in the arms of another man… an attractive man that clearly made her more happy than he ever could. Then he could? Why was he worried about such a thing? And why was his heart burning in a flurry of emotions? Hatred, anger, jealousy… love? He dropped the roses upon the ground, staring at them with the same sullen expression he had worn at the arcade hours earlier.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Serena," he whispered to the almost silent wind as it kissed the petals of the roses. Valentine's Day… That had to be it… he had actually been consumed by a holiday. All these emotions, all these insane thoughts… they were nothing but a holiday gone too far.

He turned away from the happy couple as they leaned closer together… lips almost touching. Absurd. He set off in the direction of his apartment this time, determined to reach it no matter what thoughts crept into his mind. He needed sleep… he needed to sleep this entire day away.


"It looks like you've failed… so sad… so soon," a voice cooed behind the woman that stared through the glass pane. Red hair tumbled in waves down past her waist, swaying as she joined the woman beside the glass pane… the mirror…

"Don't be so sure…" she whispered to the red head. She stared through the mirror, through the glass to Darien's sleeping body. To his mind, his soul… his heart. "I know it's in there somewhere. I just need a few days to dig it out."

"Take all the time you need," the red head snickered, tapping the glass and smiling to the woman beside her. "Just remember that we're all counting on you… I leave this project in your hands. Hopefully they're capable."

"Oh, don't worry… I can handle this," the girl spoke with confidence, still staring at the sleeping figure. It was meant to be, as much as this man loved to deny it… they were meant for each other. "I will make him understand, no matter how many times I have to drill it into his head…"


"…Yesterday you'd forgiven me,

But it will still be two days 'til I say I'm sorry."

The music filled Darien's ears, awaking him from his slumber. He glared at the alarm clock, greeted with the blink numbers. "You think they'd come up with a few different songs. I can't wake up to this every morning…"

"Rise and shine, lovers! It's that time of year!" The announcer chimed from the alarm clock's box. Darien stared blankly at the machine, certain that he must have heard wrong. Did they put an extension on the holiday? "Happy Valentine's Day! That's right, the day of romance and love is upon us! Whip out those boxes of chocolates, wrap up those bouquets of flowers… it is time to get it on!"

What the…?

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